Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide

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Which of these statements describes experiences or feelings related to anxiety?

excessive fear of objects or situations, fear of embarrassment, and constant worry

If you suspect someone you know may attempt suicide, you should __________.

help them talk through their issues

Bipolar disorder is a type of depression in which a person experiences alternating periods of severe sadness and extreme happiness.


Medications taken for the treatment of depression __________.

must be monitored closely for the proper dosage

One type of treatment for extreme depression includes sending electrical currents through the brain.


Periods of depression that do not affect our daily lives are called adjustment disorders.


There are no risks when taking medication to treat anxiety.


Suicide is when a person intentionally ends his or her life.


Which of these statements BEST describes a suicide cluster?

A suicide cluster occurs when multiple people attempt suicide at one time.

Which of the following is NOT true?

Suicide only has consequences for the person who attempts suicide.

How does therapy help in the treatment of depression?

changes negative thinking patterns

Feelings of sadness __________.

are one of the major symptoms of depression

Anxiety only occurs in those who have an anxiety disorder.


There are several treatment approaches to anxiety disorders.


Anxiety disorders can be genetic or caused by a traumatic life event.


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