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What is the function of the coronary circulation?

provide blood supply to the heat

What is the ligament arteriosum?

A remnant of the ductus arteria

Which chamber of the heart exits into the pulmonary trunk?

Right ventricle

Identify the ear like flaps that are attached to the top chambers of the heart.


The first branch off the arch of the aorta is the brachiocephalic artery.


the base of the heart is where?

top of the heart

Name the ridged bundles of muscle found projecting inside the right atrium.

pectinate muscles

identify the right atrioventricular valve

tricuspid valve

identify the valve located at the exit of the right ventricle.

pulmonary semilunar valve

the moderator band is found on both the right and left side of the heart

false- just the right side

oxygenated blood flows through the right side of the heart.


what is the most muscular chamber?

left ventricle

What is the inner lining of the heart?


what valve is found between the left atrium and left ventricle?

Bicuspid (mitral) valve

what heart chamber pushes blood through the aortic semilunar valve?

Left ventricle

Name the needle like ridges lining the ventricles

trabeculae carneae

what fibrous structure functions as to anchor the atrioventricular valves in a closed position?

chordae tendineae

Blood on the right never mixes with the blood on the left, once the heart is fully developed.


the portion of the pericardium that covers there heart wall is called?

visceral layer (epicardium)

in the coronary circulation, oxygen-rich blood is provided to the heart muscle by the?

right and left coronary arteries

the aorta leaves the heart from what ventricle?


blood has been discharged into the pulmonary trunk; where did it exit from?

right ventricle

which vessels carry oxygenated-rich blood

aorta and pulmonary veins

this structure is a remnant of a fetal vessel that connected the pulmonary trunk to the aorta.

ligamentum arteriosum

what are found in the ventricles, and attach the flaps of the AV valves to papillary muscle?

Chordae tendineae

the heart is located in a subdivision of the thorax called?


pericardial sac that encloses the heart is a two-layered structure. the outer layer is called?

fibrous pericardium

major pumping chambers of the heart are?

both ventricles

heart valves do what?

enforce a one-way blood flow through the heart, operate passively, and separate atria from ventricles, and ventricles from the large arteries that leave them

what side of the heart receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs?


the pulmonary trunk and arteries are color-coded, ( ) on models and in pictures, because they carry ( ) blood.

blue, oxygen-poor

blood flow through the heart goes?

left atrium to left ventricle to the body

cardiac muscle tissue is?

striated, like skeletal muscle tissue

blood arriving in the right atrium has just come from the?

venae cavae and coronary sinus

intercalated discs in cardiac muscle tissue does what?

Mark the junction between two cardiac cells

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