Anatomy Ch.5 Test#1

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For safety, many times before surgery the hospital staff and anesthesiologist or anesthetist request that a patient_____________.

remove fingernail and toenail polish

The patient least likely to develop a bedsore would be which of the following?

10-year-old who has strep throat and a fever of 102 degrees.

The immediate threat to life from serious burns is __________.


The proximal nail fold projects onto the nail body as the __________.


Thick skin __________.

has a thicker stratum granulosum and stratum corneum than thin skin contains an additional layer (stratum)

The plexus of blood vessels that nourishes the deeper dermis and the hypodermis is the __________ plexus.


What is the fate of melanin above the stratum basale in dark-skinned people

It occupies keratinocytes throughout the epidermis

What is the average length of the active phase of a hair follicle in the scalp?

approximately 4 years

If hair is round in cross section that indicates that the hair is __________.


Melanoma is recognized clinically by the __________ rule


Most aspects of skin aging are caused by "photoaging." Characteristics of photoaged skin include __________.

liver spots and decreased amount of collagen in the dermis

Modified sweat glands in the breasts are __________ glands.


Which primary layer of the skin contains melanocytes?


Which layer of the integument contains the stratum basale?


Which tissue layer deep to the integument acts as a shock and thermal insulator?


Which primary layer of the skin provides a pink undertone to Caucasian skin?


When doctors make incisions on the body based on the lines of cleavage of the skin, these cleavage lines are based on the arrangement of collagen fibers in which layer of the skin?


Diffusion of chemicals from a transdermal patch must reach what layer of the skin to be effective?


Which primary layer of the skin contains lamellated granules that aid in waterproofing?


Identify the layer of the skin that contains most of the sensory receptors.


Following their production in red bone marrow, dendritic cells circulate to what primary layer of the skin?


Visible stretch marks on the skin surface are actually the result of microscopic tears in collagen fibers in which layer?


When a blister forms due to friction, liquid pools between the epidermis and what other layer of the integument?


If you were to have liposuction, you would have tissue removed from which layer?


Which layer of the integument is found deep to the dermis?


The cells in the skin that store the most melanin granules are

basal keratinocytes.

Light-skinned people have less melanin in the superficial layers of their epidermis because

keratinocytes in their deeper layers rapidly digest melanin

Which layer of the epidermis contains keratohyalin granules and lamellated granules

stratum granulosum

The reticular layer of the dermis consists of ________ connective tissue

dense irregular

In the thick skin of the palm, the layer of the epidermis directly deep to the stratum corneum is the stratum ________.


Lamellated granules

contain glycolipids that are secreted from cells in the stratum granulosum.

The thickness of skin is determined by the presence of the stratum lucidum and the thickness of the

stratum corneum.

The subpapillary plexus

nourishes the dermal papillae and epidermis.

The color of red or blonde hair is due to

a different type of melanin.

The most external layer of a hair shaft is the


Pimples begin

when sebaceous glands become blocked by sebum

Tattoos are permanent because

the pigments are injected in the dermis.

In the ABCD rule of skin cancer, the letter B stands for


Which of the following is a sensory receptor?

Pacinian corpuscle

Which of the following is not a current hypothesis proposed for the evolution of skin color

preventing damage to elastin protecting the level of vitamin D protecting the level of folic acid preventing damage to DNA preventing damage to elastin

A(n) ________ responds to the movement of a single hair.

root hair plexus

The only cell type found superficial to the stratum spinosum in the epidermis is the


In the ABCD rule for recognizing melanoma, the letter D stands for


Damage to the hair ________ would prevent hair growth.


Skin consists of two distinct tissue layers:

the epidermis and dermis.

Keratinocytes begin to die in the stratum granulosum


Consumer goods made of leather are produced from the subcutaneous adipose layer of animals.


Which layer of the integument are toenails and fingernails derived from?


Which layer of the skin invaginates downward to form sebum-producing glands?


Is the human integumentary system best adapted for hot or cold climates?

warm, because sweating cools us in hot climates but we would die in cold climates without clothing

The type of sweat gland that begins to function at puberty and is involved in sexual signaling is


The proximal nail fold is also called the nail’s


The lunule, which represents the thickest part of the nail matrix is found at the

proximal part of the nail bed

The coarse hairs in the skin of the perineum and axillary regions are all ________ hairs.


Which is the most abundant and widespread type of sweat gland?


Since both hair and skin contain keratin, the hair shaft is most comparable to what part of the epidermis?

stratum corneum

The black part of a blackhead is

oxidized sebum.

The "cheesy" layer on the skin of a newborn is

vernix caseosa.

Lanugo hair is replaced in a fetus by

vellus hair.

Soft keratin is present in the


white half-moon visible under the proximal part of a fingernail is the


Cleavage lines

run parallel to the orientation of collage bundles in the reticular layer.

sebaceous gland is classified as a ________ gland.

simple alveolar

The epidermis is a keratinized ________ epithelium.

stratified squamous

Goose bumps" on the skin are due to action of the

arrector pili muscles.

Which statement is not part of the explanation for male pattern baldness?

Cells of the hair matrix cease mitosis.

Holocrine secretion

involves the bursting of the glandular epithelial cell.

type of skin cancer that arises from keratinocytes of the stratum spinosum is

squamous cell carcinoma.

A partial-thickness burn involves

the epidermis and papillary layer of the dermis

As a person balds, terminal hair is replaced by


Chemotherapy causes hair loss because these drugs specifically target rapidly dividing cells in the hypodermis.


Nutrients enter a hair follicle through the

dermal papilla.

If you are truly "smelly" after a workout that causes you to work up a sweat, the smell is due to secretions from your eccrine glands.


Sebaceous glands secrete oil onto the surface of the epidermis via the

hair follicle

The contraction of skeletal muscle cells of the arrector pili muscles, attached to hair follicles, causes "goose bumps."


Ceruminous glands of the ear canal are modified sebaceous glands.


on the rule of nines, approximately what percent of the total body surface covers the anterior and posterior torso?


The type of burn in which the epidermis and part of the dermis are damaged is ________ degree.


Any condition involving absence or loss of hair is called


Which connective tissue layer is discussed in the chapter on the integumentary system but is truly not a part of it?


The integumentary organs that are derived from mesoderm and function in thermoregulation are

arrector pili muscles.

The letter A in the ABCD rule for melanoma detection stands for


Skin cancers are the most common types of cancer in the United States, and the most important risk factor is overexposure to ultraviolet radiation.


An immediate concern with a burn patient is loss of fluids, so fluids must be administered immediately.


First-degree burns are the most severe type of burn.


An appendage or layer of the skin that does not develop from ectoderm is the


The type of skin cancer that is most common and has the lowest metastasis rate is

basal cell carcinoma.

Since apocrine glands are almost inactive until puberty, they may function primarily in

sexual signalling, under the influence of androgens

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) can lead to skin cancer, but minimal UVR exposure can lead to

vitamin D deficiency

What is true of all epidermal cell layers superficial to the stratum granulosum?

They are dead.

In what way is thin skin different from thick skin?

Thick skin contains an additional layer (stratum).

Thick skin contains an additional layer (stratum).

3.5-4.5 days

What is the importance of vitamin D synthesis in the epidermis?

Vitamin D is required for the uptake of calcium from the diet, and thus is important to healthy bones.

The separation of the epidermis from the dermis by a fluid-filled pocket due to short-term friction is a __________.


The body hairs of women and children, as well as hairs on the heads of nearly bald men, are __________ hairs.


The plexus of blood vessels that nourishes the superficial dermis and the epidermis is the __________ plexus.


Which of the following statements are false concerning skin pigmentation? (Choose all that apply.)

Dark-skinned individuals have more melanocytes in their epidermis. Carotene causes the yellowish tinge to the skin of Asian people.

If hair is oval in cross-section that indicates that the hair is __________.


Eccrine sweat glands are coiled versions of what type of exocrine gland?

simple tubular

In a vellus hair (or a fine hair), which of the three concentric layers is missing? __________


Silvery white scars resulting from extreme obesity or pregnancy are a result of tearing of the collagen in the dermis and are called __________.

stretch marks

__________ ridges increase friction and the gripping ability of the hands and feet.

epidermal ridges

Both sebaceous glands and apocrine sweat glands begin functioning at puberty under the influence of __________.


The ABCD or ABCD (E) rule is used for recognizing __________.


Apocrine sweat gland

Produces viscous, proteinaceous, and sometimes milky sweat that takes on a musky smell; found in axillary and pubic regions

sebaceous gland

F. undergoes process called holocrine secretion

eccrine sweat gland

B. most numerous type of sweat gland; secretes "true sweat."

root hair plexus

A. knot of sensory nerve endings wrapped around a hair bulb


D. single layer of flattened, overlapping cells; prevents hair from matting


C. region of thickened nail matrix

Which type of cell is found in all layers of the epidermis?


The stratum corneum __________.

provides protection and water resistance to the skin

Melanocytes __________.

respond to UV radiation by increasing production of melanin

What is the "Rule of Nines"?

quick way to determine how much of the skin’s surface has been burned

Which of the following is not a characteristic of the hypodermis?

It is the primary layer affected by decubitus ulcers.

cutaneous plexus .

F. blood vessels that nourish the hypodermis and deeper dermis

reticular layer

C. dense irregular CT; 80% of the dermis

lines of cleavage

D. run longitudinally in the skin of the limbs and in circular patterns around the neck and trunk


E. anchors skin to underlying structures

papillary layer

B. 20% of dermis; areolar CT

subpapillary plexus

A. blood vessels supplying the superficial dermis and epidermis

Hair covering a fetus of five to six months is called __________.


An increase in melanin that is restricted to the basal layer of the epidermis is a __________.


Heart failure or severe respiratory disorders may cause hemoglobin to be poorly oxygenated, resulting in __________.


Modified sweat glands that line the external ear canal are __________ glands


Apocrine sweat gland secretions are involved with sexual signaling and have been identified as true human __________.


What is the fate of melanin above the stratum basale in light-skinned people?

It is digested by lysosomes.

A burn that causes blistering and in which the epidermis and the upper part of the dermis are injured is a __________-degree burn.


Why can humans dissipate heat so well, compared to other animals?

Humans have more extensive dermal blood vessels than any other animal.

The stratum basale (germinativum) consists of two rows of cells, mostly stem cells representing the youngest keratinocytes.


Which of the following epidermal cells are the most abundant, are tightly connected to one another by a large number of desmosomes, and arise from cells that undergo almost continuous mitosis?


Which of the following is not an appendage of the integument?



A. all epidermal strata


C. stratum granulosum

Langerhans cells

D. stratum spinosum


B. stratum basale

Lines of cleavage, or tension lines of the skin, are found in which integumentary layer?

reticular layer of the dermis

The layer immediately deep to the skin is called the __________.


Each hair follicle goes through growth cycles. The __________ phase is when the hair matrix is inactive.


first-degree burn

D. tissue damage to the epidermis only

basal cell carcinoma

B. cells of the stratum basale proliferate, invading the dermis and hypodermis, causing tissue erosions


A. the most dangerous type of skin cancer, which can originate wherever there is pigment

second-degree burn

C. tissue damage to the epidermis and upper portion of the dermis


D. scale-like modifications of the epidermis

ceruminous glands

C. modified version of coiled, simple tubular glands, which are located in the lining of the external ear canal

apocrine sweat gland

B. larger coiled versions of a simple tubular gland whose ducts open into hair follicles

sebaceous glands

A. simple branched alveolar glands with several alveoli opening into a single duct into hair follicles

Tension lines of the skin or lines of cleavage are formed by separations or less dense regions between the collagen bundles of the reticular layer of the dermis.


Sebaceous glands are simple branched alveolar glands with several alveoli opening into a simple duct, but the alveoli are actually filled with cells, so there is no lumen.


The most superficial layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum is many cells thick. It is comprised of dead __________.


The ABCD rule for recognizing melanoma is which of the following?

asymmetry, border irregularity, color, diameter

Regarding skin cancer, __________ is the least malignant and most common.

basal cell carcinoma


D. dead cells, which are flat membranous sacs filled with keratin; glycolipids exist in the extracellular spaces

stratum basale

B. cells are actively mitotic stem cells; some newly formed cells become part of the other layers

stratum spinosum

C. cells contain thick bundles of intermediate filaments made of pre-keratin.

stratum granulosum

A. cells are flattened, with deteriorating organelles; cytoplasm is full of keratohyalin and lamellated granules

The body hair of women and children is of what type?


The melanocytes produce the dark skin pigment melanin; naturally, these cells contain more melanin than do the keratinocytes.


The short, fine body hair of children and women is of the __________ variety, whereas the longer, coarser hair of everyone’s scalp is of the terminal variety.


The mammary glands are specialized sweat glands.



B. condition involving absence or loss of hair.


D. pink, fluid-filled raised lesions caused by a Staphylococcus infection

cold sores

C. small, painful fluid-filled blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus

boils and carbuncles

A. infection and inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands that has spread into the underlying hypodermis

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