Apply-Unit 13 Reviewing the Basics Quiz

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In Windows 7, which key do you press to launch the Advanced Boot Options window during Windows startup?


Which of the following is likely to display the error message "Hard drive not found"?


Which log file contains a list of items examined and actions taken by the startup repair process?


Which registry hive is loaded first during Windows startup?


Which diskpart command removes any partition or volume information from the selected disk?


Where is the bootmgr file stored on the hard drive?

in the root of the system partition

What command in Windows RE gives you the opportunity to manage partitions and volumes installed on the system?


Which of the following is performed by the Windows Boot Loader?

loads into memory the system registry hive

Which of the following options would you choose when you are going to give away or recycle a computer in order to format the volume and reinstall Windows?


A stop error halts the system while it is booting, and the booting starts over in an endless loop of restarts. How can you solve this problem using the Windows 8 Startup Settings screen?

Press F9 or 9 to disable automatic restart on system failure

Which Windows RE tool is the least invasive and should be tried first to fix startup problems?

Startup Repair

Which command in Windows RE can you use to rebuild the BCD file?

bootrec /rebuildBCD

What is the name of the log file that is created when you enabled boot logging on the Windows 8 Startup Settings menu?


Where is the MBR partition table on a hard drive found?

first sector of the hard drive

What is the name of a lean operating system that can be launched to solve Windows startup problems and provides a graphical and command-line interface?

Windows Recovery Environment

If you are having a problem with a driver, which of the following is the least invasive solution?

update the driver

Which tool can you to check for hardware errors and disable recently installed devices?

Device Manager

What is the name of the Boot Manager program in a UEFI system?


What is the command to use the System File Checker to restore critical Windows system files?

sfc /scannow

What test does startup UEFI/BIOS perform when you first turn on a computer to verify it can communicate with essential hardware devices?


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