Anthropology- Ch. 2

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that physical traits were passed down from each parent and then blended together in the offspring.

Like most of his contemporaries, Charles Darwin believed

gene flow

What decreases the number of genetic differences between populations?

Erasmus Darwin

Among the first scientists to conceive of evolutionary change was

Alfred Russel Wallace.

The English scientist who independently codiscovered the theory of natural selection was

were physical traits that enhanced survival and reproduction.

Darwin observed that adaptations

it is the spread of new genetic material from one gene pool to another.

Gene flow differs from genetic drift because

Genetic drift

________ is most powerful as an evolutionary cause when operating on small populations.


All of the following are formal taxonomic categories except

Catastrophism is the idea that geologic changes are the result of single cataclysmic events.

How is the concept of catastrophism different from the concept of uniformitarianism?

Francis Crick, James Watson, & Rosalind Franklin

Whose efforts helped explain how chromosomes are replicated?

He was an English naturalist who had arrived at many of the same conclusions as Darwin

Why is the work of Alfred Russel Wallace considered when discussing the theory of evolution?

binomial nomenclature, which was developed by Carolus Linnaeus as a classification system for plants and animals.

While at the gorilla exhibit at the zoo you notice that the sign reads Gorilla gorilla gorilla. You recall that this is a scientific name and is part of a naming system known as

the HMS Beagle

Darwin was a crew member on ________ , a ship whose voyage informed his later theory of natural selection.


Darwin’s theory of evolution drew from all of the following scientific disciplines except

gene flow.

In your textbook, the lesser frequency of sickle-cell anemia among present day American blacks as compared to West African blacks is attributed to

Organisms classified as two different species can still belong to the same genus.

Which of the following is true?

Thomas Hunt Morgan.

The geneticist who studied the workings of fruit flies’ chromosomes was


The Human Genome Project (a massive collaboration to decode and study the human genome) is most likely to contribute to an understanding of which disease?

They are closely related species that have branched from one species.

How do Darwin’s finches demonstrate the concept of adaptive radiation?

Thomas Malthus.

The English demographer whose work on population growth greatly influenced Darwin’s thinking was

Thomas Henry Huxley

Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection was supported by which leading scientist of the time?


Cuvier’s work on fossil elephants in France supported the then controversial notion of

works on preexisting variation in a population.

Natural selection


According to Darwin, natural selection operates at the level of


James Hutton is associated with

Individuals in populations show little or no variation.

Which of the following is false regarding populations of living organisms?

gene pool.

The individual genotypes in a breeding population, taken as a whole, are the


What is the only source of new genetic material?

Darwin was influenced by Malthus’s work on demography and population responses to food availability.

How was Darwin influenced by Thomas Malthus’s work on population growth?


The physical expression of an organism’s genetic constitution is called its

is the "recipe" for all biological characteristics and functions.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

all forms were thought to have been created by God and to remain constant over time

You’re watching a show on TV about the history of scientific thought in Europe prior to 1800. The narrator correctly states that at that time

Carolus Linnaeus.

The scientist who coined the name Homo sapiens for human beings and placed them in a higher taxonomic group (primates) was


The only possible source of new genetic material is

He did not but instead proposed an erroneous evolutionary mechanism known today as inheritance of acquired characteristics.

How did Lamarck contribute to the theory of evolution?

demonstrated that chromosomes carry genetic material in the form of genes.

Thomas Hunt Morgan

each species has a "higher level" genus and "lower level" species.

Linnaeus’s taxonomic system is referred to as a "hierarchy" because


Mendel’s discrete units responsible for the characteristics in his pea plants are now known as

it synthesized information from diverse scientific fields in order to document evolutionary change.

Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species (1859) was considered an important contribution to modern science because


By the mid-twentieth century, the causes of evolution were seen as all of the following excep

traits inherited from each parent remained distinct in the offspring

Mendel’s plant hybridization experiments demonstrated that

accepted Darwin’s theory of evolution and Mendel’s theory of heredity as explaining most evolutionary change.

The evolutionary synthesis

They embody the idea of descent with modification.

Why are Darwin’s finches considered good examples of natural selection?


Different versions, or subunits, of the same gene are

Gregor Mendel.

The scientist whose work provided the foundation for later understandings of genetics was

from both parents.

Recessive alleles will be expressed if they are inherited

millions of years old.

James Hutton’s research in the mid-18th century demonstrated that the earth was

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