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Masaccio used which of the following elements and principles in Tribute Money?


Leonardo da Vinci indicates that Christ is the most important figure in his painting of The Last Supper by ________.


Which of the following statements is true of Michelangelo?


Linear perspective is used to ________.

represent the illusion of three-dimensional space in two dimensions

Which of the following terms means "rebirth" and is used to describe an artistic movement characterized by renewed interest in the Classical world of Greece and Rome?


An important feature of late-Renaissance artwork, compared to art created during the early and high Renaissance, is ________.


Nicolas Poussin promoted which of the following approaches?

only including settings, clothing, and characters from the ancient past

The artist of Christ in the House of Levi had to change the painting’s name because ________.

church officials objected to Christ being shown with clowns, dwarves, and dogs at this key moment in the gospels

Donatello’s David is made in what medium?


Who is Phocion in Nicolas Poussin’s painting of The Funeral of Phocion?

an Athenian general wrongly accused of treason

The pyramid of the Sun is a

stepped pyramid

were symbolically important to textile manufacture and served as an inspiration for an Inca creation myth


Many examples of indigenous art from the southwest U.S. come from the four-corners area, the place where _

utah, colorado, new mexio, and arizona meet

Ceremonies including ________ took place at the top of Aztec pyramids.

sacrifices were victims’ hearts were extracted

How was the Machu Picchu made for?


What is the animal that is depicted throughout Machu Picchu


Why was the Remembrance of Civil War removed

its provided too powerful a reminder of the recent past

period of cultural and artistic change in europe from the 14th to 17th century


Means "rebirth"
Refers to the time period and the style of art
A renewed interest in Classical thinking, mythology, and art


Philosophical approach that stressed the intellectual and physical potential of human beings


___ and ____ beliefs were reflected in the art of the Italian Renaissance and the northern Renaissance

Catholic and Protestant

Refers to the time period and the style of art
Increase in trade, advancements in science
Permanent split between Roman Catholics and Protestants
art tends to be full of motion and emotion


european artistic and architectural style of the late 16th to early 18th sentures characterized by exravagance and emotional intensity


baroque are is ___ while renissance art focus is more ___

dramatic and gory realistic and ideal

who writes about florentine artist to florentine people


what types of paintings are in the northern renissance

oil pant

what types of painting are more prevalent in the south

one point perspective, tempa and prescoe

what was The Early Renaissance in Italy like

Renewed interest in the Classical past Art was a balance of the real and ideal

Emphasis on light
Diversity of approaches
Dramatic movement and theatrical compositions

characteristics of baroque art

"Photography" derives from two Greek works, together meaning

"drawing with light

describe the history of the camera obscuera

Projection of outside scene First drawn, then captured on light-sensitive material first Room-sized then portable (eighteenth-century)

who is william henry fox talbot?

first to say photography is art

when did photography first come about


explain camera obscuera

Small hole called the "aperture" Outside scene is flipped upside down and backward A person could trace over the image projected on the wall to capture it

Genres of photography

Same as traditional artistic media Portraiture Landscape Still life

The use of photography to tell a news story or truth


who is timothy o’sullivan

took some of the earliest images about the reality of life

why type of art is used greatly today in museam

contemporary types of photography

Landscape photographs, such as those taken by Ansel Adams, help raise awareness about

nature’s grandeur and the wilderness of the American West

The mechanics of the camera are very similar to those of ________.

a human eye

When she made the photograph called Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange:

first passed the pea-pickers’ camp, but decided to turn back to take pictures

The name of the opening that lets light into any camera is called ________.


When were the first successful photographs made using a camera?

earlys 1800

The first cameras were ________.

room sized

What does the word "photograph" mean?

writing with light

One of the earliest surviving photographs is a still life by Daguerre featuring:

plaster casts, a framed picture, and a wine flask, by a window

Hannah Höch was part of a movement known as _______


The Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz depicts ________.

passengers on a steam ship

In Francisco Goya’s Family of Charles IV:

the artist includes a portrait of himself standing at his easel

Henry Ossawa Tanner was influenced by ________.

Gustave Courbet

Where is the Hall of Mirrors?


Who repeatedly painted studies of the mountain he had seen throughout his childhood and later observed from his studio window?

Paul Cézanne

What was the solution to the discontent over Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.?

a more traditional memorial statue was created and placed nearby it

Who painted Paris Street: Rainy Day?

Gustave Caillebotte

what are the main cultures from south america

chavin, paracas, inca

which cultures from south amerca are from the eary ages

chavin and paracas

what is it called when you can flip an image and still have an image

contour rivelry

what is chavin and paracaslocated


Pilgrimage center
Established around 900 BCE
Site marked by temples and stone monuments


Coast of Peru
Beginning about 600 to 200 BCE
The dry conditions of their necropolis (cemetery or burial place) have preserved a great number of these textiles


Existed as a culture as early as 800 CE
Became the largest empire in pre-Columbian America


why were llamas important in south america

they provided wool for textiles and have own special textiles

explan the important of textiles/wool in south america

more valuable than gold or silver Mythological significance Provide warmth and protection Identify wearer’s social status and cultural affiliation

what are the cultures of the mesoamerica

Olmecs Teotihuacanos Maya Aztecs

what is teotihuacan known for

its pyramid plans

where is temple of feather serpent?


who developed the zero


Known for pyramids/architecture, stone monuments, paintings, pottery, jewelry


what does art about war depict images of

Battle scenes Aftermath including dead soldiers Victorious scenes Consequences of wars

why do artist depict images of war

To record historical events To educate us about the realities of conflict To inspire or instill nationalism To persuade the viewer toward a point of view

what are the art pieces in rocco

whimsical, sweet, pastel

what are the art pieces from neoclassicism like?

ideal bodies, moral message, greeco roman, classical architercture

Reflects revolutionary beliefs in liberty, equality, and humanity


what does romanticism art pieces depict

dead people, interpation of artist, motion and drama

outside paintings, atmosphere


Quick, sketch-like brushstrokes
Captured spontaneous moments
Depicted effects of light and atmosphere


what kind of art is seen in postimpressionism

abstract art that only focuses on form and color

Fin de siècle

means end of the century

Artists often respond to social issues and events

social protest art

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