Angle Measures of Polygons

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An interior angle of a regular polygon has a measyre of 135°. What type of polygon is it?

b. octagon

Which polygon has an interior angle sum of 1080°?

a. (8 sides)

Which polygon has an interior angle sum of 900°?

d. (7 sides)

Which statements are true about polygons? Check all that apply.

The sides of a polygon are segments that intersect exactly two other segments, one at each endpoint. If all of the sides of convex polygon are extended, none of them will contain any points that are inside the polygon. The extension of at least one side or diagonal in a concave polygon will contain a point that is inside the polygon.

What is the value of x?
(140°, 34°, 56°,x)

c. 130°

What is the value of x?
(77°, 59°, 66°, 62°, 12x)

b. 8

What type of polygon is shown?
(6 angles no dents)

d. convex hexagon

The sum of all but one interior angle of a heptagon is 776°. The final angle must have a measure of _______ degrees.


What type of polygon is shown?
(7 sides, 1 dent)

b. concave heptagon

Which statements are true about the regular polygons? Check all that apply.

Each interior angle measures 108°. All of the angles are congruent l. The sum of the measures of the interior angles is 180(5 – 2)°.

Which is correct description of the polygon?

d. It is a convex pentagon because it has five sides and none of the sides would extend into the inside of the polygon.

Each angle of a regular octagon has a measure of ________ degrees.


Three interior angles of a quadrilateral measure 55°, 117°, and 120°. What is the measure of the fourth interior angle?

a. 68°

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