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When a slave struck a Christian (white person), what was the consequence for the second offense?

Branded on the face with a hot iron

In Africa, rulers and political elites used slaves as 1 of what?

Positions of administrative trust

Approximately how many slaves were estimated to be transported from Africa via the Middle Passage to the New World?

12.5 million

Which crops were not indigenous to the New World?

Sugar, Cotton, Coffee

What are the factors that set the stage for the commercial network that linked Europeans and complicit Africans in the capture and sale of other human beings?

Slaves being used to carry the cargo of merchants along trade routes and rivers

In what years did Mansa Musa rule Mali and how much was his estimated net worth?

1312-1337; 400 billion worth

What was Africa’s most valuable trade item with both Arabs and Europeans before the discovery of the New World?


Where and what year was the fossil remains of Lucy found?

Ethiopia, 1974

How long did it take for a slave to be considered "seasoned"?

3 or 4 years

About how many languages does the continent of Africa have?


What was the name of the special assistant who was responsible for collecting those to be sold at prices previously agreed on by the trader and African ruler?


What did investigations by the British Parliament in 1790 – 1791 reveal?

Pregnant women worked all the way up till childbirth

Which kingdom wielded substantial military might and also controlled the use of copper in all forms in their heyday?


From 1670 to 1715 an active Indian slave trade saw about how many Indians from the Carolinas and Florida sold to the West Indies and Northern Mainland colonies?


Medieval images of Black Africans depicted them as what?

Magis and Devils

Who were the first to make use of large numbers of sub-Saharan black Africans and what century?

Arabs, 17th

What year did Africa as a continent start to earn more from the export of its slaves than it did from precious metals and spices?


What percentage did North America receive of the overall transatlantic slave trade?

5 percent

Which royal governor issued a proclamation to free slaves and indentured servants?

Lord Dunmore of Virginia

Which state constitution was the first to outlaw slavery and in what year?

Vermont, 1777

Which colony was established Africa by the British for the purposes of settling blacks from England and refugees from the American Revolution?

Sierra Leone, 1787

What were the two main issues that led to the 3/5ths compromise?

Taxation and Representation

What was the name of the first black institution that was the cornerstone around black neighborhoods and communities and what year was it founded?

Free African society, 1780

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s which political party was generally more inclined to oppose slavery and view the role of blacks as citizens?


On the ever of the Civil War, approximately a half-million African Americans were free compared to the ________ in slavery

4 million

Who is considered to be the first black feminist?

Maria Stewart

What were two occasions in which slaves could look forward for recreation and relaxation?

Summer lay-by and Christmas

Who was it that was assigned the job of assisting the owner or overseer by compelling fellow slaves to work and viewed slaves as a traitor?

The driver

In 1860, the price for "prime field hands" was $1000 in what state?


How many free black children of school age in Virginia attended school?


Which group maintained that races emerged from different human origins and this represented different human species


Within a 24 hour period, how many whites were killed during the Nat Turner insurrection of 1831?


By 1850, out of a population of 3.2 million how many mulatto slaves were there?


Which set of laws were designed to express the viewpoint that slaves are not people but property?

Slave Codes

In what year was American participation in the Atlantic Slave Trade abolished?


8***In the 1960 campaign, which political party took a strong stance for racial justice and equality?

Democrats and Republicans

8***The first National Black Political Convention met in what year and in what city?

1972; Gary, Indiana

8***On April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in what city?

Memphis, Tennessee

8***Between 1949 and 1964, the unemployment rate of blacks had come to __________ of whites

Double that

8***Whose analysis led to the negative characterization of black women as emasculating figures?

Daniel Moynihan

8***Who became the first African American president of a major white institution in 1970 and what was the name of the institution?

Cliffton Wharton, Michigan State University

7***Why did Black Americans begin to become disaffected with the Republican Party starting in 1928?

Because the Republicans attempted to build a strong party in the South

8***FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover labeled _________ "the greatest single threat to the internal security" of the United States

Black Panther Party

8***Who is known today as the father of Black History?

Carter G. Woodson

8***Which report surveyed the continued racial disparities between blacks and whites, concluding that the black family was "the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time"?

The Negro Family: The case for National Action

8***What city in 1966 was Dr. Martin Luther King referring to when he said he had never seen greater racial antipathy, not even the south?


8***Throughout the 1940’s, what is the name of the organization that kept the American public apprised of the colonial Activities in Africa?

Council on African Affairs

7***What is the name of the person that was an anthropologist and literary modernist during the Harlem Renaissance?

Zora Neale Hurston

7***What is the official name of the "Negro National Anthem" and who composed the lyrics of it?

Life Every Voice and Sing, James Weldon Johnson

7***What was the name of the book that was published and included data over a 10 year period on lynching?

Rope and Fagot, A Biography of Judge Lynch

7***Which book written by Dr. Woodrow Wilson did W.E.B DuBois teach to his students at Atlanta University?

The State

7***Who was at the helm of the National Negro Congress that convened in Chicago in 1936?

A. Phillip Randolph

7***Who was it that insisted "all Art is propaganda and ever must be, despite the wailing of the purists…I do not care a damn for any art that is not used for propaganda"?

W.E.B DuBois

7***Who was the first black actor to win an Oscar?

Hattie McDaniel

7***Which group appealed the case of the 9 black boys in the Scottsboro case of 1931?

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

7***What study charted the progression of untreated syphilis in more than four hundred impoverished black men from 1932 to 1972?

Tuskegee study

7***Which black musician was most frequently broadcasted throughout the 1920’s?

Duke Ellington

7***How much in reparations did the Florida legislature provide for each of the survivors of the Rosewood Massacre?


7***What is the name of the Black owned Entertainment Company that folded 2 years after being in existence?

Black Swan Records

6***Which party rose out of Virginia in 1879 comprised of Black Republicans and disgruntled white democrats?

Readjuster Party

6***In what system did the cost of maintenance was so great that gave them responsibility over the cultivation of crops on a specific plot of land and ownership of a percentage of the harvested crop?


6***From the early years of freedom after the Civil War, what were the two different black higher educational types?

Industrial training and classical liberal arts

8***Who was Malcolm X’s father a follower of?

Marcus Garvey

8***Who was the first President of the United States to address the NAACP and in what year?

Harry S. Truman, 1948

6***In the Jim Crow south, who led the promotion of black history and what year did it begin?

Carter G. Woodson 1926

6***What school was founded under the leadership of the Freedman’s Bureau?

Stoere College

6***What Supreme Court Case upheld segregation and the doctrine of "Separate but Equal"?

Plessy v. Ferguson

6***Throughout the civil war, Lincoln had entertained the hope that a substantial number of blacks would choose to __________ the United States

Emigrate from

6***What did the Reconstruction act of 1867 entail?

Divided the ex-Confederate states into 5 military districts under marital law

7***By what year was the last black youth released in the Scottsboro case?


6***What was the literacy rate of African Americans in 1910?


7***In Garvey’s meeting with the Klu Klux Klan Member, what principles were both men committed to?

Racial separatism and denunciation of miscegenation

6***Who coined the term "Talented Tenth"?

Henry Morehouse

6***In what cities were the first segregated housing ordinances enacted?

Louisville, Baltimore, Atlanta

6***What was the catchword for the color line as a legal, dejure entity in the South?

Jim Crow

6***Which African American boxer was described as "one of the greatest fighters of all time" and was a heavyweight champion from 1910 to 1915?

Jack Johnson

6***The merger of the Colored Women’s League and the National Federation of Afro-American women created what organization?

National Association of Colored Women

6***By freeing the slaves, what statue was nullified by the 13th amendment?

3/5ths Compromise

8***Who is the individual most responsible for developing the strategy for the all out legal attack on Jim Crow Laws?

Charles Hamilton Houston

By which decade did blacks reverse direction of migration and presently are moving south in increasing numbers?


In the 1007 case involving school desegregation in Seattle and Louisville, what amendment did the parents claim were violated as a result of the school districts plan?

The 14th amendment

In what year does most Hip Hop histories began?


This phenomenon entails "straight" black men having sex with men, then with female spouses or partners without informing them of their homosexual activities

Down low

Who was it that said "George Bush doesn’t care about black people" in reference to Hurricane Katrina?

Kanye West

Much of the tension between African Americans and African-descended immigrant groups (Afro-Caribbeans and Africans) centers on issues of what?

Employment and social mobility

The average African immigrant is more likely to reside in a community where 50% of the residents are what?


On what day was Barack Hussein Obama inaugurated as the forty-fourth president of the United States?

January 20th 2009

___________ is more closely linked to the higher rates of incarceration for black men than for any other group in the United States


Who was the first black scholar to identify and seriously critique the rise of the black underclass?

William Julius Wilson

Who did Clarence Thomas succeed as Supreme Court Justice?

Thurgood Marshall

Which state prohibited anyone convicted of a crime from ever voting again, even after serving his or her sentence and was the center of the 2000 Presidential election?


Which President supported the measure to move welfare recipients off public assistance and onto "workforce"?

Bill Clinton

Which President signed the Congressional Bill that created the holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Ronald Reagen

What percentage of African immigrants have high school degrees and what is the average percentage of residents in their neighborhood are college educated?

98% and 30%

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