Army Travel Card 101

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Requires each Executive department agency to evaluate the credit worthiness of an individual.

Public Law 109-115

Mandates the use of a Government travel card for costs associated with official Government travel.

Public Law 105-264

Requires split disbursement to the travel card vendor.

Public Law 107-314

States that the applicant understands the provisions of the travel card program and proper use of the travel card.

Statement of Understanding

Establishes command, supervisory, and personal responsibility for use of the GTCC and the operation of the DoD travel card program.

Government Travel Charge Card Regulations

Betty, a cardholder, receives a call inquiring about her SSN. The caller introduces himself as an employee of the travel card vendor and tells her that he needs her SSN to verify the validity of the card. What should Betty do?

Betty should not provide the information because she is unsure of the legitimacy of the call.

Jackie, a restricted cardholder, performed TDY at a U.S. military installation. She used her card to purchase airline tickets and other travel-related expenses totaling $250. How much of her total credit limit remain?


For the purpose of obtaining a card, does how often you travel on official business in a year determine if you are a frequent or infrequent traveler?


Last year, Sam traveled three times for official business purposes. Sam is:

a frequent traveler

The ATM monthly withdrawal limit for a standard cardholder is:


A cardholder, not the Government is liable for payments for:

IBA travel cards

The card that limits the cardholder to a minimal amount of credit and must be activated and deactivated for official travel periods is the:

restricted card

Tom, a cardholder, was recently transferred from Edwards Air Force Base, California to Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. Who should he notify regarding his change of address and travel card matters?

Travel card vendor and APC

Which of the following statements about Reduced Payment Plans is incorrect?

RPPs can be established after and account is placed into Salary Offset

The travel card vendor receives direct payment for the amount of travel card expenses specified in the travel voucher

Split Disbursement

DoD, on behalf of the travel card vendor, automatically collects payment from the cardholder’s pay for any amount owed as a result of undisputed delinquencies.

Salary Offset

Individuals are deployed on long-term travel to locations that preclude them from filing interim vouchers (non-DTS)

Mission Critical Status

A written agreement between the cardholder and the travel card vendor in which the cardholder agrees to make monthly payment to the vendor.

Reduced Payment Plan

Which item is a benefit of using the travel card?

Using it prevents travelers from having to use their own money for official travel expenses.

Which statement about an individually billed account (IBA) is true?

Regardless of the status of the traveler’s reimbursement, they must pay their bill on time.

Which situation will most likely result in an individual being issued a restricted travel card?

The traveler refuses to authorize a credit check.

Patricia is preparing to go TDY. Which of the following is NOT an action she should take to prepare?

Hold onto vouchers from earlier trips, so she can process them all together when she returns.

Vanessa is applying for an IBA. She completed the online application form and then completed the Programs & Policies – Travel Card Program [Travel Card 101] training class and provided a copy of her completion certificate to her APC. What does Vanessa need to do next before she can receive a travel card?

Sign a DoD Statement of Understanding and provide it to her APC.

Which is a reason for account suspension?

Account delinquent after 61 days.

Which of the following statements about a lost or stolen travel card is true?

The card holder is responsible for authorized charges before losing the card.

Mike used his travel card to purchase airfare, lodging, rental card, gasoline, meals and parking and used an ATM to obtain cash withdrawal. Which expenses must Mike split disburse to the travel card vendor when he submits his voucher?

All the listed expenses, including the cash withdrawal.

Which is an action you should coordinate with the APC before you start a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move?

Ensure your IBA is placed into a PCS Mission Critical Status.

Which statement applies only to restricted cardholders?

They must validate with their APC that the GTCC has been activated with the travel card vendor.

Why should you establish an online account with the travel card vendor?

Because it provides easy access to statements, payments, and mobile alerts.

What should you do if there are incorrect transactions on your monthly statement?

File a dispute with the GTCC vendor within 60 days of the statement date.

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