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_____ are the traditional promotional messages that often have the least impact because they are seen as self-serving.

Planned messages

_____ creates a perception of a company or a personality for a brand.

Image advertising

The ultimate goal of _____ is to earn a profit for the firm by consummating the exchange of products or services with those customers who need or want them.


A recent ad for a diet plan has shown a celebrity as she lost more than 75 pounds. The target market for these ads is people who are overweight or who believe they are overweight. Identify the ads’ target market in terms of the receiver dimensions.

Actual consumer

There is an ad for a luxury SUV in a business magazine. In terms of the human communication process, the magazine serves as a(n):


A recent ad for a diet plan has shown a celebrity explaining how she lost more than 75 pounds. Identify this ad campaign in terms of the message dimensions.

Autobiographical message

Which of the following statements about advertising media is true?

An advertising medium is any nonpersonal means used to present an ad to a large audience.

Which of the following statements about advertising is true?

Advertising is a form of nonpersonal communication.

The _____ formulates an idea, encodes it as a message, and sends it to another party.


The industrial age started during:

the second half of the 19th century.

The American profession of advertising began when _____ set up business in Philadelphia in 1841.

Volney B. Palmer

Who among the following developed AdWords, an advertising program for Google?

Page and Brin

_____ refers to a process by which marketers search for unique groups of people whose needs can be addressed through more specialized products.

Market segmentation

In keeping with its commitment to green technology, a reputed automobile company introduced a line of luxury hybrid cars in the market. By being consistent in both what it says and does, this company is engaged in _____.

Relationship marketing

Which of the following is true about the impact of advertising on the society and the economy?

Advertising has been a major factor in improving the standard of living in the United States and around the world.

After the end of the Cold War, big multinational companies and their advertising agencies went on a binge, buying other big companies. Which of the following terms describes this occurrence?


When a soft drink company introduced a new peach-flavored drink in a market saturated with colas, it immediately found favor with health-conscious consumers. In this example, the soft drink company effectively uses _____ by associating its brand with the consumers’ focus on healthy living.

positioning strategy

In the 1970s, a new American consumer movement grew out of the widespread disillusionment following:

the Vietnam War.

Which of the following is an assumption that characterizes a free-market economy?


Which of the following functions does advertising serve in countries where consumers have more income to spend after their physical needs are satisfied?

It stimulates innovation and new products.

In which of the following ways does advertising add value to a brand?

By making products better known

Which of the following statements about deceptive advertising is true?

Puffery becomes deceptive when taken literally.

Limitation of freedom of commercial speech threatens every legal business in America primarily because any limitation on the freedom to advertise:

automatically provides huge, monopolistic advantage to the category leaders.

An ad for a beauty product claimed that its skin-whitening properties could "cure the blackness of the darkest Africans." Watchdog groups are most likely to accuse such an ad of _____.

perpetuating of a stereotype

_____ refers to exaggerated, subjective claims that can’t be proven true or false.


A cease-and-desist order:

is issued to prohibit further use of deceptive or unfair advertisements.

A socially responsible company is most likely to:

act in the interest of the community.

Advertising helps keep prices down by:

encouraging competition.

Criticisms that focus on the style of advertising, saying it’s deceptive or crafty, are referred to as _____.

short-term manipulative arguments

Which of the following is NOT one of the four main types of local advertisers?

Stores that resell items that have been sold to them by consumers

_____ attempts to create a favorable long term perception of the business as a whole, not just of a particular product or service.

Institutional advertising

The three primary types of ads placed in local media are institutional, product, and:


Cooperative advertising serves two key purposes. One of those purposes is to build the manufacturer’s brand image. The second purpose is to:

help a manufacturer’s distributors, dealers, or retailers make more sales.

Which of the following is the first distinct stage in an agency-client relationship?


What type of advertising will be typically used by a locally owned furniture store that plans to shut down after Christmas?

Clearance advertising

A(n) _____ agency represents the widest variety of accounts, but it concentrates on consumer accounts.

general consumer

National advertisers plan tactically to launch, build, and sustain brands while local advertisers think strategically.


A certain supermarket chain is only found in the southeastern regions of the United States. You would expect the supermarket to use _____ advertising if it were trying to convince Southerners that its products were competitive, and its prices were the lowest.


The final stage in the agency-client relationship is the maintenance stage.


Which of the following is true of the peripheral route to persuasion?

Consumers form few brand beliefs, attitudes, or purchase intentions.

The theory of cognitive dissonance holds that people strive to justify their behavior by reducing the inconsistency between their beliefs and reality.


Sociologists believed that people in the same social class tended toward similar attitudes, status symbols, and spending patterns.


An American restaurant opened a new store at a foreign location. Despite good advertising, the store suffered huge losses. The people of the foreign country refused to enter the store because beef was a part of the menu. Which of the following interpersonal influences affected the consumer behavior of the foreign country?


Motivation is a directly perceivable phenomenon.


Before a stimulus can be perceived, it must first penetrate a set of psychological screens.


_____ that affect a consumer’s final purchase decision include time, place, and environment.

Nonpersonal influences

According to Abraham Maslow, the highest need that refers to the culmination of fulfilling all the lower needs and reaching to discover the true self is:


Which of the following is true of customer satisfaction?

IMC reinforces satisfaction by reminding customers why they bought the product.

A company prospers only if it can attract and keep customers who are willing and able to pay for its goods and services.


In a(n) _____ strategy, companies manufacture the product and sell it to resellers (distributors or dealers), who put their own brand on the product.


As product experience and information spread, the risks associated with new products increase.


A popular sports shoe brand has introduced a new product for people over the age of 65 who enjoy an active life and have an above-average level of discretionary income. This segment of people form the _____ of the shoe brand.

opinion leaders

In the maturity stage of the product life cycle, companies emphasize selective demand to impress customers with the subtle advantages of their particular brand.


In _____, individuals act as independent distributors for a manufacturer or private- label marketer.

network marketing

In the _____ stage of the product life cycle, the marketplace becomes saturated with competing products and the number of new customers dwindles, so industry sales reach a plateau.


A popular brand of breakfast cereal is targeted at women between 40 and 50 years of age. This is an example of _____ segmentation.


Sales promotions are aimed at stimulating customers or members of the distribution channel to some immediate, overt behavior.


_____ segmentation is determined by variables such as usage rate, user status, purchase occasion, and benefits sought.


Parkas made of goose down and wool balaclavas (hats that protect the entire face) are aggressively marketed in colder climates than in regions with warm weather. This is known as _____ segmentation.


The greatest accuracy is gained from nonprobability samples because everyone in the entire target population has an equal chance of being selected.


A marketer employs the dominance concept to target all geographic or demographic markets effectively at the same time.


Which of the following is a drawback of using secondary data?

Some data may be invalid because the research is wrong.

What are the disadvantages of conducting a survey using the Internet?

There is no interaction with respondents.

Which of the following is true of direct questioning, a technique used in pretesting

It is especially effective for testing alternative messages in the early stages of development.

Which of the following is true of message post testing, a category of IMC research?

It enables marketers to evaluate a campaign after it runs.

Projective techniques require the skill of highly experienced researchers.


Which of the following is true of message testing that helps marketers make important decisions?

Pretesting helps identify outstanding, as well as underperforming, messages.

An advantage of inquiry tests is that responses reflect a sincere interest in the product being tested.


In the _____, a technique used in qualitative research, carefully planned but loosely structured questions help the enquirer probe respondents? deeper feelings.

In-depth interview

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