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Which type of server can function as a firewall


User accounts can be created using which of the following utilities?

Control Panel

What type of permissions must be used on a FAT volume


Which of the following is true about permissions?

permissions set manually override inherited permissions

What is the command to open the group policy console?


In which cloud computing category do customers rent hardware, operating systems, and some applications that might support other applications the customer installed?


Which type of user group provides backwards compatibility with Windows XP?

Power Users

What should you configure in Internet Explorer if you want another computer to intercept web browser requests and pass those requests along using its own IP adress?

proxy server

What type of permissions does a folder receive from its parent


Which of the following is true about Remote Desktop?
• the client computer can be running any version of Windows
• by default, the Remote Desktop service is running
• the remote desktop server that you want to remotely access is only available on the business edition
• if your computer is behind a firewall, you must allow port 23 through the firewall

the client computer can be running any version of windows

What type of file can a user send a technician in order to get help remotely, when using Remote Assistance?

invitation file

What do you assign to a user account to give the user certain privileges on the system such as the ability to change the system date and time?


If a computer is having trouble navigating to a website when entering the URL, but is able to access the site when entering the web server’s IP address, which server available to your network should you make sure is functioning correctly?


What should you do if you want to change the rights first assigned to a user?

change the group to which they belong

Gmail is an example of what type of cloud computing service model?


What command can be used to pull a list of all the groups a user belongs to?


What group would you assign a user to if you wanted the user to have a temporary profile that is deleted when the user logs of?


What protocol do Web servers use to secure HTTP transmission to and from the Web server?


What type of permissions can be applied to individual files?


Which type of permissions apply only to network users and work on NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT volumes?


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