Art 160 Chapter 4.4 Gateways to Art

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all of these words relate to her work

Which of the following words can not be linked to the work of Yayoi Kusama?


Surgical dissections and artists studying anatomy have nothing in common.


Synesthesia is when stimulation of one sense triggers an experience in another, for example visualizing color when one hears music.


Astrolabes were treated as purely scientific instruments that did not need decoration or inscriptions.


When the restoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling was completed in 1989, artists, scholars, and scientists throughout the world universally applauded the restorers’ efforts.

all of the previous answers

Which of these terms applies to Georges Seurat’s Sunday on La Grande Jatte?

all of the previous answers

Which of these artworks reveals a culture’s understanding of astronomy?


Astrolabes were used by Muslims to determine the direction of Mecca.


Georges Seurat feverishly painted Sunday on La Grande Jatte in one weekend.


Salvador Dalí was a member of the Surrealists, whose artworks were inspired by dreams or subconscious thoughts.


Artists have often been influenced by scientific discoveries.


An x-ray of Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror showed that the artist altered the body of Marie-Thérèse while working on the painting.


Salvador Dalí’s painting Persistence of Memory shows warped clocks, ants, and a distorted face, all of which are symbols of his mother, who died the month before this was painted.


Body Worlds is controversial because the figures in the exhibition never gave permission for their bodies to be used.

in Maya belief, It was the day of the creation of man

What was significant about August 13, 3114 BCE?

All of the previous answers

What is true about the Aztec Sun Stone (4.4.5)?

A cello

Marcia Smilack’s synesthetic photograph of ripples on water made her think of the sound of

a roman architect

Vitrivius was:


Willard Wigan carves grains of rice and sand and paints them with an eyelash.


"Pentimenti" is the term used by Picasso for his young students.

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