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On a visit to the zoo, you overhear a teacher telling a young student that the chimpanzees climb and swing on branches because:

their good sense of touch lets them grip trees.

Suspensory locomotion is characteristic of which primate?


At the primate exhibit at the zoo, you notice a slew of monkeys dangling from branches by their tails. The information plaque notes that they are colobus, gibbons, and orangutans. When you read this, you immediately seek out the zookeeper to complain about the error because:

none of those monkeys have prehensile tails.

A fossil with bilophodont molars is most likely an Old World monkey.


You are reading a scientific paper regarding the relationships of the anatomical and behavioral characteristics of chimpanzees and their implications for early hominid evolution. You note that the authors refer to human ancestors as hominids. This implies that

the researchers are relying on anatomical classifications of chimpanzees and humans, as this is most appropriate when looking at adaptation and anatomy.

It is possible to tell an ape skeleton from a human skeleton based on:

all of the above. (position of the foramen magnum, limb proportions, medius and minimus gluteal muscles,

The suborder Prosimians includes

galagos, lorises, tarsiers, and lemurs.

Fingerprints help enhance primates’ sense of touch.


Male primates use their canines for eating food and for scaring enemies.


The fact that humans are related to chimpanzees can be seen in Linnaean taxonomy, where both are:

in the superfamily Hominoidea.


all of the above. (???)

The two suborders of primates are

prosimians and anthropoids.

Visual differences between primates and other animals include:

overlapping vision fields.

In your primate anatomy lab you are shown the mandible (lower jaw bone) of a species of primate. While looking at the teeth, you notice a large space between the canine and first premolar. In your lab book you note

that this may be a species of Old World monkey or ape, as the space in the teeth of the mandible suggests the presence of a canine-premolar honing complex.

Which of the following were identified by Sir William le Gros Clark as tendencies of primates?

all of the above ( the presence of arboreal adaptations, increased parental investment, the presence of dietary plasticity)

The rhinarium is present in

ring-tailed lemurs.

Relative to body size, primate brain size

is larger among humans than among other primates.

Hominoids include:

all of the above. (orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas)

One of the main differences observable between human dentition and the dentition of other primates is humans’ lack of a/an:


All primates have opposable toes.


Which of the following prosimians spend considerable amounts of time on the ground?

ring-tailed lemurs

The presence of a honing complex relates to

canine size.

The genetic classification for apes and humans

includes three subfamilies within hominids: pongines, gorillines, and hominines.

Primates that are adapted for eating large amounts of plants and leaves can be distinguished by their:

sagittal crests.

Humans are the only primates who lack a sectorial complex on the premolar. This is an example of

a derived trait, because it is present in only one or few species of a group.

A finger pad with primitive dermal ridges most likely belongs to which of the following?

pottos, lories, and other similar species

The Y-5 molar morphology is present in


Primate females

give birth to fewer offspring than do many other mammals.

Colobine primates

have specialized digestive anatomy for eating leaves.

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