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The doctrine of judicial review allows:

the judicial branch to decide whether laws or actions of the other two branches are constitutional

When a state exercises jurisdiction over property within that state, this type of jurisdiction is called in personam.


The power of judicial review has remained unchallenged since which United States Supreme Court decision?

Marbury v. Madison

A long arm statute allows one state’s court to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant from another state who has ___________ with the state in which the court is located.

Minimum contacts

Original jurisdiction

Exists with courts that have the authority to hear a case for the first time, called trial courts.

Subject matter jurisdiction

Limits the court’s jurisdictional authority to particular types of cases and can be either limited or general jurisdiction.

appellate jurisdiction

Exists with courts of appeal and review.

A federal court can exercise jurisdiction if a case involves:

a treaty, the U.S. Constitution, or a federal law.

The Johnsons are in an auto accident with a driver who lives near them in the same town. No one is injured and the Johnsons’ car suffered only $5,000 in damages. Why can’t the Johnsons sue the other driver in federal court?

Because the Johnsons live in the same state and the damages are too small.

concurrent jurisdiction

cases involving federal questions and cases

exclusive state jurisdiction

cases involving all matters not subject to federal jurisdiction

exclusive federal jurisdiction

cases involving federal crimes, bankruptcy, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and suits against the United States

Venue refers to the primary subject matter of a case at trial.


Standing to sue requires that a controversy must be …

Real and substantial

Trial courts, intermediate appellate courts, supreme courts

represents the ordering of most court systems (state and federal)

trial courts

often deal with questions of fact

highest state courts

final on all questions of state law

appellate or reviewing courts

deal with questions of law

The United States Supreme Court hears all cases sent to it for review.
a. True
b. False


Which of the following does the United States Supreme Court have to issue before it hears a case?

A writ of certiorari

Which of the following are part of the federal court system?

– U.S. District Courts – United States Supreme Court

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