Art 100 Exam 3 Chapter 15(Christianity & the formation of Europe-Medieval)

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What do we call the shape of a Western European Gothic Cathedral?
a. central plan
b. Greek Cross
c. Latin Cross
d. ambulatory


San Vitale in Ravenna is a ________ church.
a. Latin Cross
b. rectilinear plan
c. diagonal plan
d. central plan


The early mosaic Christ as the Sun exemplifies early Christian artists’ appropriation of _____ iconography.
a. Egyptian
b. Greek
c. Islamic
d. roman
e. both Greek and Roman


Unlike their Greek and Roman predecessors, Byzantine artists preferred
a. re-creation of daily life in their art
b. a natural, more realistic art
c. calligraphy in their art
d. a flattened, abstracted style of art
e. none of the above


Architects of Romanesque churches began installing _____ around the apse, which allowed the overflow of pilgrims to circulate freely around the interior of the church.
a. scaffolding
b. ambulatories
c. underground walkways
d. transepts
e. barrel vaulting


The art and architecture of the high Middle Ages is generally divided into two periods, the ________ and the ________.
a. Romanesque; Carolingian
b. Renaissance; Gothic
c. Romanesque; Gothic
d. Romanesque; Renaissance
e. Gothic; Carolingian


All the following are features of Romanesque architecture EXCEPT
a. thick stone walls
b. barrel-vaulted stone ceilings
c. overall massiveness
d. large windows of stained glass
e. round arches


Gothic cathedrals are known especially for
a. the privacy and intimacy of their interior spaces
b. their stained glass windows
c. their heavy Romanesque walls
d. their idyllic French countryside locations
e. rounded arches and symmetrical towers


The Bayeux Tapestry is an illustration of what event?
a. conquest of England by the Normans
b. the conquest of France by the Gauls
c. the War of the Roses
d. the 100 Years War
e. the founding of Camelot by King Arthur


Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows are characteristic of:
a. Renaissance architecture.
b. Romanesque churches.
c. The church of Sainte Foy.
d. Gothic cathedrals.
e. the Palace Chapel of Charlemagne.


Duccio and Giotto were two artists whose innovations in ________ greatly influenced Renaissance painting styles.
a. basing their works on religious traditions
b. introducing a flat, decorative space
c. exploring classical subject matter
d. creating figures and settings with an increased naturalism
e. Gothic sculpture


Abbot Suger’s church near Paris, Saint-Denis, is the first _____ church ever built.
a. Gothic
b. Romanesque
c. High Renaissance
d. Byzantine
e. Carolingian


The Abby Church of Sainte-Foy is the earliest _______ pilgrimage church.
a. Gothic
b. Romanesque
c. High Renaissance
d. Byzantine
e. Carolingian


What is the significance of the asymmetrical face of the Byzantine icon of Christ?
a. this is an image from the early part of the period and shows the lack of skill on the part of medieval artists
b. it shows the dual nature of Christ – human and divine
c. it shows that the medieval artists weren’t trying to create a naturalistic image
d. It shows the Byzantine artist working in both roman and Egyptian styles


The gold-hammered vessel set with gems that contained the remains of Saint Foy is called a:
a. sarcophagus
b. tomb
c. reliquary
d. icon
e. mosaic


Who was the first Christian emperor?
a. Julius Ceasar
b. Justinian
c. Charlemagne
d. Constantine the Great


The medium used to decorate the interior of most Byzantine churches is _____.
a. mosaic
b. fresco
c. encaustic
d. tempera
e. oil on canvas


What purpose was served by the carved figures that adorn the entryways at Chartres Cathedral?
a. They remind the largely illiterate population that one is entering a sacred space.
b. They are structural, holding up the archways above the doors.
c. The form a narrative, telling the story of Sainte Foy.
d. They are purely decorative, serving no real purpose.


Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows are characteristic of:
a. Renaissance architecture
b. Romanesque churches
c. church of Sainte Foy
d. Gothic cathedrals


The hand-painted texts like the Gospel Book of Durrow are called ______.
a. illuminated manuscripts
b. illustrated gospels
c. calligraphic gospels
d. books of the hours


Medieval sculpture is stylized rather than naturalistic because:
a. medieval artists were not good at depicting the human body
b. medieval artists weren’t allowed to study human anatomy
c. sculpture needed to conform to the shapes of the columns and capitals
d. it was meant to represent the unearthly realms of heaven, not the everyday


The Unicorn Tapestries are allegorical because they:
a. represent legends and myths
b. show the family history of the Le Vistes
c. represent the five senses
d. they are not allegorical



standard type of rectangular building with a large, open interior; has a nave, clerestory, aisle, and apse


semicircular, protruding niche at one or both ends of the nave; houses altar


a passageway to the side of a central area


top most part of a wall with windows


open central space


arm of a cruciform church perpendicular to the nave


porch or vestibule serving as an entryway to a church


intricately intertwined strips or ribbons; popular in medieval celtic and scandinavian art


latin for walkway; an aisle around the apse


a technique in which colored yarns are sewn to an existing woven background


meant to be hung from a wall; images and motifs produced by various weaving techniques

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