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Which advance in transportation was important to economic growth in the United States from about 1790 to 1810?

Roads and turnpikes

Sentimentalism was a reaction to which cultural legacy?

The Enlightenment

What is Gabriel Prosser, an African American from Virginia, known for?

Planning a mass slave rebellion

What happened to the American banking system after the charter of the First Bank of the United States expired in 1811?

States chartered a growing number of banks to provide capital.

Who wrote the "blue-back speller" that attempted to standardize vocabulary and grammar for the American people?

Noah Webster

The Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery where?

In the Louisiana Territory north of latitude 36°30´

Which sect, founded in Great Britain, migrated to America with Mother Ann Lee in the 1770s, leading to the establishment of communities in several states?


Where did most American manufacturing in the early nineteenth century take place?

At home

In Letters from an American Farmer (1782), St. Jean de Crèvecoeur praised the American people for what achievement?

Creation of a new social order that rejected elitist practices

Based on the map, how many states in the union had eliminated slavery by the year 1800?

Five; the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Why did women get so involved in religious and charitable enterprises after 1800?

They were largely excluded from other public roles.

During the early nineteenth century, American merchants recruited members of rural households to manufacture goods for the market using what system?

The outwork system

Which of the following refers to the periodic expansion and contraction of production and employment inherent to a market economy?

The business cycle

The "general ideas of Liberty and Equality" caused what social phenomenon in America, according to one visiting Polish aristocrat?

Lack of respect for elders

What important compromise was formed in Congress in 1820 over the spread of slavery?

The Missouri Compromise

During the Second Great Awakening, many evangelical ministers copied the "practical preaching" techniques of what eighteenth-century revivalist?

George Whitefield

Why did New England farmers become more dependent on the market in the early nineteenth century?

Farmers increasingly focused on raising livestock for sale of their by-products.

What did southerners fear after New York congressman James Tallmadge proposed to admit Missouri as a state only if it banned slavery?

That this was the first step toward the end of slavery

Why did many educated Congregationalists in New England rename themselves "Unitarians" in the early nineteenth century?

They discarded the concept of the Trinity and worshipped a "united" God.

What was one drawback of the new market economy in the early 1800s?

Environmental pollution

How did divorce laws change after 1800?

Drunkenness was accepted as grounds for divorce.

Why did most free blacks in the early 1800s oppose the plans of the American Colonization Society?

They had no desire to leave the country.

The picture shows Juliann Jane Tillman in what role?

As a preacher

What issue was a cause of the Panic of 1819?

Poorly managed state banks

Why did education in the United States improve starting in the 1820s?

States began to focus more on the issue.

What widespread aspect of the early republic contradicted the ideology of democratic republicanism?

Restrictions on voting rights

Which group was most likely to practice authoritarian parenting during the early republic?

Evangelical Methodists influenced by the Second Great Awakening

What statement describes the concept of republican motherhood?

A limited revision of traditional domestic roles for women

What was significant about the goods produced by New England farm families in the early 1800s?

They were sold in distant markets and door-to-door in the United States by peddlers.

Why did the Quakers take the lead in condemning slavery?

Their belief in religious and social equality led them to take this stance.

After the Revolution, most state legislatures enacted statutes that required an equal division of a father’s estate among his offspring, reflecting what trend?

Growing sense of respect for children

Why were education rates higher in New England than in other regions of the country during the early republic?

Public schools were locally funded.

Why did Thomas Jefferson write that the Missouri crisis was like "a fire-bell in the night"?

He feared that slavery might destroy the American experiment in republicanism.

What was the intention of the First Bank of the United States?

To stimulate economic growth by granting commercial credit

Why did some Americans criticize special charters granted by states to private enterprises in the early 1800s?

They were anti-republican in spirit.

Why did a group of northern congressmen desert the antislavery coalition and accept Henry Clay’s Missouri Compromise in 1820?

Southern opposition to the Tallmadge amendment was not wavering.

What phrase did slave planters like Thomas Jefferson use to justify slavery in the late 1700s?

"Necessary evil"

What law passed by Congress in the first two decades of the nineteenth century upheld slavery?

A law preserving slavery in the District of Columbia

Why were young men and women increasingly able to choose their own partners in the early republic?

With smaller landholdings, yeomen fathers lost influence over their children.

Why did the Virginia assembly pass a manumission act in 1782?

The law allowed planters to follow up on the individual promises of freedom to the slaves made during the Revolutionary War.

Which region suffered the most environmental damage in the early 1800s?

The Northeast

What was the goal of the American Colonization Society?

To emancipate slaves and send African Americans to Africa

How did the southern defense of slavery shift as a result of the proposal in the House of Representatives to ban slavery from Missouri?

It became more extreme.

What difference between New England and the southern states reflected state government spending priorities in the early 1800s?

The degree of education among the populace

What was a consequence of the 1795 Massachusetts Mill Dam Act?

The act overrode common law to safeguard the rights of mill owners at the expense of nearby landowners.

What law was an early important piece of legislation that shaped the development of American religion in the United States?

Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom

How did republican principles change public support for churches in New England in the early republic?

Taxes were used to support all churches, not just the Congregationalist church.

Based on this map, where did Baptist and Methodist preachers begin their religious revivalist preaching?

In New England

The most important episode of economic decline in the early nineteenth century is called the

Panic of 1819.

What entity did Congress create in 1816?

The Second Bank of the United States

What did Noah Webster argue for in the early nineteenth century?

An end to American dependence on foreign influences in language.

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