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Archaeologist V. Gordon Childe referred to the development of the world’s first cities as

the Urban revolution

The world’s first city developed in


The early city of Teotihuacan was designed according to

the solar calendar

Traditional hallmarks of civilization include all of the following except:

egalitarian social relations

All of the following were significant challenges to early state societies except:

social egalitarianism

What adaptive advantage of light-colored skin helps explain its evolution in high latitudes?

it aids in the production of vitamin D

The Mismeasure of Man was a harsh refutation of biological determinism written by what American paleobiologist?

Stephen Jay Gould

The work of polygenists such as Samuel Morton and Paul Broca was severely flawed because

they had preconceptions about the mental capacities of the "races" in their samples and contrived data to fit these preconceptions

Why was Ota Benga brought to the United States?

to be exhibited at the 1904 World’s Fair

True or False? Variation in human skin color is an example of clinal variation.


True or false? Biological differences play absolutely no part in the social roles played by men and women.


One reason why polygyny is a common form of plural marriage is because in many nonwestern societies

more women than men survive into adulthood

The post-marital residence pattern typical of societies in which women are predominant in household production is referred to as


What is the rationale for bridewealth in a patrilineal society?

the wife’s family will lose her labor and reproductive capacity

Most societies include in the incest taboo a prohibition against sexual relations between all of the following except:

first cousins

True or false? Social mobility is uncommon in all stratified societies.


Lineal, bifurcate merging, and generational are three types of

kinship terminology systems

True or false? Marriage in caste systems is endogamous.


Caste-structured societies are examples of:

closed-class societies

True or false? Clans typically consist of multiple lineages.


All of the following are characteristics of cities except:

seasonal mobility

Tikal was a political center in what ancient civilization?


Cuneiform, the earliest form of writing in Mesopotamia was primarily used to record what?

State Affairs

Cahokia exhibits all of the following characteristics of cities except:

State-level government

True or False? Carl Linnaeus included humans in his taxonomy of animals in the order Primata


The early 20th-century philosophy that advocated immigration restrictions, racial segregation, and forced sterilizations was called:


True or False? Carl Linnaeus classified all humans as members of the same species and subspecies


When public and private (or domestic) spheres of life are widely separated, the status of women tends to be

lower than men, who generally control the distribution of goods outside the domestic sphere

Causes for gender inequality in the context of Western contact with small-scale, non-Western societies include:

-more opportunities for wage labor for men than for women

-diminished production for women

-increased access to "outside" world for men

-all of the above

all of the above

The United States custom of the bride’s family paying for the wedding expenses is:


Social prohibitions against marrying particular kinds of kin is referred to as the

Incest Taboo

The kinship system in which descent is traces through men is referred to as


Which of the following would NOT be considered a common interest association?

Bear Clan of the Seminole Nation

True or False? The rise of Cahokia was linked to larger cultural developments throughout much of Easter North American Known as "Mississippian"


Many of Cahokia’s most prominent features are aligned according to what?

Solar and lunar alignments

Early cities and states developed on all of the following continents except


The initial motive for the development of writing in Mesopotamia was for


True or False? The leaders of states generally have the authority to levy taxes and use military force.


Black Rock City is an example of a modern stateless city associated with what annual festival?

Burning Man

Where do we find an adaptive advantage associated with dark skin?

in tropical areas

True or False? Inheritance of the sickle cell allele from only one parent may result in anemia, circulatory problems, and often early death.


What scientist did measurements on skulls to attempt to demonstrate biological superiority of specific groups?

Samuel Morton

Racial categories are based upon perceptions of phenotypic features, and not on genotypes. Because of this, anthropologists argue that

race is socially and politically constructed, not biologically based

True or False? Variation in human blood types is an example of clinal variation.


In the documentary film Southern Comfort, Robert Eades makes his last appearance at a prominent transgender gathering in what city?

Atlanta, GA

The residence pattern in which a married couple lives with the wife’s mother’s family is called


The primary focus of the documentary film Southern Comfort was a transgender man named Robert Eades who suffered from what medical affliction?

ovarian cancer

An extended unilineal kin group whose members claim common descent from a remote ancestor, usually legendary or mythical is called a


Which of the following is considered a cross cousin to Ego?

Ego’s mother’s brother’s child

Parallel cousins are

Offspring of siblings of the same sex

The traditional Jewish ceremony of the bar mitzvah marks the transition between

age grades

True or false? The descent system most common in Western societies is bilateral descent.


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