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Anne Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts Bay for

questioning the ideas that good works led to salvation

By the mid-1500s, Spain’s main goal in North America was to

maintain its dominance and power in the region

For which of the following reasons was Roger Williams banished from Massachusetts Bay in 1636?

he questioned the English seizure of the native people’s land

How did the Puritans justify their invasion of the Native Americans’ land in the seventeenth century?

The Puritans interpreted epidemics that devastated Native American populations as a favorable sign from God.

How was colonization similar for the French and Spanish?

The French and Spanish aimed to Christianize the native peoples.

How were the Indian uprising in 1622 and Bacon’s Rebellion in 1675-1676 similar?

The rebellions led to changes in the structure of the colony’s government.

How were the Spanish conquistadors, Nathaniel Bacon’s frontiersmen, and the Puritans were similar?

All treated the Native Americans brutally.

In contrast to the Spanish missionaries of the sixteenth century, the seventeenth-century French Jesuits

tried to understand the Indians’ values and worldview.

In North America’s plantation colonies, most indentured servants

did not escape from poverty

In the sixteenth century, the Spanish crown granted encomiendas to which of the following groups?


In which of the following ways did the plantation colonies of Barbados differ from those in the Chesapeake in the seventeenth century?

The Chesapeake adopted slavery gradually and Barbados did so quickly.

John Winthrop’s phrase "City upon a Hill" referred to which of the following colonies?

Massachusetts Bay

King Henry VIII started the English Reformation by

declaring himself supreme head of the new Church of England.

Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of Maryland, established that colony as a haven for


Portuguese colonists in Brazil in the sixteenth century created an industry based on which of these resources?


Powhatan, leader of a confederation of about two dozen tribes in Virginia,

treated the English as potential allies and attempted to integrate them into his chiefdom.

The economic livelihood of the Virginia colony in the 1700s depended on which of the following products?


The encomiendas granted by the Spanish crown in the sixteenth century consisted of

legal control over American land and Indian labor.

The main motive for King Philip II’s attack on England in 1588 was to

A. eradicate Protestantism in England and Holland

The worldview of devout Puritans, such as Cotton Mather, was based on which of the following?

The notion that supernatural forces caused unusual events

Two hundred thousand Spaniards from Castile migrated to America in the 1500s in order to escape

high taxes on agriculture and military service

What accounted for the uneasy relations that persisted between Powhatan’s people and the Jamestown settlers for more than a decade after 1607?

Both groups’ inability to reach an agreement about who would pay tribute to whom

What caused the Puritans’ "errand into the wilderness" to become permanent?

The failure of the English Revolution

What caused the Spanish Netherlands revolt against Spanish rule in 1566?

Dutch Protestants’ desire to protect their faith

What effect did American tobacco have in England during the early colonial period?

The English developed a huge appetite for tobacco, which stimulated the English economy and bolstered England’s treasury.

When they settled in the New World in 1630, the Puritans’ first priority was to

create a reformed society that would model true Christianity in America

Which of the following characteristics was a common feature of royal colonies throughout English America in the seventeenth century?

An elected assembly

Which of the following describes the colony of Maryland, founded in 1632?

Tobacco production shaped its economy and social structures.

Which of the following describes the Dutch colony of New Netherland in the seventeenth century?

The venture failed to attract many settlers.

Which of the following developments fostered the flow of migrants into the Virginia colony between 1617 and 1622?

The Virginia Company began to allow individual settlers to own land

Which of the following diseases were introduced into Europe by Christopher Columbus’s sailors after their journey to the Americas in the 1490s?


Which of the following factors encouraged migrants to New France in the seventeenth century?

Generous terms for indentured servitude

Which of the following groups provided the labor for Brazil’s profitable plantations in 1620?

African slaves

Which of the following native groups capitalized on its geographic location in central New York and remained a significant political force in North America long after colonization?


Which of the following New England colonies required church membership in order to be able to vote?

Massachusetts Bay

Which of the following statements accurately characterizes life in the seventeenth-century North American plantation colonies?

Disease took such a toll that most children lost at least one parent before their thirteenth birthday

Which of the following statements describes Africans in Virginia after the 1660s?

Africans found themselves more entrenched in slavery as a permanent condition.

Which of the following statements describes life in the Chesapeake region after 1660?

A wealthy, planter-merchant elite dominated the Chesapeake economy and owned almost half the land in Virginia

Which of the following statements describes the English migrants who initially settled in the Jamestown colony in the early 1600s?

Early Jamestown settlers expected to profit from gold and Indian labor

Which of the following statements describes the significance of the arrival of New World crops, including maize and potatoes, in Europe and Asia after the 1500s?

American crops increased agricultural yield and population growth in the Old World

Which of the following statements is true of Metacom’s War (King Philip’s War), which took place in 1675-1676?

The war was a last-ditch attempt to save Indian lands and culture in New England

Which of the following was a consequence of Bacon’s Rebellion of the 1670s?

Slavery began to replace indentured servitude

Which of the following was an outcome of Elizabeth I’s compromise on the Church of England in the late 1500s?

It angered English people who supported radical Protestantism

Which of the following was characteristic of both the Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut colonies?

Ordinary farmers had more political power than most Chesapeake men.

Which of the following was the outcome of the surprise Indian attack on the Virginia colony in 1622?

James I revoked the Virginia Company’s charter and made it a royal colony.

Which of the following was true of the English outwork textile industry that emerged around 1500?

Landless peasants in small cottages spun and wove wool into cloth

Why did Plymouth begin to thrive after its first year while Jamestown struggled for many years?

The religious discipline of the Plymouth settlers encouraged their stronger work ethic.

Why did the largest landholdings in seventeenth-century New England towns usually belong to wealthier families?

Men of higher social status tended to receive the largest land grants from their towns.

Why was the influx of American gold and silver into the English economy during the sixteenth century significant?

it stimulated further economic expansion

It stimulated further economic expansion.

His political favoritism during his governorship aroused great resentment in Virginia

chattel slavery

a system of bondage in which a slave has the legal status of property and so can be bought and sold like property


term for colonies in which colonists sought to replicate, or at least approximate, economies and social structures they knew at home


a grant of Indian labor in Spanish America given in the 16th century by the Spanish kings to prominent men.

columbian exchange

the massive global exchange of living things including people, animals, plants, and diseases, between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres that began after the voyage of Columbus


a system of manufacturing, also known as putting out, used extensively in the english woolen industry in the 16th and 17th centuries/ merchants bought wool and then hired landless peasants who lived in small cottages to spin and weave it into cloth


a system of political economy based on government intervention

house of Burgess

organ of government in colonial Virginia made up of an assembly of reps elected by the colony’s inhabitants

royal colony

in the english system, a royal colony was chartered by the crown. The colony’s government was appointed by the crown and served according to the instructions of the Board of Trade


land owned in its entirety, without feudal dues or landlord obligations/had the right to improve, transfer, or sell their property

headright system

a system of land distribution, pioneered in Virginia and used in several other colonies, that granted land usually 50 acres, to anyone who paid the passage of a new arrival

indentured servitude

workers contracted for service for a specific period/agreeing to work 4 to 5 years w/o pay meant they received passage across the Atlantic


one of the first protestant groups to come to america seeking a separation from the Church of England/ founded Plymouth, the first permanent community in New England


dissenters from the church of england who wanted a genuine Reformation rather that the partial Reformation sought by Henry VIII/stressed importance of relationship w God developed thru the bible, prayer, and introspection

joint-stock coporation

a financial organization devised by english merchants around 1550 that facilitated the colonization of North America


the protestant christian belief that God chooses certain people for salvation before they are born


the allowance of different religious practices

covenant of works

the christian idea that God’s elect must do good works in their earthly lives to earn their salvation

covenant of grace

the christian idea that God’s elect are granted salvation as a pure gift of grace

town meeting

a form of warfare that mobilizes all of a society’s resources- economic, political, and cultural- in support of the military effort

Philip II

Francis Drake


Lord Baltimore

John Winthrop

Roger Williams

Anne Hutchinson


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