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Which Article of the Constitution created the federal judiciary?

Article III

According to Article II, which of the following must confirm all federal judges?


The _____ Act of 1789 established the basic three-tiered structure of the federal court.


How many justices currently serve on the Supreme Court?


In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court first claim the right of judicial review?

Marbury v. Madison

In which court do cases generally begin?


When a case is granted review in an appellate court, the parties submit written _____.


A writ of _____ is a request to the US Supreme Court to review a lower court decision.


For a case to be heard in the Supreme Court, a minimum of how many justices must vote to hear the case?


Following oral arguments, the justices gather for a _____, during which they discuss the case and cast preliminary votes.


How many tiers does the federal judiciary have?


Which type of case concerns the violation of the legal rights of one individual toward another?


Through 2012, only _____ African Americans and four women have served on the Supreme Court.


Courts established by Congress for specialized purposes, such as the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Law, are known as _____ courts.


Which of the following represents the federal government in the Supreme Court?

solicitor general

Which of the following nominates US federal judges?


Which of the following is the authority vested in a particular court to hear and decide the issues in a particular case?


What is the name given to the power of the courts to interpret, and overturn, the actions of the executive and legislative branches?

judicial review

According to the box "Who Are Federal Judges?", recent presidents have used judicial appointments to increase the _____ of individuals serving at the highest levels of the US government and to curry favor with traditionally underrepresented groups.


Federal judges are appointed to _____ terms


The authority to be the first court to hear a case is which type of jurisdiction?


A(n) _____ brief is submitted by someone who is not a party to the case.

amicus curiae

Only a(n) _____ court can review the decisions of a lower court.


Which of the following is an opinion written by a justice in the majority that outlines additional considerations he or she thinks are important?


In which federal courts are trials conducted?


Proponents of which of the following believe that judges should use their power broadly to further justice?

judicial activism

In which courts are the vast majority of all cases tried?


Courts provide a statement of the legal reasoning behind their decisions in written _____.


How and whether judicial decisions are translated into actual policy is known as which of the following?

judicial implementation

What are the two types of jurisdiction courts can have?

original and appellate

Which of the following is within the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court?

controversies between the states

Who presides over trials for presidential impeachment?

chief justice of the Supreme Court

According to Marbury v. Madison, which clause implies the power of judicial review?


To which of the following does Article III give the power to create inferior federal courts?


The US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is an example of which type of court?


In court rulings, reliance on past decisions to formulate decisions in new cases is known as

stare decisis

In a process known as _____, presidents generally allow senators from the state in which a judicial vacancy occurs to block the nomination.

senatorial courtesy

When the US Supreme Court agrees to hear a case appealed to it from a circuit court, it is exercising its _____ jurisdiction.


According to the doctrine of _____, a court should not overturn precedent unless it is absolutely necessary.

stare decisis

Which of the following can modify a decision of the Supreme Court?

constitutional amendment

All federal judicial nominations are first referred to which of the following for a hearing?

Senate Judiciary Committee

If a judge believes that she should only strike down laws that clearly violate the Constitution, she likely believes in which of the following?

judicial restraint

A case is much more likely to be accepted for review by the Supreme Court if it is backed by a significant _____ group.


The most important source of the Supreme Court’s caseload is

its appellate jurisdiction

Which of the following actions can Congress take if the Supreme Court finds a federal law unconstitutional?

try to amend the Constitution

Which of the following statements accurately describes the selection of the caseload for the US Supreme Court?

the Solicitor General in the Department of Justice determines the Supreme Court’s agenda

When a lower court decision is appealed to the Supreme Court, which of the following is most likely to occur?

the Supreme Court will not hear the appeal

Which of the following is true of amicus curiae briefs?

they are used by interest groups to lobby courts

Which of the following best illustrates the point being made in the cartoon at the back of the test?

presidents can have an influence on public policy far beyond their terms of office

A major reason why the majority of Supreme Court justices have had political experience prior to appointment to the Court is that

presidents seek to place individuals on the court whose policy views are similar to their own

The Supreme Court ruled the legislative veto unconstitutional on the grounds that such vetoes

violated the principle of separation of powers

The doctrine of original intent holds that

the meaning of the Constitution depends of the intention of the Framers

All of the following serve as checks on the power of the federal courts EXCEPT

the voters can oust federal judges in national elections

The Supreme Court’s power of judicial review permits the Court to overrule all of the following EXCEPT:

the Bill of Rights

Which of the following US Supreme Court cases established the principle of judicial review?

Marbury v. Madison

Which of the following best explains the principle of stare decisis

it encourages judges to follow precedent when deciding cases

Which of the following statements about writs of certiorari is accurate?

the Supreme Court grants certiorari for less than 5% of the cases appealed to it

Nominations to the Supreme Court must be approved by a

simple majority in the Senate only

Which of the following is true of most federal judges appointed by the president?

they serve for life on good behavior unless impeached and convicted by Congress

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