Art Appreciation 1113 Mod 10 Ch 16-17

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Who were the Limbourgs?

artists brothers

In Neo-Platonic thought, the Biblical character of Eve was identified with_____________.


One of the effects of the Renaissance was to change the status of artists in Europe from___________________________ to _______________________.

skilled crafts workers; intellectuals

The word renaissance means


The technology of painting with oils was developed by__________________________.

northern Europeans

The Renaissance artists from Venice, such as Giovanni Bellini, Titian, and Giorgione, were especially known for their mastery of _______ and ______________.

color and light

The technique of sfumato involves the use of:

multiple layers of glazes

The theme of the Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes comes from
a. scenes of everyday life.
b. the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
c. the story of the artist’s life.
d. Plato’s Republic.
e. None of these answers is correct.

none of these

________ organization, as seen in Masaccio’s Trinity with the Virgin, St. John the Evangelist, and Donors, was a popular device among Renaissance artists of Italy.


Leonardo da Vinci was a skilled
a. engineer.
b. inventor.
c. painter.
d. architect.
e. All these answers are correct.

all of these

Giorgione’s painting The Tempest paved the way for future______________ paintings.


Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli were all commissioned to make art for who?

the Medici family

One of Michelangelo’s major achievements was what?

redesigning St. Peter’s Cathedral

Northern European Renaissance artists began using the system of linear perspective about _______ years after it was first developed.


Artists working in the Early Renaissance period included

Botticelli, Donatello, and Ghiberti

Which 15th-century invention led to the decrease in the practice of illumination by hand?

the printing press

The Isenheim Altarpiece, with its gruesome details of Christ’s flesh wounds, originally hung in

a hospital for patients with skin disease

The movement that divided all of Europe into Protestant and Catholic camps is called

the Reformation

The painting, The Harvesters, which formed part of a cycle depicting the months of the year, was painted by ______________________________, a 16th-century Netherland painter.

Pieter Brugel the Elder

The sculptor of the panel The Story of Jacob and Esau, and Donatello’s teacher, is ______________________.

Lorenzo Ghilberti

The iconography of The Tempest, by ___________, is unknown, but the painting made an important contribution to Renaissance art in the way it was composed.


Which work of art tells the story of a man who was murdered in his bath?

The Death of Marat

Because many European monarchs of the 17th and 18th centuries ruled with near-dictatorial power, this period is often referred to as:

The Age of Kings

Gianlorenzo Bernini was
a. a sculptor.
b. an architect.
c. a dramatist.
d. a composer.
e. All these answers are correct.

all of these

Paintings depicting scenes of everyday life are known as ________ paintings


What nationality was Peter Paul Rubens?


In Baroque architecture, wall surfaces often protrude into the viewer’s space. In Baroque painting, this same effect is created through the use of______________________________.

dramatic lighting

The Baroque painting Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes depicts a story from :

the Bible

The following characteristics are all typical of Italian Baroque art EXCEPT
a. ornamentation.
b. theatricality.
c. classic simplicity.
d. movement.
e. emotion.

classic simplicity

The following is true about Rembrandt EXCEPT
a. he was born in the Dutch city of Leiden.
b. he was a master of multiple types of painting, including portraits, landscapes, and religious scenes.
c. he painted self-portraits throughout his career.
d. he achieved and maintained financial success throughout his life.
e. he was the son of a miller.

he achieved and maintained financial success throughout his life

The Palace of Versailles was home to:

Louis XIV of France

_____________________________________________________ helped shape the Neoclassical style.

The excavations of ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum

Unlike Baroque art from Catholic countries, Dutch Baroque art focused upon
a. the community.
b. business life.
c. the family and home.
d. all of these: the community, business life, and the family and home.
e. None of these answers is correct.

all of these

St. Teresa in Ecstasy is an excellent example of:

Baroque sculpture

Among the following artists, whose innovation was it to create group portraits in the setting of an activity, rather than posing the subjects formally?


Which of the following was court painter to King Philip IV?
a. Gianlorenzo Bernini
b. Artemisia Gentileschi
c. Francesco Borromini
d. Jacques-Louis David
e. Diego Velázquez

Diego Velazquez

Which artists intentionally used their work to shape the public’s view of prominent figures?

Vigee-Lebron and David

In comparison to Baroque art, the style of Rococo is more __________________________.

playful and lighthearted

One of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portrait painters was__________________.

Elisabeth Vigee-Lebron

A work of art that uses a tragic Roman tale to arouse feelings of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and civic virtues in its viewers is____________________________.

The Oath of the Horatii

For some two hundred years, many of the works of Judith Leyster were mistakenly identified as the works of ________________________.

Frans Hals

Typical of Dutch landscape painting was the work of _______________________.

Jacob Van Rusidael

One of the most influential buildings of the architect Francisco Borromini was:

San Carlo alle Quattro Funtane

Foremost among French painters of the 17th century was ___________ who painted _________.

Nicolas Poussin; The Ashes of Phokion

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