Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Exam

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It is getting late on Friday. You are reviewing your employees annual self evaluation. Your comments are due on Monday. You can email your employees information to yourself so you can work on it this weekend and go home now. Which method would be the BEST way to send this information?

Use the government email system so you can encrypt the information and open the email on your government issued laptop

What should you do if someone asks to use your government issued mobile device (phone/laptop..etc)?

Decline to lend your phone / laptop

Where should you store PII / PHI?

Information should be secured in a cabinet or container while not in use

Of the following, which is NOT an intelligence community mandate for passwords?

Maximum password age of 45 days

Which of the following is NOT Government computer misuse?

Checking work email

Which is NOT a telework guideline?

Taking classified documents from your workspace

What should you do if someone forgets their access badge (physical access)?

Alert the security office

What can you do to protect yourself against phishing?

All of the above

What should you do to protect classified data?

Answer 1 and 2 are correct

What action is recommended when somebody calls you to inquire about your work environment or specific account information?

Ask them to verify their name and office number

If classified information were released, which classification level would result in "Exceptionally grave damage to national security"?

Top Secret

Which of the following is NOT considered sensitive information?

Sanitized information gathered from personnel records

Which of the following is NOT a criterion used to grant an individual access to classified data?

Senior government personnel, military or civilian

Of the following, which is NOT a problem or concern of an Internet hoax?

Directing you to a website that looks real

Media containing Privacy Act information, PII, and PHI is not required to be labeled.


Which of the following is NOT a home security best practice?

Setting weekly time for virus scan when you are not on the computer and it is powered off

Which of the following best describes wireless technology?

It is inherently not a secure technology

You are leaving the building where you work. What should you do?

Remove your security badge

Which of the following is a good practice to avoid email viruses?

Delete email from senders you do not know

What is considered a mobile computing device and therefore shouldn’t be plugged in to your Government computer?

All of the above

Which is NOT a way to protect removable media?

As a best practice, labeling all classified removable media and considering all unlabeled removable media as unclassified

What is NOT Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?


Of the following, which is NOT a method to protect sensitive information?

After work hours, storing sensitive information in unlocked containers, desks, or cabinets if security is not present

There are many travel tips for mobile computing. Which of the following is NOT one?

When using a public device with a card reader, only use your DoD CAC to access unclassified information

The use of webmail is

is only allowed if the organization permits it

What is considered ethical use of the Government email system?

Distributing Company newsletter

Which of the following attacks target high ranking officials and executives?


What constitutes a strong password?

all of the above

You are logged on to your unclassified computer and just received an encrypted email from a co-worker. The email has an attachment whose name contains the word "secret". What should you do?

Contact your security POC right away

Which is a way to protect against phishing attacks?

Look for digital certificates

You receive an email from a company you have an account with. The email states your account has been compromised and you are invited to click on the link in order to reset your password. What action should you take?

Notify security

You are having lunch at a local restaurant outside the installation, and you find a cd labeled "favorite song". What should you do?

Leave the cd where it is

How should you securely transport company information on a removable media?

Encrypt the removable media

Should you always label your removable media?


Which of the following is NOT Protected Health Information (PHI)?

Medical care facility name

If authorized, what can be done on a work computer?

Check personal email

Spear Phishing attacks commonly attempt to impersonate email from trusted entities. What security device is used in email to verify the identity of sender?

Digital Signatures

What type of security is "part of your responsibility" and "placed above all else?"


If your wireless device is improperly configured someone could gain control of the device? T/F


Which of the following is a proper way to secure your CAC/PIV?

Remove and take it with you whenever you leave your workstation

What actions should you take prior to leaving the work environment and going to lunch?

All of the above

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software can do the following except:

Allow attackers physical access to network assets

How can you guard yourself against Identity theft?

All of the above

When leaving your work area, what is the first thing you should do?

Remove your CAC/PIV

Using webmail may bypass built in security features.


Of the following, which is NOT a characteristic of a phishing attempt?

Directing you to a web site that is real

Classified Information can only be accessed by individuals with

All of the above

Which of the following definitions is true about disclosure of confidential information?

Damage to national security

It is permissible to release unclassified information to the public prior to being cleared.


Which of the following is NOT sensitive information?

Unclassified information cleared for public release

What should you do to protect yourself while on social networks?

Validate all friend requests through another source before confirming them

Which is NOT a method of protecting classified data?

Assuming open storage is always authorized in a secure facility

What can you do to prevent spillage?

all of the above

Which of the following makes Alex’s personal information vulnerable to attacks by identity thieves?

Carrying his Social Security Card with him

DoD employees are prohibited from using a DoD CAC in card-reader-enabled public device


Which of the following is an example of malicious code?

Trojan horses

Which of the following is NOT PII?

Mother’s maiden name

Classified Information is

Assigned a classification level by a supervisor

Maria is at home shopping for shoes on Before long she has also purchased shoes from several other websites. What can be used to track Maria’s web browsing habits?


Which is an untrue statement about unclassified data?

If aggregated, the classification of the information may not be changed

A medium secure password has at least 15 characters and one of the following.

Special character

PII, PHI, and financial information is classified as what type of information?


The CAC/PIV is a controlled item and contains certificates for:

All of the above

An individual who has attempted to access sensitive information without need-to-know and has made unusual requests for sensitive information is displaying indicators of what?

Potential Insider Threat

Which of the following is NOT a social engineering tip?

Following instructions from verified personnel

Bob, a coworker, has been going through a divorce, has financial difficulties and is displaying hostile behavior. How many potential insider threat indicators is Bob displaying?


You are working at your unclassified system and receive an email from a coworker containing a classified attachment. What should you do?

Alert your security POC

You check your bank statement and see several debits you did not authorize. You believe that you are a victim of identity theft. Which of the following should you do immediately?

Monitor credit card statements for unauthorized purchases

Thumb drives, memory sticks, and flash drives are examples of

Removable media

What information relates to the physical or mental health of an individual?


What should be done if you find classified Government Data/Information Not Cleared for Public Release on the Internet?

Make note of any identifying information and the website URL and report it to your security office

All https sites are legitimate and there is no risk to entering your personal info online.


When using a fax machine to send sensitive information, the sender should do which of the following?

Contact the recipient to confirm receipt

What should be done to protect against insider threats?

Report any suspicious behavior

Which of the following is NOT a potential insider threat?

Member of a religion or faith

Of the following, which is NOT a security awareness tip?

Remove security badge as you enter a restaurant or retail establishment

ActiveX is a type of this?

Mobile code

Which of the following is NOT a security best practice when saving cookies to a hard drive?

Looking for "https" in the URL. All https sites are legitimate.

Which is NOT a requirement for telework?

Telework is only authorized for unclassified and confidential information

Someone calls from an unknown number and says they are from IT and need some information about your computer. What should you do?

Request the user’s full name and phone number

Which is NOT a wireless security practice?

Turning off computer when not in use

Malicious code can do the following except?

Make your computer more secure

What type of data must be handled and stored properly based on classification markings and handling caveats?


What information should you avoid posting on social networking sites?

All of the above

A coworker has left an unknown CD on your desk. What should you do?

Put the CD in the trash

Which of the following is NOT a DoD special requirement for tokens?

Using NIPRNet tokens on systems of higher classification level

UNCLASSIFIED is a designation to mark information that does not have potential to damage national security.


You receive a call on your work phone and you’re asked to participate in a phone survey. As part of the survey the caller asks for birth date and address. What type of attack might this be?

Social Engineering

"Spillage" occurs when

Personal information is inadvertently posted at a website

What should be done to sensitive data on laptops and other mobile computing devices?

Encrypt the sensitive data

Which of the following should be done to keep your home computer secure?

All of the above

How are Trojan horses, worms, and malicious scripts spread?

By email attachments

The following practices help prevent viruses and the downloading of malicious code except.

Scan external files from only unverifiable sources before uploading to computer

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