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As slaves begin forming extended families, what became the center of family life?

The Slave Quarter

Due to the Haitian Revolution, what slave code was enacted in the South to prevent a rebellion?

Slaves could only travel with written permission from slaver owner

From 1500 to 1880 CE, how many slaves were estimated to be forcibly moved from African to the America’s and what percent were estimated to have died from the journey?

10-12 million and 15%

How many days after the rebellion did it take for Nat Turner to be captured?

70 days

In what month and year did Abraham Lincoln begin toiling over the language of the Emancipation Proclamation?

July 1862

In what year did the Union War Department began to grant equal pay to black soldiers?


On a slave ship, on average how many square feet of space did each slave have?


***President Lincoln declared slaves free only in which states?

Only Rebel states

In what year was the price for "prime field hands" $1,000 in the state of Virginia?


Thomas Jefferson made specific references to blacks and blamed King George the III for the slave trade in the first draft of what document?

Declaration of Independence

Slavery was the most important source of whose wealth in the seventeenth and eighteenth century?


Summer lay-by and Christmas were two occasions in which _________ could look forward to for recreation and relaxation


New York had the largest number of slaves in the Northern region throughout which century?


The presence of internal slave trade and existence of slave owning class of merchants set the stage for what?

The commercial network that linked Europeans and complicit Africans in the capture and sale of other human beings

The Puritan colony was the first to give legal sanction to __________ in 1641


The violent, brutal reaction by slaver owners to the Nat Turner led slave revolt was meant to do what?

Meant to demonstrate power of white society

What country was officially the second independent republic in the western hemisphere?


What did Northerners fear about the Emancipation Proclamation?

They feared a vast migration of self-emancipating blacks to the North

What entailed the confederate government’s use of impressment?

Property could be seized at a price set by the government

What state was brought in as a free state due to the Compromise of 1850?


What two things did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

It frees the slaves in the confederate states and authorizes the enlistment of blacks in the military

What was a significant feature of Lincoln’s early emancipation plan?

$100,000 appropriation to support emigration of freedpeople to Haiti and Liberia

What was the important argument used by proslavery advocates to justify slavery?

Necessity of slave labor for economic development in the North

What was the name of the publication founded by Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany and what year was it founded?

The North Star 1847

Which four Border States were allowed slavery to remain as long as they were loyal to the Union during the civil war?

Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri

Which Mali ruler had an estimated worth of 400 billion?

Mufasa Mahi

Which Supreme Court case reinforced the inequality of all blacks and what year was the decision reached?

Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896

Who was it that wrote newspaper editorials and used speaking engagements both nationally and internationally to make the abolishment of slavery essential to the Union’s Platform?

Frederick Douglas

Who were the strongest supporters of colonization?

Abolitionists in Northern States

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