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Artists draw for many reasons, including: ________

To define their ideas

Pencils have a range of values from very light to very dark. If you wanted a dark value, which of these pencil numbers would be the darkest


This drawing medium utilizes a piece of silver wire set in a holder.


Samples of this drawing medium have been dated back to 30,000 BCE.


In which country was paper invented by Cai Lun, who made it out of macerated plant fibers suspended in water?


Paint in its most basic form is composed of ________ and a liquid binder.


The binding agent for tempera paint is ________.


This painting process relies on freshly applied lime plaster to hold the pigment in place.


One of the advantages of acrylic paint is that it can be cleaned up using this liquid.


Which of the following is a printmaking process?


This type of printmaking is done by carving away part of a block in order to leave a raised surface that can be inked and printed.


This printmaking tool is a sharp instrument used to mark the surface of a plate.


This intaglio process employs acid to mar the surface of a metal plate.


This printmaking process means "stone writing" in Greek.


Egyptian picture symbols are called ________.


These handwritten illustrated books were created during the Middle Ages.

Illuminated Manuscripts

The visual form of printed letters, words, and text is called ________.


This type of design can incorporate text, image, recorded sound, and moving images.

Web Design

What does the word "photograph" mean?

Writing with light

The mechanics of the camera are very similar to those of ________.

The human eye

When did it become common for photographs to be collected in major fine arts museums?


An artwork that consists of a re-created bedroom with videos projected onto the walls would best be described as ________.


Glass was probably first used by this ancient culture.


The art of arranging colored glass into mosaic-like window forms is called ________.

Stained Glass

This particular medium uses threads, fabrics, and other textiles.


Which of these materials can be used to create a sculpture?

Wax, ice, stone, plastic

Unlike freestanding sculpture, this type of sculpture is created to be viewed from one side only.


Which of these is not a subtractive method of sculpting?


Objects found or already existing outside of the context of art, which are used as component parts in a work or to create an entire sculpture, are called ________.


What is the name of the oven used to fire clay objects so that they become ceramics?


Architects consider this when designing a building.

The site, engineering, needs of the user, materials

This kind of stress pushes on the structure of a building and must be countered by a pulling stress.


This architectural construction method consists of two uprights and a crossbeam.


If an architect wanted to build a large square building with a domed roof, he or she would use this structural feature to transfer the load of the roof.


The subject of Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People is ________.

The July Revolution of 1830 in France

Which of these cultures was not part of Mesopotamia?

All were Mesopotamia cultures

Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs consists of ________.

Three things that a chair could be

Andy Warhol used commercial processes to create many of his works because ________.

He wanted his work to have a depersonalized and mass-produced quality

Hieroglyphic is the written language used by the:


It was possible to decipher hieroglyphs because of ________.

The Rosetta Stone

Jackson Pollock made paintings by:

Dripping paint onto a canvas on the floor

What does the Japanese word Chanoyu mean in English?

Way of the Tea

The Parthenon in Athens used to house a huge gold- and-ivory statue of:


The following are architectural orders developed by the Greeks:

Corinthian, Doric, Iionic

Which of the following colors was NOT used in a traditional Kente?


An Archaic Greek sculpture portraying a nude male is called ________.


What does the most common type of prehistoric female figurines suggest the celebration of?


The earliest examples of Christian art have been discovered in ________.


What is the medium used for the depiction of Theodora and Attendants in the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy?


The Dome of the Rock is located in ________.


Which term refers to part of a church doorway?


What city replaced Paris as the art central of the world?

New York City

The structure of Romanesque churches recalls architectural elements from ________

Ancient Rome

Which two Gothic architectural innovations allowed cathedral walls to be built higher than before?

Flying Buttresses and Rib Vaults

Which of the following terms means "rebirth" and is used to describe an artistic movement characterized by renewed interest in the Classical world of Greece and Rome?


What cultures are included in Mesoamerica?

Teotihuacanos, Maya, Aztec, Olmecs

Vincent van Gogh used thick swirls of paint in his work Starry Night, this technique is called ________.


Leonardo da Vinci indicates that Christ is the most important figure in his painting of The Last Supper by ______.

-locating Christ at the center of the composition -creating a stable triangular form for Christ, in contrast to the activity of the other figures -framing Christ’s head with light from the windows behind -arranging the vanishing point directly behind Christ’s head

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Chinese art?

Encourages a state of despair

Where was Machu Picchu located?


The medium of the artwork that decorates the Sistine Chapel ceiling is ________.


The Arnolfini Portrait is part of which period in art?

The Northern Renaissance

A woodcut allows an artist to do which of the following?

Make multiple prints of an image

The artist of Christ in the House of Levi had to change the painting’s name because ________.

Church officials objected to Christ being shown with clowns, dwarves, and dogs at this key moment in the gospels

Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel is an example of ________.


What was the significance of an eagle mask for the Kwakiutl Native Americans?

Used in a public coming-of-age ceremony

What material was considered modern during this time and was also used to construct the Eiffel Tower?

Cast Iron

A painting by which artist provoked the comment by a critic that gave the Impressionists their name?

Claude Monet

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was revolutionary because:

It includes simplified forms and bodies as geometric shape

Fragonard’s The Swing depicts:

A flirtation between two young lovers

William Hogarth’s Marriage à-la-Mode series tells the story of:

The trials of an arranged marriage in which the couple behave immorally

Neoclassical paintings, such as those by Jacques- Louis David and Angelica Kauffmann, ________.

Are inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, convey a moral message, place an emphasis on civic duty, are serious in tone

What aspects of Édouard Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) discomforted many viewers when it was first exhibited

-The painting technique -The nude woman seated next to men dressed in contemporary clothing -The fact that the woman looks out at the viewer

The Yoruba believed Ife to be ________.

The Naval of the world

Bis poles were made for what purpose?

-To honor someone who had just died -To depict the ancestors and acknowledge their role in daily life -To carry the deceased into the afterlife -They serve a ritual function in male initiation and memorial feasts

The eleventh-century bronze sculpture of Shiva Nataraja was made in ________.


The painting called Dead Christ, by Andrea Mantegna, focuses the viewer’s attention on ________.

The immediacy of Christ’s body and the fact that he is no longer alive

How is it clear that the Kongo sculpture of a kneeling female figure with bowl and child represents a nature spirit associated with ancestors?

Se is painted white and has shiny eyes

The sarcophagus lid from the tomb of Lord Pacal shows him ________.

Marking the intersection of the earthly realm and the underworld

The Hopi of the southwestern United States are responsible for making which of the following sculptures?

Kachina doll

Who is the artist of Fox in the Snow?

Gustave Courbet

Why are the bodies of the damned in the Last Judgment tympanum from the Cathedral of Saint- Lazare so graphically grotesque?

To show that the afterlife for sinners would be something to look forward to

What is the woman doing in the painting Woman Holding a Balance?

Holding scales as if she is weighing her jewelry

Which two ancient Greek painters were masters of illusion?

Zeuxis and Parrhasius

Who advised artists in his treatise On Painting that paintings should look like illusionary windows

Leon Battista Alberti

The oculus in Andrea Mantegna’s Camera degli Sposi in the Ducal Palace in Mantua:

It is just a painted illusion

Which part of William Harnett’s The Old Violin is real and not just painted?

The blue envelope

Ron Mueck’s Mask II is a:

Oversized sculpture

When columns are intentionally designed to swell at the midpoint, this is called ________.


Julian Beever is ________.

A sidewalk chalk artist working today

Fanny/Fingerpainting was ________.

Made with the artist’s finger and thumb prints

Which part of René Magritte’s The Human Condition is painted?

The entire scene

Ernest Meissonier’s painting Remembrance of Civil War was removed by the French government from the 1850 Salon exhibition because:

It was too powerful a reminder of recent events

Timothy O’Sullivan’s famous photograph of dead bodies on a deserted battlefield was taken during ________.

The American Civil War

Chris Burden’s work All the Submarines of the United States of America is ________.

An Instillation

The composition of the Alexander Mosaic is designed to convey

Action and Emotion

The Bayeux Tapestry is approximately ________ long.

275 feet

Otto Dix’s The War is a ________.


The Woman from Willendorf is made out of which medium?


The date of Willem de Kooning’s painting Woman I is?


Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty was made by sculptors from which culture?


What is the subject matter of Myron’s Discus Thrower?

A Greek Athlete

Who is the artist of The Birth of Venus?

Sandro Botticelli

Which of the following nudes was made first and served as an influence on the others?

Titian, Venus of Urbino

What was the artist of Olympia trying to do?

Update a classical subject for his own time

What did the artist of Loving Care do to create the work?

She dipped her head in a bucket of dye and mopped the floor with her hair

Auguste Rodin made which of the following artworks?

Walking Man

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