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Which of the following was the critical catalyst for antebellum reform movements?

The Second Great Awakening

What did Alexis de Tocqueville mean when he used the term individualism to describe American society in 1835?

Americans lived in social isolation, without any ties to caste, class, association, or family.

The philosophy that people could gain mystical knowledge and harmony beyond the world of the senses is known as which of the following?


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about which of the following in his essays and lectures?

He argued that people should reject old conventions and discover their original relation with nature.

What did Ralph Waldo Emerson believe would promote an individual’s mystical union with God and achievement of self-realization?

Spending time alone in nature

The American Lyceum movement of the 1830s engaged in which of the following efforts?

Promoting the spread of knowledge through public lectures

Which of the following statements about Emerson is correct?

He was a Unitarian minister who eventually rejected organized religion.

Which of the following describes the purpose of Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden?

It was written to document Walden’s spiritual search for meaning beyond the artificiality of "civilized" life.

Which of the following qualities did Henry David Thoreau urge in his readers, as demonstrated by the statement, "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer"?


Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were well known for their involvement in which of the following movements?


Who was a critic for the New York Tribune, an editor of The Dial, and the author of Woman in the Nineteenth Century?

Margaret Fuller

Which of the following is properly paired?

Walt Whitman—Leaves of Grass

Which of the following did Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville have in common?

They criticized transcendentalism and warned against excessive individualism.

Which of the following describes the residents of the Brook Farm community of the 1840s?

They wanted to combine farming with study and a lively intellectual life.

In the late 1840s and the 1850s, Emersonians did which of the following?

Abandoned their quest to create new social institutions

The Shakers’ name came from which of the following?

Their particular form of worship

Which of the following describes the nineteenth-century Shakers?

They allowed both women and men to govern their communities.

Which of the following describes the Fourierist movement in America?

It demonstrated the difficulty of creating enduring utopian communities.

Which of the following was an evangelical movement that believed the Second Coming of Christ had already occurred and people could attain complete freedom from sin?


The Oneida Community, founded in 1839 by John Humphrey Noyes, was known for which of the following practices?

Complex marriage

Why are the Oneidians, Shakers, and Fourierists historically significant?

They articulated criticisms of the class divisions created by the market economy.

Which of the following describes The Book of Mormon, published in 1830?

It claimed that Jesus Christ visited an ancient American civilization soon after his resurrection.

Which of the following contributed to the harassment and persecution of Mormons at Nauvoo in the early 1840s?

Mormons’ power as a voting bloc in local elections

For which of the following reasons did the Salt Lake Mormons succeed and thrive in the nineteenth century even as other social experiments failed?

Mormon society had strong, hierarchical leadership.

Which of the following factors was critical in the ballooning populations of cities like New York in the mid-nineteenth century?


Which of these factors contributed to the tremendous increase in commercialized sex in the new cities of the mid-nineteenth century?

The subsistence wages and exploitative conditions of women’s jobs

Which of the following describes the minstrel shows that became popular in American cities in the 1840s?

They were a popular form of entertainment and social criticism.

Which of the following factors contributed to the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in American cities in the mid-nineteenth century?

Minstrel shows

In the early 1800s, free blacks in the North were encouraged to "elevate" themselves through which of the following activities?


In his 1829 pamphlet, An Appeal . . . to the Colored Citizens of the World, David Walker did which of the following?

He justified slave rebellion and warned white Americans that violence and retribution would come if justice were delayed.

Which of the following was a result of the Turner Rebellion of the 1830s?

Tougher slave codes and restrictions were implemented.

As a result of Turner’s Rebellion, the Virginia legislature did which of the following in the 1830s?

It debated but rejected a bill providing for gradual emancipation and colonization.

Which of the following statements is true about William Lloyd Garrison?

He attacked the U.S. Constitution because it condoned slavery.

How did women participate in the abolition movement in the mid-eighteenth century?

Women abolitionists established influential groups such as the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society.

In their book American Slavery as It Is, Theodore Dwight Weld and the Grimké sisters

presented testimony from individual southerners about the evils of slavery.

In its campaign to end slavery, the American Anti-Slavery Society embraced which of the following tactics?

Sponsoring public lectures and collecting signatures on antislavery petitions

Abolitionist leaders used which of the following in their crusade to end slavery in the middle of the 1800s?

Aid to fugitive slaves

Which of the following individuals went to jail rather than pay taxes in support of the Mexican War and slavery?

Henry David Thoreau

Why did many northern wage earners not support abolition in the mid-eighteenth century?

Wageworkers feared that freed blacks would work for lower wages and compete for jobs.

Mob violence against abolitionist efforts in the 1830s and 1840s was

often directed against "respectable" black organizations such as churches and against orphanages.

What was the gag rule passed by the House of Representatives in 1836?

The policy automatically tabled and prevented discussion of any antislavery petitions received by the House.

By the early 1840s, Garrison and his supporters in the American Anti-Slavery Society had transformed their agenda in which of the following ways?

They advocated a broad-based reform program, embracing women’s rights as well as the rights of American blacks.

Who founded the Liberty Party in 1840?

Antislavery leaders who had broken with Garrison

The public movement for women’s rights developed out of which of the following sources in the 1840s?

The Second Great Awakening

Mid-nineteenth-century publications such as Godey’s Lady’s Book and Catharine Beecher’s Treatise on Domestic Economy did which of the following?

Emphasized the social importance of homemaking and domesticity

What was the purpose of the Female Moral Reform Society, which middle-class New York women founded in 1834?

To provide moral guidance for young, working women who were living away from their families

Efforts by women reformers to regulate sexual behavior resulted in laws in Massachusetts and New York that did which of the following?

Made seduction of women a crime

Horace Mann and Catharine Beecher were both actively involved in which of the following movements in the 1840s?

Educational reform

Why did Harriet Beecher Stowe pen her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was published in 1852?

Stowe sought to depict slavery as degrading to slave women.

During the 1840s, American women’s rights activists focused on which of the following goals?

Strengthening the legal rights of married women

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