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Petroglyphs are made by:

Scratching an image onto a stone surface

Which building was designed to honor the goddess of wisdom and prudent warfare?

The Parthenon

Which structure features a ring of posts and lintels?


During the Neolithic period, art went from:

Naturalistic to abstract

Which of these is from the Neolithic Period?

The paintings at Chauvet Cave

Some believe that the sculpture Woman of Willendorf was associated with:

the Great Mother Goddess

The word "Neolithic" means:

New Stone Age

The ancient Sumerians developed the world’s first wheel, plow, and:

Writing system

Which of these structures is Gothic?

Notre-Dame de Chartres

The Mesopotamians built their temples, such as that of Ur-Nammu, on a type of structure called a:


The first Christian churches were patterned after basilicas that were used by the Romans as:

Government buildings

The meeting of decorative nomadic style and Christianity can be seen most clearly in illustrated books from:


One feature that set Gothic architecture apart from Romanesque was the extensive use of:

Stained glass

According to the text, early stone tools were developed about:

Two million years ago

The Pyramids of Egypt are among the world’s best-known examples of:

Commemorative monuments

Early Christian art was created in private homes and underground burial chambers called:


The first large sculptures since Roman times can be found in what part of Romanesque churches?

Over the central doorway

Portrait Head of an Old Man is an example of:

Roman sculpture

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