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1. What separates the art object from the craft object?

There is no definite line.

2. Wood is not very durable because

all are correct

3. Fired earthenware is often referred to by its Italian name,

. terra cotta.

4. The Tree of Jesse is a work from

the golden age of stained glass.

5. Aztec Vase Number 5 by Betty Woodman was made using the technique of

. slab construction.

6. The principal ingredient of glass is

. sand.

7. Although the chemical composition of __________ changes when exposed to extreme heat, __________ doesn’t change chemically when its pliability is altered by heat.

clay / glass

8. Forging is the art of which profession?


9. Chasing is a technique used in the craft of

. metalworking.

10. Oliver Herring’s Castle, from A Flower for Ethel Eichelberger is composed of


11. Untitled Stack Pot by Peter Vouklos blurs the boundaries between fine art and craft because

. All of the answers are correct.

12. Islamic cultures have focused a great deal of aesthetic attention on

carpets and rugs

13. What do Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Picasso, and Matisse all have in common?

. They all worked in both fine arts and crafts.

14. In weaving, the set of fibers that is held taut on a loom or frame is called

the warp.

15. Wood is a popular craft material because

it is abundant and relatively easy to work.

16. The subject of Faith Ringold’s Tar Beach is

. summer urban life.

17. The ancient Olmecs of Mesoamerica prized __________ for its translucence, which they associated with rainwater


18. Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party is an important and influential work because it reflects

. art that is rooted in the social and historical experience of women.

19. An archaeologist asked __________ to reconstruct an entire pot from a broken piece he had found, thus launching her career and the revival of Pueblo pottery.

. María Martínez

20. As the feminist movement of the 1970s gained momentum, many women artists sought to

. blur the boundaries between traditional crafts and fine art.

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