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The earliest paintings in the world are found in caves


animals were never shown on cave paintings


prehistoric female figurines that refer to reproduction are called fertility figurines


Which cultures did not have a written language?

mesopotamian, egyptian, minoan all had written language

what is true about minoans?

they built very large, maze-like complexes they were a wealthy culture they were invaded by Mycenaeans

in greek mythology, powerful ruler king minos was said to have built a small, modest palace on knossos (crete) because of his humility towards the gods


Bulls were often shown in the art of babylonians and minoans


the bull-leapers fresco from knossos is______ scene

an athletic

the bull-leapers fresco from knossos shows male and femals figures. we know this from their_____

skin color

The summerians did not believe in lavish burials; they preferred riches to be enjoyed only by the living


what cultre was not part of mesopotamia?

akkadians assyrians babylonians summerians

the life-sized bronze head of an akkadian ruler was discovered in present day_____


akkadian rulers were believed to be divine


a lamassu is a

guardian beast

the lamassi sculptures made for ashurnasirpal II’s palace each have five legs. What did the extra leg suggest to the viewers?

forward movement

the ishtar gate has images of animals that symbolize

gods of the babylonians

lions were important to both assyrians and babylonians


ishtar gate was made by the


statue of khafre was made by the


bull leaping fresco was made by the


cuneiform writing was made by the


lamassu, palave of ashurnasirpal II was made by the


the ka is the name of a tool used to make relief carvings for egyptian pharohs


the eyptians cremated the bodies of dead pharohs


the great sphinx is associated with which pharoh’s pyramid?


egyptian statues show a lot of movement


hieroglyphic is the written language used by the


it was possible to decipher hieroglyphics because of

the rosetta stone

Gold was the only precious material used for the mask of king tutankhamun


the protective goddesses of upper and lower eypt are represented on the headdress of the mask of kind tutankhamun by

a vulture and a cobra

the egyptian fresco from Nebamun’s tomb utilizes

composite view hierarchial scale hieroglyphs

the cyclical flooding of the nile can be compared to the egyptian belief in rebirth after death


the greeks often used ideal proportions in their sculpture and architecture


the parthenon that still stands today in athens was built after an invasion of the city in 480/479 bce by the:


the parthenon in athens used to house a huge gold-and-ivory statue of:


the parthenon in athens looks exactly the same today as it did when the greeks origionally built it


what did the goddess athena give to the city of athens in her contest with poseidon to become the patron god of the city?

the olive tree

the following are architectural orders developed by the greeks:

corinthian doric ionic

carvings of acanthus leaves are found on top of which kind of columns?


entasis refers to

the slight swelling at the center of a column

an amphora is the name for any female greek goddess


an archaic greek sculpture portraying a nude male is called

a kouros

archaic statues of males and femals were always nude


who developed a canon of harmonious proportions to be used for the portrayal of the ideal human body in sculpture?


polykleitos’s statue doryphoros, or spear bearer, demonstrates a new naturalistic stance called contrapposto


The hellenistic sculpture laocoom and his sons is different from earlier greek styles because:

it has more drama and movement

the volcanis eruptions of mt. vesuvius in 79 ce destroyed all of the art in pomeii


dionysus was the ancient greek god of


the pantheon uses which architectural oder for its columns?


what is not true about the interior of the pantheon?

it has a poor drainage system

the pantheon was made by the


the parthenon was made by the


the great pyramid was made by the


the palace of knossos was made by the


the ishtar gate was made by the


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