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adaptive radiation occurs when

one species produces multiple closely related species

charles darwin’s book on the origin species (1859) was considered an important contribution to modern science because:

it synthasized information from diverse scientific fields in order to document evolutionary change

uniformitarianism is the theory that

the natural process operating today are the same as the natural processes that operated in the past

why is the work of Alfred Russell Wallace considered when discussing the theory of evolution

He was an English naturalist who had arrived at many of the same conclusions as Darwin through his own research in the Amazon

The relevance of the theory of uniformitarianism is that

it proves that the earth has a long history and supports the theory of natural selection.

Thomas Malthus’s contribution to natural selection is

the theory that events like warfare, disease, and famine are necessary to control population size and thereby reduce the risk of depleting resources.

Darwinian evolution proposes that

species adapt and change over time based on the environment.

darwin drew on information from five scientific disciplines

geology, paleontology, taxonomy and systematics, demography, and evolutionary biology.

according to Darwin, natural selection operates at a level of


how was darwin influenced by Thomas Malthus’s work on population growth

Darwin was influences by Malthus’s work on demography and population responses to food availability

Cuvier, Lamarck, and Erasmus Darwin all shared an idea of evolution; however they all lacked:

a mechanism for evolution

the advantageous "attributes" to which Darwin refers are now known as


Evolutionary synthesis is

the melding of natural selection and mendelian inheritance.

a source of new genetic material to a population is


without the work of x-ray crystallographer_______, DNA might not have been discovered for some time longer

Rosalind Franklin

Mendel’s plan hybridization experiments demonstrated that

traits inherited from each parent remained distinct in the offspring

The scientist who coined the name Homo Sapiens from human beings and placed them in higher taxonomic group (primates) was:

Carolus Linnaeus

Fossils represent the remains of once-living

extinct organisms that provide a record of the history of life on the planet

Darwin observed that adaptations

were physical traits that enhanced survival and reproduction

the presence of iridium in geological deposits around the world support the theory that

the impact of a giant meteor that struck the Earch produced mass extinctions on dinosaur species across the planet

Why are Darwin’s finches considered good examples of natural selection

they embody the idea of decent with modification

How do modern-day lemurs of Madagascar demonstrate the concept of adaptive radiation?

they are closely related species that have branched from one species.

Gene flow differs from genetic drift because:

It is the spread of new genetic material from one gene pool to another

The human Genome project has identified the location of genes that influence diseases such as:

sickle-cell anemia, breast cancer, tay-sachs, and cystic fibrosis.

as T. Ryan Gregory asserts in "evolution as a Fact, Theory and Path"

All the above

In his article, T. Ryan Gregory distinguishes evolution as fact from theory and path. Gregory says evolution as a ‘fact’ means that

a and b

as T. Ryan Gregory points out in evolution as a fact theory and path, theory and hypothesis are synonyms in science


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