Anatomy 1 – Chap 4 (Test Bank)

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Which major category of tissues has the most diverse and most numerous types of tissue?


Histologists consider blood to be an example of what primary tissue category?


Cells lining the digestive tube are characteristics of this tissue category?


Pseudostratified columnar is one of the tissues of this category?


Which major tissue category includes tissues that function in secretion, absorption, and filtration?


Bone and cartilage are examples of tissues in this category


which tissue category contains tissues comprised of cells containing myofilaments?


The primary contractile tissue of the heart characterizes tissues in this category.


This tissue type, in addition to certain muscle tissues, is capable of generating electrical impulses.


Ligaments are examples of tissues in this category.


The brain and spinal cord are composed primarily of this tissue type.


This type of tissue includes smooth and cardiac.


Tissues in this category are characterized by an extracellular matrix that holds some amount of fluid.


Adipocytes are found in tissues belonging to this category.

goblet cells

Which of the following is not associated with connective tissue?

protection from abrasion

The major function of stratified squamous epithelium is

protection from abrasion

Simple squamous epithelia would not provide________


What do goblet cells secrete?

an endocrine gland

A structure that secretes hormones into the blood is ____


Of the types of lining and covering membranes, the only one that is drier than the others is _____

a basal lamina plus a layer of reticular fibers equals a basement membrane

The difference between a basal lamina and a basement membrane is that ______


Which of the following is not a characteristic of epithelia?

1. highly cellular with little extracellular matrix
2. innervated
3. specialized cell-cell junctions

Characteristics of epithelia

simple squamous epithelium

Which of the following provides the least resistance to diffusion?


The major function of pseudostratified columnar epithelium is ______


A type of connective tissue that is not a connective tissue proper is ______

transitional epithelium

A stratified epithelium that thins and flattens as the tissue stretches is a _________

elastic fiber

Only one type of fiber in connective tissue can be stretched and then recoil – return to its original length and shape. This fiber is the ______

compound tubular

A highly branched gland whose walls do not balloon into spherical sacs is called ______


Which one of the following basic types of tissues functions to control the body?


Which one of the following basic types of tissues has an extracellular matrix?


Which one of the following basic types of tissues functions as a covering tissue for the body?

stratified squamous

An epithelium in which the basal layer of cells is cuboidal and tha apical layer has cells that are thin, flat and irregular in shaper is a _____epithelium. (p. 72)

simple squamous

The thinnest type of epithelium is ______. (p. 67)

moving and propelling fluids

Microvilli can perfom all of the following function

gap junction

The type of cell junction that permits small sugar molecules and ions to pass from the cytoplasm of one cell to that of another is a ______. (p. 76

dense regular

Ligaments consist primarily of which kind of connective tissue?


In connective tissue proper, ground substance is manufactured and secreted by which type of cell?


Use logic to deduce which of the following tissues is on the anterior surface of a person’s eyeball

dense irregular connective tissue

Connective tissue that must resist forces pulling it from many different directions without stretching would most likely be _____

1. involves release of chemicals that cause local vasodilation
2. occurs within connective tissue
3. results in edema and delivery of chemical needed for repair

Characteristics of the inflammatory response


It might be argued that all the defense mechanisms in areolar connective tissue act to prevent infection from reaching which other tissue type?


Fat is a form of ______tissue


During repair of a scrape or cut through the skin, a blood clot is replaced with collagen-rich granulation tissue in a process called ______

epithelium and connective tissue

All lining and covering membranes consist of __________

increased blood flow to the area

Inflamed tissue is often warm to the touch because of __________

the formation of scar tissue

The best definition of fibrosis is __________

1. exposure to a carcinogen
2. inactivation of a tumor-suppressor gene
3. turning on of oncogenes

Cancer can arise from the following:


In connective tissue, extracellular matrix is not exactly the same as ground substance, because the matrix also contains __________


When cells from a cancerous tumor travel to other parts of the body, this process is called ______

a muscle cell

A muscle fiber is ________


Of the following, the tissue with the greatest capacity for regeneration is ______


Cartilage is a form of _____tissue

a goblet cell

A common example of a unicellular exocrine gland is ______

areolar connective tissue

Tissue types which are known as mucous and serous membranes are comprised of sheets of epithelial cells and _____

stratified cuboidal

When unstretched, transitional epithelium looks most like _________epithelium


A pseudostratified epithelium is always ______

collagen fibers

In connective tissues, the primary extracellular molecules responsible for resisting tension are _______


A connective tissue that has a liquid matrix is _________


In body tissues, chondrocytes are found in the lacunae.


Dense regular connective tissue is characterized by giving strength in all directions.


Much of the body’s adipose tissue is found in the hypodermis.


Microvilli are common on almost all epithelial cells, but they are more obvious and abundant on absorption cells in the small intestine and the kidney.


Unlike other connective tissues, bone is not considered to be a living tissue.


In blood, the matrix is the liquid blood plasma.


The cutaneous membrane is the skin.


Dense regular connective tissue gains its strength from the multitude of actin fibers that make up the bulk of the matrix.

simple squamous epithelium

The smallest diameter blood vessels, capillaries are comprised of _____________

basal lamina

This is the sheet of tissue between the epithelium and the connective tissue below it.


An _____gland releases its products through ducts onto body surfaces or into body cavities.


Elastic fibers are comprised of the protein ______


This term refers to the accumulation of fluid at a site of inflammation


Deep ____is a dense regular connective tissue that wraps around muscle groups, large vessels, and nerves


After a wound has healed, the scar that remains is nearly entirely composed of _________fibers

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