Anatomy Chapter 12

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Which of the following is not a function of the nervous system?

direct long-term functions, such as growth

the part of the peripheral nervous system that carries sensory information to the CNS is designated


The efferent division of the peripheral nervous system innervates __ cells

all of the answers correct

The __ nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord.


the __nervous system controls the skeletal muscles.


which of the following is not a recognized structural classification for neurons?


Neurons in which dendritic and axonal processes are continuous and the soma lies off to one side are called


Neurons that have one axon and one dendrite, with the soma in between, are called


___ are the most numerous type of neuron in the CNS.


_____ neurons form the afferent division of the PNS.


Most CNS neurons lack centrioles. This observation explains

why CNS neurons cannot divide to regenerate damaged tissue

How does blocking retrograde axoplasmic transport in an axon affect the activity of a neuron?

the soma becomes unable to respond to changes in the distal end of the axon

Neurons that have several dendrites and a single axon are called


Neurons that are rare, small, and lack features that distinguish dendrites from axons are called


The axon is connected to the soma at the

axon hillock

The site of intercellular communication between a neuron and another cell is the


Branches that may occur along an axon are called


Axons terminate in a series of fine extensions known as


the most abundant class of neuron in the central nervous system is


___ account for roughly half of the volume of the nervous system


The structures labeled "1" are dendrites. Their membranes contain numerous chemically-gated ion channels.

both statements are true

the myelin sheath that covers many CNS axons is formed by


Small, wandering cells the engulf cell debris and pathogens in the CNS are callled


The neurilemma of axons in the peripheral nervous system is formed by

Schwann Cells

Extensive damage to oligodendrocytes in the CNS could result in

loss of sensation and motor control

Ion channels that are always open are called ___ channels


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