AP Political Science Chapters 10-12

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Members of Congress

are granted generous franking privileges that permit them to mail letters to there constituents without charge.

Casework is

constituent service.

After being reported by a committee but before being sent to the House floor, bills are given to the ____, which defines the conditions under which the bills are to be considered by the house.

rules committee

All of the following are true of bicameralism except

it set up different ways to amend the constitution.

All of the following are true of reconciliation except

reconciliation is sometimes used when the majority party in the U.S. Senate does not have sixty votes on a measure.

One of the most powerful agencies in Washington, the ____assists in the preparation of the federal budget and monitors federal agencies throughout the year.

Senate budget commitee

The necessary and proper clause

has expanded the role of the national government relative to the states.

Congressional caucuses are formed around

all of these are true

The "speech or debate" clause in Article 1, section 6 of the constitution means that a member of congress

is normally immune from libel or slander charges if the speech is connected with official duties.

All of the following are true of the senate except

the senate cannot pass budget bills without first allowing a filibuster.

The major function of congress is


The house majority leader is

elected by the caucus of the majority party.


all of these are true.

After a bill has been introduced and referred to a committee,

the committee may hold hearings and discussions to explore the merits of the bill.

A procedure by which a bill in the House of Representatives can be forced out of committee to the floor for a vote is called a

discharge petition.

Reapportionment is

the allocation of seats in the House to each state after each census.

The Speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader

influence committee assignments and schedule legislation for debate.

The federal budget deficit

decreased after president George W. Bush reduced taxes on investment income, inheritance, and earned income.

All of the following are true of the people who work for congress except

they are larger in number for House members than for senators.

A legislator from florida who votes, against her better judgment, to support subsidies for orange growers would be acting

as an instructed delegate.

The President of the Senate is

the Vice President of the U.S.

The job of a conference committee is to

reconcile House and Senate versions of a bill.

The seniority system provides that

the committee member of the majority party with the longest continuous service normally becomes the committee chairsperson

The formal declaration by the appropriation congressional committee that a certain amount of funding may be made available to an agency is called


Oversight is the process by which congress

follows up on laws it has enacted.

All of the following are true of congress except

it is held in high esteem by the public.

One major difference between the house and senate is the total number of members. As a result,

a greater number of formal rules are needed to govern activity in the House.

The committee in the House that proposes time limitations on the debate for bills is called the

Rules Committee.

A temporary law that Congress passes when an appropriations bill has not been decided by the beginning of the fiscal year is a(n)

continuing resolution.

The Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 requires

the President to spend the funds that Congress has appropriated.

A representative who is performing the rule of a trustee

votes in the interest of his or her home constituents.

The most powerful person in the House of Representatives is the

Speaker of the House.

The process of compromise by offering to trade support for a legislator’s bill if they support yours is called


One major problem with implementing the role of the instructed delegate is that

the constituents may not actually have well formed views on many issues.

The use of franking privilege has

decreased in recent years due to the growth of web pages, email, blogs, and social media.

All of the following statements regarding the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives are true except

the Speaker is elected by a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives every two years.

The real leadership power in the Senate rests in the house of

Senate majority leader.

Redistricting is

the redrawing of district boundaries within each state to ensure equal district populations.

The concept of cloture refers to

a process that attempts to limit debate on a bill in the Senate.

If a congressional district is challenged based on evidence that the lines are drawn as a racial gerrymander,

the U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether the evidence is sufficient to order the district lines to be redrawn.

In midterm congressional elections,

voter turnout falls sharply.

If the race for congressional seats were more competitive

extreme partisanship would be reduced because winning candidates would need to find a broader appeal to voters outside their party

The Federal Government operates on a fiscal year that runs from

October to September.

The members of Congress are

not representative of the voting population in terms of gender.

A filibuster is

an attempt to prevent the passage of a bill through the use of unlimited debate.

The Whips assist the party leaders by

passing information to and from members of Congress in accordance with the desires of the leadership of the party.

Which of the following is not a function of Congress

carrying out and executing the laws it has passed.

A temporary legislative committee established for a limited time period and for a special purpose is a

select committee.

The most important committees in congress are ____ committees, permanent bodies that possess an expertise resulting from their jurisdiction over certain policy areas.


All of the following are enumerated or expressed except

the power to create a national bank.

The people that a legislator represents and spends the considerable time and effort serving are called


A representative who is performing the role of an instructed delegate is

primarily representing the wishes of his or her constituents.

All of the following statements are true about gerrymandering except

the issue of gerrymandering has been resolved.

In most states, the congressional lines are drawn by

a small group of party leaders in the state legislature.

The Founders of the American Republic believed that most of the power that would be exercised by a national government should be in the hands of

the legislature.

When no Presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote, the

election is decided in the House of Representatives.

With regard to presidential pardons, all of the following statements are true except

presidents may grant a pardon only if the person to be pardoned has been convicted of a crime.

When the President receives a bill,

he/she can do nothing and in ten days the bill becomes a law without his/her signature.

Which of the following is true?

A person who is born on U.S. soil or is born to American parents may become president.

Which of the following best describes the people who have been elected president?

White, male protestants.

Which action(s) is (are) part of the Presidents role as Commander in Chief?

President Bush ordering the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Which of the following about presidential fund-raising is true?

President Obama has had spectacular success in raising funds.

Which of the following statements is true?

In a parliamentary system, the executive and the majority.

Which of the following is not true about "going public."

It is usually a sign that a Presidents popularity is down.

Which of the following statements about the presidents veto power is most accurate?

The threat of a veto gives the president significant influence over congress and…

which of the following is not true of executive orders

represent the presidents party leader powers

which of the following statements about presidential elections is not true?

The fifteenth amendment requires that the president and the vice president be chosen separately.

Which of the following about the state of the union message is NOT TRUE,

is not required by the constitution, and each President can choose whether to report to congress or not.

Which of the following is an example of the president acting as head of state?

Hosting the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at a special dinner.

A veto is

A clear-cut indication of the president’s dissatisfaction with legislation.

A constitutional amendment to clarify the way votes are cast in the electoral college was necessary because

there was no way to tell which votes were for president and which were for vice president

A pocket veto

can only be used when congress adjourns for the session within ten days of the bill

As commander-in-chief, the president is

The ultimate decision maker in military matters.

All of the following are true of the presidents cabinet except

it is thoroughly detailed in the constitution

as chief executive, the president is constitutionally bound to

enforce laws, treaties, and court orders

as chief diplomat, the president

negotiates treaties, recognizes foreign governments, and makes executive agreements

all of the following are true of emergency powers except

the supreme court upheld trumans seizing of the steel plants in the korean war

All of the following are true of the president as chief executive except

The president may remove members of congressional committee that are against

an executive order

must be published in the federal register

according to the constitution, impeachment

charges are voted on by the House of Representatives and

According to the twenty-fifth amendment, if a presidents ability to discharge his normal functions is in question and he is unable to communicate,

A majority of the cabinet, including the vice president, can declare the pres incapable

the number of political appointments available to the president

is constrained by the civil service system

the national security counsel is a link between

key foreign and military advisors and the president

the president, in the capacity as head of state, is responsible for

engaging in activities that are largely symbolic or ceremonial in nature

The office that includes most of the key personal and political advisers to the president is the

White house office

the white house office, the national security council, and the office of management and budget are all part of

the executive office of the president.

the office of management and budget

helps the president prepare the annual budget

The twenty-fifth Amendment

was used by president Nixon

The members of the cabinet

are all department secretaries

the granting of release from punishment for a crime is called a(n)

a pardon

The requirement that the president must report to congress within 48 hours of sending troops into hostilities and then obtain the approval of congress within sixty days is established by

The War Powers Resolution.

The following two presidents are the only ones in american history to have actually been impeached

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton

inherent presidential powers

depend on the statement in the constitution

Informal advisors to the president are called

the kitchen cabinet

if the office of vice president becomes vacant,

the president nominates a replacement who must be approved by both chambers of congress

if the president uses a veto, he or she

must return the bill to congress with a veto message

in the history of the united states, no president has ever

been impeached and convicted

In most democratic governments, the head of state is

someone other than the chief executive

In United States v Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that

Richard Nixon could not use executive privilege to withold oval office tapes

Executive agreements are

agreements between the president and a head of foreign government that do not have to be approved by the senate

Executive privilege

involves the ability of the president

presidential candidates have asked individuals to join the ticket as vice presidential candidates for all of the following reasons except

to serve as a co-president

presidential popularity

Is an important resource for presidents to use to persuade congress to pass legislation

Before a treaty can become legally binding, the treaty must be

approved by a two-thirds vote in the senate

Rewarding faithful party workers with government employment is called


The cabinet departments, in terms of organization, are

Responsible for monitoring the president

The percentage of the total U.S. workforce that is employed by local, state and federal governments is

16 percent

The Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are all examples of

Independent regulatory agencies

The Social Security Administration, Small Business Administration, and the Smithsonian Institution are examples of

Independent executive agencies

The Hatch Act, adopted by Congress in 1919, was created to

Prohibit federal employees

The number of government employees has

Remained relatively stable for the last several decades

The federal government

Cannot give out info on personal medical files

The spoils system is sometimes called


The Freedom of Information Act

Requires federal agencies to disclose info on file about an individual

The FDIC can take over a private bank by

Purchasing preferred stock in the bank to keep the bank afloat while a new owner is found

The concept of privatization refers to

The replacement of government services with services provided by private firms

The merit system refers to

The selection, retention, and promotion of government employees on the basis of examinations.

The Whistleblower Protection Act

Prohibits reprisals against whistleblowers by their superiors

The Government in the Sunshine Act required that

All federal agencies run by committees conduct their business regularly in public session.

The two bodies that employ by far the largest number of federal civilian employees are

US postal service and department of defense

The investigative power of congress is often

Delegated to the government accountability office

The federal bureaucracy

Consists of approximately 2.9 million employees

The Pendleton Act

Established the principle of employment on the basis of open competitive examinations

The monopolistic model of bureaucracy states that

Bureaucracies have no competitors and are therefore inefficient

The only cabinet department not headed by a secretary is


Through negotiated rulemaking, federal agencies have begun encouraging businesses and public interest groups to become directly involved in

Drafting the regulations that affect them

The acquisitive model of bureaucracy holds that

Leaders of bureaucracies seek expanded budgets and larger staffs

All of the following statements are true about cabinet departments except

New cabinet departments are created by the president

All of the following are true of national ID cards except

The american public has never accepted the concept of a national ID card

All of the following statements about political appointees are true except

The major source of authority is the ease with which they can fire civil servants

All of the following are true of the Freedom of Information Act except

Since the 9/11 terrorists attacks

All of the following statements are true about Sunset legislation except

All federal legislation must incorporate sunset provisions of 10 years

All of the following statements about the civil service are true?

Civil service positions are filled based on networking and political

According to Max Weber, a bureaucracy should be all of the following except

Made up of unspecialized staff to avoid delays

Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service, and the FDIC are examples of

Government corporations

Advocates of privatization of government services believe that

Some government owned agencies should be sold to investors

Which of the following is true of political appointees

Their powers are often exaggerated

Which of the following is not true of the Weberian model of bureaucracy

Shows that power flows from the bottom up

Which of the following is not one of the four major types of structures within the executive branch?

Privatized bureaucracies

Which of the following statements are true about federal spending?

The social security administration administers social security and medicare benefits

Which of the following statements about terrorism is true?

Federal government agencies are the best positioned to see and respond to terrorist activities

Which of the following is true?

From the viewpoint of the acquisitive model, bureaucrats are motivated by the trappings of power and wish to expand their budgets and staff sizes

When the industry that is being regulated gains control over the agency that is supposed to regulate it, the process is called


Which of the following was the first cabinet department created?

The first cabinet dept to be created was state and most recently homeland security

Which of the following statements is true about government corporations?

Government employees do not usually have any stockholders

Which part of the federal government employs most of the government’s staff

Executive branch

Which of the following is not true about the concept of a bureaucracy

Applies to the US military

Which of the following is not true with regard to cabinet departments and the president,

Congress is able to appoint or fire all of the top officials

Independent executive agencies are

Federal agencies that are not part of cabinet departments, but report directly

Iron triangles are made up of

Interest groups, legislators, and members of the bureaucracy working to promote and protect their mutual interests

Independent regulatory agencies

All of the above are true

In 2008, the Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP)

Provided a bailout to banks, automobile companies, and the AIG insurance compa

Education, Commerce, and Energy are examples of

Cabinet departments

Enabling legislation

Provides authorization for new federal agencies

Controversies that have led some to question whether Army rules have added to military fatalities include

Options A, B, AND C, ARE TRUE

Conventional attempts to measure the size of the bureaucracy

Leave out the 1.4 million members of the armed forces

One of the important differences between public bureaucracies and private corporations is that government bureaucracies

Are not organized to make a profit

_______________ were set up because Congress felt it was unable to handle the complexities and technicalities required to carry out specific laws in the public interest;
these entities were given executive, legislative, and judicial functions by congress

Independent regulatory agencies

During the Great Recession

Government spending was about 25 percent of the economic activity

Bureaucracy is the name given to

A large organization, structured hierarchially, that carries out specific functions

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