Animal Cell Organelles Functions

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Moves materials around the cell, storage for the cell, membrane sac


Digest foods, clean up and recycle, digest broken organnelles


Protein factories (makes proteins) , builds proteins from DNA. Location: Some free in cytoplasm. Some attached to rough ER.

Golgi apparatas

Finishes, sorts, labels, and ships proteins. Ships proteins in vesicles


Jelly-like material holding organelles in place. (Mostly made of water)


Control center of the cell. Protects the DNA


Produces the ribosomes/ Stores DNA

Nuclear Membrane

Membrane that surrounds and protects nucleus

Cell Membrane

Cell boundary (made of lipids), controls movement of materials in and out of the cell. (proteins), recognizes signals


Makes ATP energy from cellular respiration. Double membrane cristae

Smooth ER

Transports ribosomes. Produces Lipids.

Rough ER

Makes proteins.


Replicates, reproduces. (Cell division)


give cell structure

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