American Gov Chapter 14

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The two largest recipients of military assistance from the United States are

Israel and Egypt.

The North American Free Trade Agreement is a(n)

trade treaty between Mexico, Canada, and the United States designed to lower and eliminate tariffs.

In a crisis, which of the following has the greatest foreign policy influence

the president

What was the key to American security during the nineteenth century?

geographical isolation

The most important task of the Senate in foreign policy is

reviewing and approving treaties.

During the 1990s, the importance of the International Monetary Fund increased due to

its efforts to reform Communist countries and bring them more fully into the global capitalist economy.

Foreign aid is an economic ________; sanctions are an economic ________.

carrot; stick

The policy of striking a nation that might be contemplating hostile actions is called

preventive war.

The World Bank’s chief mission is to

provide development aid to poor countries.

The policy of deterrence and containment pursued by the United States during the Cold War can be viewed as

midway between aggression and appeasement.

Which of the following goals has traditionally been of lowest priority in U.S. foreign policy?

human rights

The UN General Assembly

allocates one vote to each member country, regardless of population size.

Americans have historically asserted that our foreign policies should

have a higher purpose than the pursuit of our own interests and use force only as a last resort.

The Monroe doctrine refers to the

idea that foreign powers should not meddle in the Western Hemisphere.

When did the Cold War begin?

in the 1940s, soon after World War II

All important issues must receive ________ in order to pass through the UN General Assembly.

a two-thirds-majority vote

What is the chief task of the National Security Council?

to coordinate the differences among the executive’s key foreign policy makers

The Department of Homeland Security was established in


An agreement between the president and another country that has the force of a treaty but does not require the Senate’s "advice and consent" is called a(n)

executive agreement.

The representation of a government to other foreign governments is called


The United States withdrew from the 1997

Kyoto Protocol.

The United States withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol because it

would be too harmful to American national economic interests.

The three main goals of American foreign policy are

security, prosperity, and the creation of a better world.

Congress has exercised its power to declare war ________ times in American history.


Allies of the United States paid for ________ percent of the cost of the Persian Gulf War.


In any given year, the United States provides approximately ________ in economic assistance to other countries.

30 billion

The UN Security Council has ________ permanent members and ________ elected members.


Which of the following is an accurate description of the United Nations?

It lacks enforcement power to implement its rules and resolutions.

________ warned Americans against too much involvement with foreign nations.

George Washington

The Kyoto Protocol was a(n)

agreement setting limits on emissions of greenhouse gases from industrial countries.

Which of the following set off a new set of power struggles in Washington, D.C., over control of the intelligence community?

the appointment of a national intelligence "czar"

The United States spends

about one-third of the world’s total military expenditures.

A policy of deterrence may fail against terrorist groups because

terrorist groups are nonstate actors who may believe that their lack of a fixed geographic location prevents their targets from retaliating militarily.

Which president made prevention the centerpiece of his foreign policy?

George W. Bush

The Department of Defense was created in


In 1998, the United States passed the ________ Act, which called on all governments to respect religious freedom.

International Religious Freedom

The United States is NOT a member of the

Warsaw Pact.

The International Monetary Fund

provides loans and facilitates a short flow of money to countries in need.

In the sphere of foreign policy, which of the following is a constitutional power possessed by Congress?

declaring war, regulating commerce with foreign nations, confirming foreign ambassadors (ALL ARE CORRECT)

Which of the following nations does NOT have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council?


Amnesty International is a(n)

interest group that works to protect human rights.

Since World War II, ________ has brought together a wide range of nations for regular negotiations designed to reduce barriers to trade.


Currently, the United Nations has ________ member states.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed in


For the first 150 years of American history, Congress’s role in foreign policy was limited because

the United States’ role in world affairs was very limited.

ISIS stands for

the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The nineteenth-century policy of ________ was based on the geographic distance of the United States from other countries.


The old adage "politics stops at the water’s edge" means that

all Americans will suffer if we fail to work together to protect our nations political, economic, and security interests in the wider world

What is the main job of the director of national intelligence?

to collate and coordinate intelligence coming in from multiple sources and to report this information to the president

A ________ nation is one with unstable leadership, whose policies are driven by ideology rather than by economic or human costs and benefits.


Dispute arbitration occurs when

an international disagreement is referred to a neutral third party for resolution

Most American presidents have been

domestic politicians who set out to make their place in history through achievements in domestiv policy

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council have more influence over the Security Council’s decisions than other countries because

they are each given a "veto" that is sufficient to reject any substantive proposal.

The world’s wealthiest nation is

the United States

In foreign policy, the Bush Doctrine refers to

preemptive war.

Dispute arbitration occurs when a(n)

international disagreement is referred to a neutral third party for resolution.

Why has Congress become a major foreign policy maker since World War II?

Congress is regularly called upon to approve financing of foreign policies

The foreign policy ideals that Americans have historically espoused assert that our foreign policies should

have a higher purpose than the pursuit of our own interests and use force only as a last resort

What was the Marshall Plan?

the economic recovery package of aid from the United States to western Europe after World War II

Which ethnic group has the reputation of having the greatest influence on American foreign policy?

Jewish Americans

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an example of ________.

a multilateral treaty

What has been a result of the traditional American distrust of diplomacy?

presidents often use military or political leaders outside the State Department during a crisis

Which of the following statements about foreign policy is most accurate?

the institutional powers of the presidency give presidents an advatage over political forces based in Congress when determing American foreign policy

Which of the following is NOT a component of American foreign policy?

Social Security

Which of the following is the most important actor in the foreign policy establishment?

the president

Which war was officially declared by Congress?

War of 1812

The final collapse of the Soviet Union occurred in


The fact that the United States remains silent in the face of human rights violations by a number of countries illustrates that

protecting human rights is less important to American foreign policy than security concerns and economic interests.

The headquarters of the United Nations is located in

New York

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