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What separates the art object from the craft object?

There is no definite line.

Wood is not very durable because

All of the answers are correct.

Fired earthenware is often referred to by its Italian name,

terra cotta.

The Tree of Jesse is a work from

the golden age of stained glass.

Aztec Vase Number 5 by Betty Woodman was made using the technique of

slab construction.

The principal ingredient of glass is


Although the chemical composition of __________ changes when exposed to extreme heat, __________ doesn’t change chemically when its pliability is altered by heat.

clay / glass

Forging is the art of which profession?


Chasing is a technique used in the craft of


Oliver Herring’s Castle, from A Flower for Ethel Eichelberger is composed of


Untitled Stack Pot by Peter Vouklos blurs the boundaries between fine art and craft because

All of the answers are correct

Islamic cultures have focused a great deal of aesthetic attention on

carpets and rugs.

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Picasso, and Matisse all have in common?

They all worked in both fine arts and crafts.

In weaving, the set of fibers that is held taut on a loom or frame is called

the warp.

Wood is a popular craft material because

it is abundant and relatively easy to work.

The subject of Faith Ringold’s Tar Beach is

summer urban life.

The ancient Olmecs of Mesoamerica prized __________ for its translucence, which they associated with rainwater.


Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party is an important and influential work because it reflects

All of the answers are correct

An archaeologist asked __________ to reconstruct an entire pot from a broken piece he had found, thus launching her career and the revival of Pueblo pottery.

María Martínez

As the feminist movement of the 1970s gained momentum, many women artists sought to

blur the boundaries between traditional crafts and fine art.

A "flying buttress" is an arched exterior support typically found on ___________________.

a Gothic cathedral

A geodesic dome has all the following advantages except for ____________________.

large window openings

An aqueduct is ___________________________.

a bridge for transporting water

Lever House in New York City is considered a classic example of the _________________.

International style

The houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the midwest—usually horizontal, one story, and extending over considerable ground area—are referred to as the ____________________.

Prairie style

The round arch and vault are associated with the ____________ style of medieval architecture.


A cathedral constructed in the Gothic style often has large areas of stained glass.


A Corinthian column has an ornate capital decorated with carved acanthus leaves.


Because of its reinforced-concrete construction, the Sydney Opera House was completed in an amazingly short time.


Le Corbusier’s Notre-Dame-du-Haut is built on the standard cross plan mandated for Christian churches.


Postmodern architecture is likely to emphasize curves, decorative details, and sometimes even bright colors.


Stanford University reflects California’s history and the architectural styles of Spanish missions.


The Great Friday Mosque has many large windows to admit light to the interior.


The Pantheon in Rome is an excellent example of dome construction.


The Parthenon in Athens was constructed using the round arch and vault.


The Pont du Gard in Nimes, France, originally built by the Romans, remains as a tourist attraction but is no longer used as a bridge.


The slight bulge designed into the middle of Greek columns to make them seem visually straight is called a "volute."


The topmost stone in an arch, which completes the form and makes it stable, is called a "keystone."


The Wainwright Building in St. Louis, designed by Louis Sullivan, is often called the first truly modern building.


William Paxton designed a large building to house the "Works of Industry of All Nations." That structure is known as the Mall of America


Mycenaean culture, alone among pre-Hellenic Aegean cultures, produced many artifacts made of:


Queen Nefertiti is presented in an elegant and naturalistic style rather than in the stylized traditional manner because ______________________.

Akhenaten decreed this style.

The Assyrian culture is associated with ___________________________.


The Great Sphinx at Giza, in Egypt, has the head of a man and the body of a ____________.


The Lascaux cave containing the paleolithic paintings is in southern __________________.


The Minoan culture, dating from about 2000 B.C.E., was centered in which great city where King Minos had his palace?


The tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamun was found in an area of Egypt known as the _________________.

Valley of the Kings

Akhenaten attempted to establish monotheism in Egypt.


Assyrian winged beasts often were carved with five legs, so they could be seen from the front as standing still and from the side as walking.


Cycladic artists worked in the area near the Aegean.


Howard Carter’s finding of Tutankhamun’s tomb took the world completely by surprise, because no one knew the young king had existed.


In figure paintings from Egypt and other ancient cultures, various body parts are often shown from different viewpoints, so they will show to best advantage.


In Sumerian sculptures, a popular subject is the lion hunt.


Neolithic is the preferred term for the Old Stone Age.


The Minoan culture is named for the legendary king Hammurabi.


The Palette of King Narmer is called by that name because the king used it for mixing colors when he pursued his hobby of painting.


The sources of Mycenean gold were probably Babylon and Rome.


The Venus of Willendorf is assumed to have been a goddess worshiped by the ancient people who made the figurine.


Tutankhamun succeeded Akhenaten on the Egyptian throne.


The chances that a work of art from ancient times will be found or preserved are greatly increased if

All of the answers are correct

During the Middle Ages the practice arose of elaborately hand-painting manuscripts. This was known as __________________________.


The term ‘Pantokrator’ is Greek for ‘stone mason.’


Hildegard of Bingen had great intellectual and artistic achievements and gained considerable fame, even though she spent most of her life in ________________________.

a convent

Much ornate animal-style art has been found near London, England, as part of a burial in a Viking’s _________________________.


On Christmas Day of the year 800, Charlemagne was crowned as _____________________.

Holy Roman Emperor

One of the important innovations in Giotto’s work The Lamentation is _________________.

the grouping of figures as on a stage set

The modern city that was once known as Byzantio and Constantinople now is called by what name?


The octagonal church called San Vitale, although in the Byzantine style, is located in the Italian city of ______________________.


The sculptural works of the Middle Ages often typically were created to embellish ________________.


An ‘icon’ is an image of a sacred subject.


Besides being an artist, was also an architect, engineer, inventor, scientist, mathematician, and musician. Who is this artist who, perhaps more than any other, represents the ideal "Renaissance Man"?

Leonardo da Vinci

Michelangelo considered himself always to be by nature a ____________________.


Michelangelo created a monumental statue of what religious figure to serve as a symbol of the new Florentine republic?


The Renaissance belief that humankind was not worthless in the eyes of God as the Church had taught during the Middle Ages has come to be known as which of the following?


The term "sfumato" in a painting, as exemplified by the Mona Lisa, refers to ___________________.

a hazy, cloudy atmosphere

What artist won a competition in Florence in 1401, which gave him the commission for making the bronze doors for the Baptistry of the Cathedral?


Who is the sculptor/painter/architect who is best known for painting a famous ceiling in the Vatican?


________________was an early Renaissance sculptor who served as assistant to Lorenzo Ghiberti. The young sculptor’s freestanding statue of St. Mark in Florence contributes to his reputation as the first "modern" sculptor.


The stigmata bestowed on St. Francis, as shown in Bellini’s painting, are symbolic wounds like those Christ suffered at his Crucifixion.


The term "contrapposto" refers to the depiction of more than one event in time in the same work of art.


The sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini created this image of St. Teresa, which is the centerpiece of the Cornaro Chapel in Rome. Its style is typically:


This painting still is generally referred to as The Night Watch, because for many years layers of varnish and dirt made it seem like a nighttime scene. A cleaning restored its bright colors. The artist is:


Bernini’s St. Teresa in Ecstasy portrays the saint being visited by a _________________.


Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun painted a portrait of what monarch in an attempt to repair the subject’s image?

Marie Antoinette

Frans Hals was given credit for a number of genre paintings by which of these artists?

Judith Leyster

King Louis XIV of France commissioned extensive renovations and additions to the _______________, where he moved his court in 1682.

Palace of Versailles

The Countess du Barry was an influential mistress of King Louis XV of France as well as a patron of the artist ________________________.


The Flemish artist ___________________ developed a well-organized studio with many students. He also served his country as diplomat and political emissary.


The ________________________ style in 18th-century European art is considered to be a development of the Baroque. It was favored by the aristocracy, and it featured pastel colors, small scale, and a playful quality.


While in exile from revolutionary France, Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun spent six years in what nation where she almost had the chance to paint Catherine the Great?


Because the Qur’an contains a warning against the worship of idols, Muslims determined to forbid the representation of ____________________ in religious contexts.

humans and animals

Early Islamic architects derived their designs for the architecture of the mosque from which of these structures?

the Prophet’s house in Medina

In 1897, British forces attacked the palace of this kingdom in Nigeria and took much of the art produced there in the previous 400 years. What is the name of this kingdom?


In the 10th century, a Byzantine emperor sent a gift of 35,000 pounds of mosaic cubes to the Islamic ruler of Córdoba in which of these countries?


In the religious structures of Islam all over the world, the worshippers are required to pray facing which of these locations?


The mask is a typical African form of art. It is meant to be seen only in ________________.

masquerade ceremonies

The most honored of the arts of Islam is which of these?


The ___________________________ is the term used for the religious meeting place of Muslims.


Which civilization, now present-day Iran, influenced eastern Islamic civilization and, in the 12th century, inspired a new form of mosque?


Which religious figure emigrated from Mecca to Medina in 622 C.E.?


"What is the sound of one hand clapping?" is an example of a koan, a teaching tool of what belief system?


Remains of the Buddha make sacred such a structure as this one, which is called by what term?


Both Hinduism and Buddhism originally developed in which of these countries?


Siddhartha Gautama became the central figure of which of these religions?


The Great Stupa is an early Buddhist shrine in _____________________________.


What form of printing was the greatest artistic event of the Edo Period in Japan, with masters such as Hiroshige and Hokusai?


The author of The Tale of Genji was female.


The tea ceremony is an important aspect of Hindu religion.


Almost 1,000 monumental stone figures have been found on what Pacific island?

Easter Island

It is assumed that the earliest settlers of the Americas migrated across a now-submerged land bridge linking Siberia with what area?


Mimbres Valley ceramics, made in the American Southwest about 1000 C.E., are distinctive in that they have __________________________________.

a hole punched deliberately through each piece

One of the chief reasons why conquerors from Spain invaded the Americas in the 16th century was their quest for _________________________.

gold and silver

The ancestors of what people arrived in Australia from Southeast Asia as early as 50,000 years ago?


The native peoples of the Northwest Coast region in the Americas are renowned for their finely made ________________________________.


The Pyramid of the Sun served as the centerpiece of one of the largest cities of the ancient world. The city was:


The Serpent Mound in Ohio was built by "mound builders" who occupied what area?

the Eastern Woodlands

What is the cultural, historical, and geographical descriptive term for the region extending from near Mexico City through western Honduras?


What people built the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, Colorado?


What people of New Zealand build meeting houses which are understood to be the body of the sky father, their supreme deity?


What was the Spanish explorers’ contribution to the natives of the Great Plains that enabled the Plains natives to follow a nomadic way of life and hunt buffalo?

the horse

This is a famous painting by Gustave Courbet, called The Artist’s Studio. Courbet is considered an important 19th-century artist for many reasons, but mainly because he:

used everyday people and scenes for monumental art

Some people refer to this Surrealist painting as "the melted watches," but its real title is The Persistence of Memory. The artist is:

Salvador Dali

This painting, filled with organic shapes and odd, invented little creatures, is representative of the abstract phase of Surrealism. Its artist is:

Joan Miró

Which artist, the most famous of those associated with De Stijl, created the work seen here?


The artist of this painting is often considered to have been the most "committed" of the Impressionists. His subjects included cathedrals, waterlilies, haystacks, and this train station filled with smoke and light.


work is associated with the art movement known as Dada. Dada sprang up during the period of:

World War I

Picasso painted this famous work in 1907; it shows his growing interest in:

African and Iberian art

This painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, with its shimmering forms and light, is typical of the style called:


An early-20th-century painting style, explored by Picasso and Braque, in which forms were flattened into planes and facets was called ____________________________.


Architect Walter Gropius, in 1919, founded what school of design?


Pablo Picasso was born in ________________________________.


The Surrealists sought to ___________________________.

probe the unconscious

Van Gogh, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Seurat are the artists most often associated with ___________________.


What artist was famous for his "ready-mades," objects purchased and then presented as sculptures with virtually no alteration


Which artist was influenced by the Bauhaus and De Stijl to create works that fostered harmony between individual lives and modern industry and technology?


Which artistic movement was begun in Russia by Tatlin?


Which movement was formulated in the 1920s as an outgrowth of Dada?


Edouard Manet was a highly successful artist who never lacked for commissions.


This artist is famous for his many paintings of this mountain, which he fragmented into planes and geometric facets. Who was this artist?


This famous painting by Eugène Delacroix was made during a political uprising in France and focuses on the figure of:


Which artist created this multiple image of a popular commercial product, thus identifying himself/herself as a Pop Artist?

Andy Warhol

Contemporary artist Barbara Kruger is noted for applying slogans from popular jargon to ____________________________.

blowups of magazine photos

Laurie Anderson and Robert Gober are generally known as what type of artists?

performance artists

Of the following artists, _____________________ is NOT associated with the Neo-Expressionist movement.


Pop artists of the 1960s took their inspiration from:

American commercial culture

Terry Winters uses a specialized linear visual language to create dense, layered paintings to represent the central reality of our time. What is this central reality according to Winters?


Two of the most prominent Abstract Expressionist painters were _______________________.

Pollock and de Kooning

What group was formed in 1985 to protest the under-representation of women artists in the "International Survey of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture"?

the Guerrilla Girls

Which artist who began as a graffiti artist in the late 1970s is associated with a seemingly primitive or naïve style?

Jean-Michel Basquiat

While Alice Neel is most famous for her portraits, which of these artists is known for his nudes and his grandfather’s fame?

Lucian Freud

This artist painted a well-known series of highly abstract works all including the title "Woman." His name is:

Willem de Kooning

This work from the 1970s so closely resembles the natural world that its style has been called:


The artist who created this work makes imagery from slogans and catch-phrases, often in colorful electronic letters that move and flash. The artist is:

Jenny Holzer

The artist of this work anticipated the Pop Art movement of the 1960s with straightforward painted images of flags, maps, numbers, and in this case a target. The artist is:

Jasper Johns

three-dimensional work by Donald Judd embodies many of the characteristics of what style?


Most Abstract Expressionist painting has a great deal of color, but the artist of this work is more often associated with the bold use of black. The artist was:

Franz Kline

Which artist created this silkscreen print, which combines photo images with text?

Barbara Kruger

Which artist, who cautions young artists to "find your own road," painted this portrait of a famous Pop artist?

Alice Neel

The Pompidou Center, shown here, is an early example of what 20th-century style?


This work, which is an example of action painting, was done by what artist?


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