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In order to download DPM packages, what command should be used below?


RPM packages that require other RPM packages to be installed on a system prior to being installed creates a relationship known as?

package dependency

Files with what two file extensions are commonly known as tarballs?

.tar.gz .tgz

Most Linux distributions make use of what package manager?


When using the compress utility, each file specified for compression is renamed with what extension?


What device file below indicates the first ATAPI IDE tape device (nonrewinding)?


1. A calculated value that is unique to a file’s size and contents.

2. The amount of compression that occurred during compression algorithm.

3. A utility that can be used to manage DPM packages using a graphical interface.

4. The process whereby files are copied to an archive.

5. A group of RPM packages that are commonly installed to provide a specific function on the system.

6. A command used to view the contents of an archive created with compress or gzip to Standard Output in a page-by-page fashion.

7. A gzip-compressed tar archive.

8. A command used to decompress files compressed by the gzip command.

9. A command used to extract archives created with the dump command.

10. A command used to decompress files compressed by the bzip2 command

1. checksum 2. compression ratio 3. Aptitude 4. system backup 5. package group 6. zmore command 7. tarball 8. gunzip command 9. restore command 10. bunzip2 command

The dump/restore utility is limited to a maximum of how many different incremental backups?


What option can be added to the rpm command in order to query packages?


When used with the compress command, what option below can be used to compress symbolic links?


What command can be used to display the contents of a file that was compressed with the compress utility?


What two device files below represent the first SCSI tape device, rewinding and non-rewinding?​

/dev/st0 /dev/nst0

What command can be used to search for DPM package information?


The cpio command has the ability to handle long filenames and can be used to back up device files.


​What two options can be used with the tar utility to either compress or decompress an archive using the gzip or compress utilities respectively?

-Z -z

The tar utility cannot back up device files or files with filenames longer than 255 characters.


If no level of compression is specified, the gzip command assumes what compression level?


The Adaptive Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm used by the compress utility is capable of an average compression ratio of what percent?


What option can be added to the rpm command to upgrade a specified package only if an older version exists on the system?


What two commands below can be used to view the contents of a bzip2-compressed file page by page?

bzless bzmore

Select the option that, when used with the gzip command, causes the compression ratio for files that have been compressed to be listed:


When used with the uncompress command, what option displays the contents of the compress file to Standard Output?


Select the options to use with the cpio utility to cause the utility to extract files from an archive, and overwrite existing files during extraction without prompting for user confirmation:

-i -u

What yum command below can display a list of package group names?

yum grouplist

Because the Makefile often includes some documented items, it is good form to read the Makefile after running the configure script.


What command looks for a Makefile and uses the information within to compile the source code into binary programs using the appropriate compiler program for the local hardware architecture?


The compress utility preserves the original ownership, modification, and access time for each file that it compresses.


What is the average compression ratio for the gzip utility using the LZ77 compression algorithm?


When using the gzip utility, the -1 option is also known as best compression and results in a higher compression ratio.


What option can be added to the dpkg command to remove a specified package from the system, including any configuration files used by the package?


An RPM package can be converted to a cpio archive using what command?


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