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German settlers

mainly in Pennsylvania; known as Pennsylvania Dutch; clung to German language and customs (no loyalty to Britain)

Scots-Irish settlers

not Irish at all, but Scots Lowlanders; mainly in Pennsylvania; most land already taken by others –> among first settlers of the west; restless, used temporary shelters; violent towards Indians; known as lawless and individualistic (brought knowledge of whiskey distilling)

Paxton Boys

1764: led by Scots-Irish, armed march on Philadelphia, prostesting Quaker’s leniant policy towards Indians

Regulator movement

in North Carolina; Scots-Irish led insurrection against eastern domination of the colony’s affairs

triangular trade

New England rum –> Gold Coast of Africa slaves –> West Indies molasses –> distilled into rum in New England

Molasses Act

1733: British law trying to squelch American trade with French West Indies


named after Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius; belief that individual free will determined person’s salvation, not divine decree; all humans could be saved if they accepted God’s grace

Great Awakening

rousing religious revival in 1730s and 1740s; encouraged great emotion in religion; set off schisms in religious sects and fresh wave of missionary work among Indians and black slaves

Jonathan Edwards

spoke with burning righteousness; proclaimed need for complete dependence on God’s grace, not good works; described hell and enternal torments of the damned

George Whitefield

amazing religious speaker, instilled great emotion in his listeners

old lights

orthodox clergymen; deeply skeptical of emotionalism and theatrical antics of revivalists

new lights

defended awakening for its role in revitalizing American religion

Benjamin Franklin

wrote "Poor Richard’s Almanack"; invented lightning rod, bifocal spectacles, Franklin stove, and proved lightning was a form of electricity; established 1st US public library in Philadelphia

Poor Richard’s Almanack

edited by BF from 1732-1758; pithy sayings and virtues like thrift, industry, morality, common sense; 2nd most popular book in America after the Bible

Zenger trial

1734-1735 in NY; newspaper printer John Peter Zenger exposed the corrupt royal governor and was charged with libel; was declared innocent and it was a great victory for freedom of the press

royal colonies

colonies w/ royal governors appointed by the king (8 colonies)

proprietary colonies

colonies under proprietors who chose the governors (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware)

Lord Cornbury

governor of NY and NJ in 1702; corrupt, alcoholic, foolish, vain

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