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A relationship between two tables in a database is formed using an backstage field?


Which Access feature provides information about Access commands, features, and instructions

Access Help

Which Ribbon group allows you to add fields to an Access table with defined data types

Add & Delete

Files created with Access 2013 may be used with which previous version of Access

Access 2010

The accompanying figure shows the first dialog box for the

Simple Query Wizard

The appearance of non-theme fonts, colors, and effects remains unchanged no matter which theme is applied to the workbook


What is the maximum character length of a field name?


Which data type would be the best logical data type for a field named PaidDate?


Formatting Date/Time fields changes only the way data is displayed, not the field __________


In the accompanying figure the field size is set to


A database or a relational database is a collection of related tables


Which Access 2013 view shows the contents of a table as a datasheet?

Datasheet View

The appearance of non theme fonts colors and effects remains unchanged no matter which theme


The format painter does not copy formatting applied to selected text within a cell and it does not copy data


In the accompanying figure the top portion of the table window indicated by the red bracket is the

Table Design Grid

The accompanying figure illustrates the design view which allows the user to modify a table structure

Design View

Which of the following would be a likely reason that an import process from excel to access might fail?

The access field names and the excel worksheet column headings do not match

A value set in the Field Properties pane that appears in a field automatically is the default value for the field

default value

Each record in a table is uniquely identified by a foreign key?


A software program that lets the user create databases and then manipulate the data in the databases is called a database management system ?


A table is a predesigned database that includes professionally designed database objects?


The only option available for creating tables in Access is to use the datasheet view?


The number of the currently selected record in a table and the total number of records in the table are displayed in the Current Record box which appears between the two sets of navigation buttons on a datasheet?


A question asked about the data stored in a database is called a primary key


A query is used to enter, edit, and view records in a database


When creating a form in Access, the Layout view allows the user to make design changes to the form while it is displaying data


Compacting a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size


A single characteristic or attribute of a person, place, object, event, or idea is a(n) table?

False its a Field

A relationship between two tables in a database is formed using a(n) Backstage field?

False its Common

Each Access database may be as large as two gigabytes in size and may have up to 255 people using the database at the same time?


The default primary key for an Access database is the ID field?


Field values that may be entered into a field are determined by the data type of the field?


The query results are stored in the database in which the query has been created?

False are not

A formatted printout (or screen display) of the contents of one or more tables or queries is a(n) form?

False its a report

It is possible to view all Access objects in the Navigation Pane?


The default sort order for records in an Access table is based on the values in the primary key field?


Access report printing options may be changed using the Navigation dialog box?

False, Print

Which button is used to open and close the Navigation Pane?

Shutter Bar Open/ Close

To save a table in Access with a name that relates to the database (a name other than the Access default name), it is necessary to complete which process?

Save the table object

Which Ribbon group allows you to add fields to an Access table with defined data types?

Add & Delete

Each row in an Access table datasheet displays which of the following?

A record

Each column in an Access table datasheet represents a ____.


The specific content of a field is referred to as the ____.

Field Value

Which term identifies a field that appears in two separate tables and may be used to connect records in the separate tables?

Common Field

What is the purpose of the primary key?

to uniquely identify each RECORD in a table

Data organized as a collection of tables creates this type of data system.

relational database management system

In the accompanying figure, the red brackets designate which element of the Access 2013 window?

Navigation Pane, its the big pane on the left that says all access objects

Which Access 2013 view contains commands used to manage Access files and options?

Backstage View

All data in a database is contained in which database object?


How many characters may a field name in Access contain including numbers, letters, spaces, and special characters?


In the accompanying figure, the Table Tools tab is an example of this type of tab that appears and provides options for working with a specific object when the object is selected

Contextual Tab

Another term used for the column selector feature is ____.

Field Selector

Which of the following terms describes the Access feature that allows a user to size a column in datasheet view so that the column is just wide enough to display the longest visible value in the column?

Best Fit

Using the accompanying figure, which Ribbon group and button would be used to create a new record in an Access database table?

Records group, New button

Clicking on the Close option from the Backstage view in Access 2013 performs which of the following tasks?

closes the current database

Which of the following is an Access 2013 database object?


Which Access database object(s) might be used to enter, edit, and view records in a database?


Which Access database object asks a question about the data stored in a database and displays specific fields and records that answer the question?


Which Access feature provides information about Access commands and features and instructions about how to use them?

Access Help

Which view is used to make design changes to a form while the form is displaying data?

Layout view

This icon represents which Access 2013 object? red bar at the top with two boxes on the right


This icon represents which Access 2013 object? blue bar at the top with a grid?


This icon represents which Access 2013 object? all green


This icon represents which Access 2013 object? two windows open on eachother with greenish bars at the top


What function does compacting an Access database perform other than reducing the file size?

Repairing the Database

In the accompanying figure, which field must be used to create a relationship between the Patient table and the Visit table?


In a relational DBMS, a user may create a database structure that contains which of the following?

fields, tables, and table relationships

Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2013 database files?


Files created with Access 2013 may be used with which previous version of Access?


When working with Access in ____ Mode, the user may tap the buttons on the Ribbon and also tap to use other features of Access 2013.


When using a mouse while in an Access 2013 work session, access a shortcut menu for an object by performing this task.

right click

Experienced database developers avoid using spaces in field names and object names because names with spaces might cause errors if the objects are involved in ____.

programming tasks

Which data type allows field values to contain letters, digits, and other characters?

Short Text

Which two keys on the keyboard allow an Access user to move the insertion point to the next field to the right in datasheet view when entering data?

Tab, Enter

Which of the following attributes of a table are saved only when the table object is saved?

characteristics of the fields

When copying and pasting records from one table to another, the records must first be copied to the


The accompanying figure shows the first dialog box for the ____ Wizard

Simple Query Wizard

Records in separate tables may be connected through a(n) ____________________ that appears in both tables.

common field

A field in a second table that is the primary key in the first table is used to form a relationship between the two tables; the field in the second table is called a(n) ____________________.

foreign key

All of the data in a relational database are contained in ____________________.


The default ____________________ provided by Access is the ID field.

primary key

A table’s contents are shown in rows and columns when using the ____________________ view.


When using the copy/paste method to copy records from one table to another table, the two tables must have the same fields, design, and order, known as the table ____________________.


There are two ways to move vertically from one record to another in a table; use the vertical scroll bar or the ____________________.

navigation buttons

Clicking or tapping this navigation button l> l moves the insertion point to the ____________________ in a table.

last record

Data can be presented in customized and useful ways different from tables and queries by using a Simple ____________________.


Access reports are based on a selected ____________________ or ____________________.

table, query

Use the ____________________ feature on the Ribbon to see how many pages are in a report based on the current layout.

Print Preview

The ____________________ box in the Navigation Pane (displayed in the accompaying figure) allows the Access user to search for all database objects that contain a specific value, such as the city, "Albany."


An important reference tool available in Access 2013, which may be used to assist a user with problems that might occur, is the ____________________ system.

Access Help

The process of decreasing the file size of a database and enhancing the performance of the database is called ____________________ the database.


The ____________________ option is available to compact and repair a database file automatically every time the database is closed.

compact on close

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