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Which of the following illustrates a calculated field with the name of the calculated field in the proper format?

DonationsGreaterThan2500: [Donation] >= 2500

The ____ function tests a condition and returns one of two values; the function returns the first value if the condition is true and the second value if condition is false


The standard naming convention prefix tag for a query used to identify the object type is


The ____ comparison operator is used to select records by matching field values specific to a pattern that includes one or more wildcard characters


Which of the following pattern match selection criteria would return zip codes with the characters 704 in the first three spaces

Like "704*"

Which comparison operator defines a condition with a list of two or more values for a field and includes records when the field matches one value from the list in the query?


A criterion may be negated by using the ___ logical operator


In the accompanying figure, the ___ for the current field is/are indicated in the box designated by the arrow.

filter choices

In the accompanying figure, which checked option will include null values in the filtered results?


The value of a field containing no information is a ___ value.


The calculated expression =City & "," & State & " " & ZipCode is an example of ____


In the accompanying figure, what is the condition for the calculated expression?


In the accompanying figure, which of the following is the truepart of the calculated experession?

LastName & "," & FirstName

In the accompanying figure, which of the following is the falsepart of the calculated expression?

Parent & "(Parent)"

Which of the following is an example of a parameter query prompt criterion?

[Type the state:]

To add more flexibility and functionality to a parameter query, comparison operators, such as ____. May be added to the original criterion.


A ____ query uses functions, such as Sum and Count, to perform arithmetic operations on selected records.


The accompanying figure is an example of criteria for a ___ query using the Query Wizard.

find unmatched

The aggregate function which returns the number of nonnull field values is the ___ function.


Crosstab queries may use which of the following aggregate functions?


In crosstab query results, the value of a checked Yes/No data type field will display as ____


The Registrar at Revenswood College would like to create a query which displays al students who haven ot yet registered for fall semester classes. She will use the StudentInformation and TuitionPaid tables to create the query. Which type of query will most likely create the desired results?

find unmatched query

In the accompanying figure, what is the Top Values property that has been set for the qryLargeInvoiceAmounts?


In the accompanying figure, the top values query is designed to return the top values for the ___ field


In an input mask, the letter __ indicates that a letter or digit must be entered, and the entry is required.


The input mask character ___ indicates that a letter only must be entered, and the entry is required.


Which of the following examples shows an input mask for a telephone number with the first three digits optional and dashes separating the parts of the telephone number


A Social Security Number which appears in the format 123-456-7891 is an example of a(n) ____

predefined input mask

In the accompanying figure, object dependencies are shown for the ___ object.


In the accompanying figure, the frmPatient object is dependent on the ___ object


Validation Rules are entered in the ____

Field Properties Pane

Rich text formatting available for Long Text fields includes ___

font options

Setting the ___ field property to Yes instructs Access to keep an historical record of all versions of the Long Text field value

Append Only

To avoid the display of a security warning when opening a database, place the database ___.

in a trusted folder

It is a good idea to ___ the database before using compact and repair to keep the database safe from hardware and software malfunctions.

make a backup copy of

Which query wizard allows the user to choose the field that will be calculated for each row and column intersection?

Crosstab Query Wizard

An input mask may be created for any field with the ___ or ___ data type.

Short Text, Number

When creating an input mask, the ___ input mask character is used to indicate that the following character will be a literal display of that character.


In the accompanying figure, which field property will appear on the screen if the user enters the value 5 in the InvoiceAmt field in datasheet view?

Validation Text

Which type of query would show results indictating two different student ID numbers have been assigned to the same student?

find duplicates query

Which Access object(s) may be used when creating a lookup field to select values?


You can define a condition with a list of two or more values for a field by using the ___ comparison operator


Carlos needs to decide which cooking demonstrations to offer next month. He would like to offer his five most popular demonstrations. Which method would be best for Carlos to use find this information from his database?

create a top values query based on the field in the CookingDemo table that lists the number of participants

Carlos would like to create a query based on the Customer table that allows him to type in the name of the cooking demonstration for which the query will run. Which type of query should Carlos create so that he can type in the name of the cooking demonstration before the query runs?

parameter query

As Carlos plans for the fall planting season, he would like to bundle all of his shipments from the Organic Opportunities supplier into one shipment. He needs to know which products he has previously ordered from Organic Opportunities. Which method will quickly produce the results Carlos need?

use the AutoFilter option in the Supplier table for the appropriate field

Carlos has decided to market his cooking demonstration based on his most abundant products. To do that he needs to know the quantity of each product by category (such as beef, green vegetables, peppers, etc.) Because each product in the Products table is assigned a category in the Category field, he will create a query that lists the categories in rows in the datasheet and the product totals as columns in the datasheet when the query is run. Which type of query will Carlos create?

Crosstab query

Marie creates the following expression as a new field in the query that she will use to create the report requested by the doctor PatientName: [ LastName] & ", " [FirstName]. This expression is an example of ____.


Because the doctor wants all data entered for parents and guardians regardless of the data in the field, marie must create a calculated field in the query with a function that tests the Mother, Father, and Guardian fields for a condition that is either true or false. If the condition is true, one result will be displayed, and if the condition is false a different result will be displayed. Which function should Marie use for this calculated field?


Text box controls arranged in a datasheet format with a label above each column indicates the ____ layout


Spacing around the text inside a control is determined using the ___ property

Control Margins

The Layout view or the Design view may be used to create a ____ form


A control that combines the features of a text box and a list box is a ___

combo box

The ___ property specifies the data source for a control in a form or report or for a field in a table or query.

Row Source

The Access tool that allows the user (or designer) to create detailed documentation of all, or selected, objects in a database is the ___.


Which type of report does the accompanying figure illustrate?

Object Definition report

A customizable form that displays multiple records from a source table or query in a datasheet format may be created using the ___ form tool.

Multiple Items

Which form tool displays data in both Form view and Datasheet view at the same time?

Split Form

In the accompanying figure, which arrow indicates the move handle of a control?


In the accompanying figure, which arrow indicates the Detail section bar?


In the accompanying figure, which arrow indicates a bound control?


Which view or tool allows the form designer the most control and precision when designing a form?

Design View

A value that is the result of an expression is displayed in which type of control in a form?


The label attached to a bound control displays which of the following?

the field name or Caption property

A selected control will display how many sizing handles?


In the accompanying figure, which number indicates the Selection type entry?


In the accompanying figure, the control type for the selected control is a ____


In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the property that must be changed for the selected control to display "Guest Last Name?"


Titles, instructions, command buttons, and other controls added to the bottom of a form and that remain on the screen when the form is displayed in FOrm view or Layoutview are added to the ___ section of the form

Form Footer

Which property must be set to Yes in the Property Sheet to display a control or a section in the form?


The default Form Footer section Height property is set to ____ when the Form Footer is added in Design view

one-quarter inch

To select and set properties for an entire section, click on the ___

section selector

To find records in a form using a Combo box, it is necessary to change the ___ form property of the form to the table or query that is the source for all the bound controls in the Detail section

Record Source

A form created from related tables usually consists of a ___ table which is the "one" side of the one-to-many relationship with a subform


The number of occurrences of an expression is determined using the ___ function in a form or report


Only a field name or an expression may be used for the ___ property in a calculated control

Control Source

The expression =Sum([InvoiceAmt]) might be found in which type of control added to aform?

calculated control

To avoid typing errors when creating a more advanced expression for a calculated control, it is a good idea to use this Access feature.

Expression Builder

Set the ____ property to No to prevent users from using the Tab key to navigate to a control.

Tab Stop

Text that appears in a ScreenTip when the mouse pointer is positioned above a control in a form is determined by the ____ property.

ControlTip Text

The ____ refers to the order in which the focus moves from one control to another control when a user presses the Tab key.

tab order

The ____ option in the Tab Order dialog box allows a tab order of left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

Auto Order

A tool used to form a group of related controls or to separate the group from other controls is the ____ tool.


Flat, Raised, Sunken, Etched, Shadowed, and Chiseled are options for the ____ control property.

Special Effect

Which button on the FORMAT tab is used to change the background color of a control, section, or object?

Background Color

A ____ asks a series of questions and then uses your answers to create a control in a form or report.

Control Wizard

Which key on the keyboard may be used to ensure that a horizontal or vertical line is straight when adding a line to a form or report?


The Tab Order button, which quickly displays the Tab Order dialog box, is located on the ____ tab in Form Design view.


Which symbol is used to distinguish an expression from a fieldname in a calculated control?


To increase an object’s window size to view more of the vertical contents of the object, collapse the ____.


Carlos is creating a simple form using the Products table and would like to include all fields from the table. He would like for the form to display all of the fields using a datasheet layout. Which tool would be best for Carlos to use?

Datasheet tool

After reviewing the simple form, Carlos decides that he needs a form which is customized to make data entry more accurate and less cumbersome. Because most of his products are already in the database, he would like to use a list to choose the product during data entry. However, there are times that a product might not be available in the database, and it needs to be added. What is the best type of control for Carlos to use in his custom form to meet this requirement?

Combo box

To add the control to the form that meets his requirements, Carlos will use the ____ from the DESIGN tab in the Forms Layout Group on the Ribbon.

Controls gallery

The new custom form meets Carlos’ requirements; however, some of the labels do not clearly describe the data that needs to be entered in the form. Which label property should Carlos change to make the label more descriptive and clear to the user?

Caption property

Janise is planning her first custom form carefully. She knows that she wants a title for her form and several fields included in the form controls. Which feature will Janise use to add the appropriate section for a title to her form?

Form Header/Footer

Before typing the title, which tool should Janise choose from the DESIGN tab on the Ribbon?


All of the fields added to the form are from the Customer table. These controls are called ____ controls because they are connected to a field in the database.


Akash has included a calculated field in the subform which was created using a query for unpaid invoices. The calculated field should show the total amount of unpaid invoices from the InvoiceAmt field; however, the form does not show the calculation in Form view. Which expression will solve this problem?


Akash used the Header section in his main form design, but he does not plan to use the Footer section. To remove the footer section, which section property should be set to zero?


A report created using the Report Wizard and modified in Layout view or Design view is a ____ report.


Using ____ to view a report allows the user to copy selected portions of the report to the Clipboard for use in another program.

Report view

Which report view is the best to use to see what a report will look like when it is printed?

Print Preview

To modify a report while viewing actual report data, use the ____ view.


A field’s data type and the selected value determine the ____ options that appear on the shortcut menu in Report view.


In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the report results are filtered?


In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the Report view button


In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the Layout view button?


Options for modifying a report’s grouping fields, sorting fields, and report calculations for the groups are available using the ____.

Group, Sort, and Total Wizard

Which control format property adds comma separators and two decimal places in report Design view.


To set a report’s margins to Wide with 1" top and bottom margins and 0.75 left and right margins, click on the Margins button on the ____ tab in Report Design Tools.

Page Setup

In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the right margin guide


In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates a number formatted in the Standard format?


In the accompanying figure, which view is being used to view the report?

Layout view

A text box that is too narrow to display the full field value will display the pound sign (#), which means the ____ of the text box must be adjusted.


A section that appears once at the beginning of a report and is used for report titles and company logos, among other elements, is the ____ section in Design view.

Report Header Section

The ____ section appears at the bottom of each page of a report and is used for page numbers and brief explanations of symbols or abbreviations, among other elements

Page Footer

Which of the following is an advantage of using a query as a record source for a report?

fields can easily be added to a query as report requirements change, including calculated fields

A typical Group Footer section will include which type of data?

a count or subtotal for records in that group

What is the maximum number of sort fields that can be included in a report?


The ____ property prints a group header on a page only if there is enough room on the page to also print the first detail record for a group.

keep header and first record together on one page

The Select All button, which selects all controls in a report or group, is located on the ____ tab of the Report Design Tools


The text box property that allows the box to expand vertically to fit the field value is the ____ property

Can Grow

Common properties for multiple controls may be set by performing which of the following tasks?

select adjacent and nonadjacent controls using the Ctrl key and the mouse; then change the properties for all controls at once

The Line tool is accessed using the More button in the ____ group on the DESIGN tab


To avoid the look of missing data in a report, use the Hide Duplicates property on ____ fields.


Which section contains content that will appear at the top of every page of a report?

Page Header

By default, the Report tool and the Report Wizard include the page number control in the ____ section

Page Footer

In the expression =Date(), used to return the current date, which portion of the expression is the name of the function?


The Page Numbers button, used to add a page number expression to a report, is found in the ____ group on the DESIGN tab


In the accompanying figure, how will the page number for the first page display on the report based on the Format chosen?

Page 1

In the accompanying figure, the page number control is set to display the page number in which manner?

right aligned

In the accompanying figure, if the Format is changed to Page N of M, how will the page number be displayed for a 3 page report?

Page 1 of 3

The format for a label is displayed in the Prototype label box when using the ____.

Label Wizard

Spacing and punctuation for mailing labels is determined by spacing and punctuation inserted in the ____ box

Prototype label

Font Weight

Extra Light and Semi-Bold are examples of which feature available in the Label Wizard?

drag the Page Header border down to the desired height

Which option will allow you to increase the height of the Page Header using the mouse?

Page Header

Placing the report title, date, and page number on the same line in the ____ is a common report standard.

Report Footer

In the accompanying figure, which section of the report has a Height property set to zero?


In the accompanying figure, which report section contains the data for the column "Affiliation?"

To begin the process of removing the default alternate row color in a report, select the ____ Border Style after selecting all sections of the report from the FORMAT tab.


To obtain maximum report width, calculate the report width by subtracting the size of the ____ from the width of the page which will be used to view or print the report

Left and Right margins

Carlos has asked Nina to create a report that will list all of his customers by last name with their email addresses. To begin creating the custom report after opening the database, Nina will choose the ____ from the CREATE tab on the Ribbon.

Blank Report

Next, Nina needs to add the fields FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress to the report. She must select ____ from the DESIGN tab while in the Report Layout Tools section of the Ribbon.

Add Existing Fields

Nina does not see any fields available to add to the report after making the correct selection from the DESIGN tab on the Report Layout Tools Ribbon. What is most likely the problem?

the tables are not visible in the Field List pane of the report design window and must be made visible

Nina successfully added the required fields to the report. Now she wants to sort the report alphabetically by the customer’s last name. To Add a Sort Field, Nina must first be in ____ view.

Design or Layout

Nina has completed the report Carlos requested, but she notices that the columns of the report are not spaced equally. Nina can fix this problem quickly by selecting the entire report in Design view and choosing the Equal Horizontal option from the Size/Space button on the ____ tab.


Janise notices, after viewing the report in Report view, that the Special Requests field does not show all of the data she needs to view. Which property should she change for the text box containing the Special Requests field information?

Can Grow

Some of Janise’s clients have more than one pet. The current version of the report shows the client’s information for each pet the client has listed with Janise’s pet sitting service. Janise would like for the client information to appear only once on the report but still see each pet and the pet’s information listed. The report is sorted on the Client’s last name. Which property should Janise set to YES for the client information fields to obtain the results she wants?

Hide Duplicate Values

After printing the report, Janise notices that there is no page number on her report. She would like to add the page number at the bottom of the report. She may add the page number to the bottom of her report in the ____ section of the report.

Page Footer

Options for Janise to choose when adding the page number to the bottom of her report pages may be selected from the ____, available from the Page Numbers button in the Header/Footer group on the DESIGN tab.

Page Numbers dialog box

To further personalize her pet sitting service, Janise has decided to mail each client a postcard with a 10% discount for the month of each pet’s birthday. She will be creating mailing labels from her Clients table. Janise will set the formatting for the mailing labels in the ____ of the Label Wizard.

Prototype label box

All records in an Access table exported as XML begin and end with which XML tag?


When an Access table is exported as an HTML file, the column headings in the HTML document are determined by the ____.

Access table field names

To generate the most readable format for a table exported to HTML, always select the ____ option from the available export options.

Export data with formatting and layout

Values in a CSV file are separated by which symbol?

, (comma)

Which option in the Import Text Wizard allows the user to choose fields that will be imported from a CSV file?

Do not import field (Skip)

In the accompanying figure, arrow number one indicates ____ for the data being imported into Access.

the field names

In the accompanying image, the selected field has been assigned which Data Type?

Short Text

In the accompanying figure, the data enclosed in the green rectangle are data imported from a CSV file that have been ____ by commas.


The process of identifying and eliminating anomalies from a collection of tables is called ____.


Which import option should be chosen in the Import XML dialog box when the data being imported are to be added to an existing table?

Append Data to Existing Table(s)

To create a reminder for an import task that is repeated on a regular basis, a(n) ____ may be created.

Outlook Task

The form control that appears in the Access window with tabs at the top is the ____ Control.


A ____ may be inserted manually using the Page Break tool to make navigation of a large form easier by using the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard.

page break control

In the accompanying figure, arrow number 3 points to the ____.

tab for the second tab of the tab control

In the accompanying figure, which arrow points to the Tab Control tool?


In the accompanying figure, which tab control is active?

Page 34

A(n) ____ is a program containing original information or an original object that can be integrated into Access.

source program

A chart created with the Access Chart Wizard is ____ in Access.


The ____ tool is used from the Controls group on the DESIGN tab to create a chart based on field data from an Access table or query.


In the accompanying figure, the ____ is indicated by arrow number 1.

chart title

In the accompanying figure, arrow number 2 is pointing to which type of chart?

pie chart

In the accompanying figure, which numbered arrow indicates the chart legend?


Access uses ____ as the source program to create a graph when the Chart Wizard is used.

Microsoft Graph

While editing a chart in Microsoft Graph, properties of any chart control may be accessed by double-clicking the ____.


Which of the following is the file extension associated with an Access template?


To use an application part in an existing database, choose ____ from the CREATE tab on the ribbon to view the application parts gallery.

Application Parts

All major operating systems for desktop computers, as well as handheld devices, include software that will open and display the ____ file format.


Document structure tags may be added to a(n) ____ exported from a database to add accessibility features.

PDF file

Which Excel external data option automatically updates a table in the Access database when the Excel source file is updated?

link to the data source by creating a linked table

Data in an Access table linked to an Excel source file may be edited using which process?

edit data in the Excel source file only

Data from an Access database exported to an XML file are contained in ____.

paired tags

Which type of file contains the format specifications for Access table data when exporting table data as an XML file?


Which of the following applications may be used to view an XML file containing the data and the code that describes the data?


In the accompanying figure, arrow number 2 indicates which element of the chart?


In the accompanying figure, arrow number 1 indicates which element of the chart?

data marker

In the accompanying figure, arrow number 4 indicates which chart element?


Which type of file may be used to export an Access report and reduce the file size to minimize downloading time?


Access will create a table from data imported from an Excel spreadsheet if the table specified in the Get External Data dialog box does not exist when the ____option is chosen, and changes made to the source data will not be reflected in the database.

Append a copy of the records to the table

Access offers the option to use the first row of a linked Excel spreadsheet containing column headings as ____ for the table in the database.

field names

It is important to open the ____ file before opening a linked Access table.

source file

All application parts created by all users of the Access program are available in all Access database files on the computer and will be visible in the ____.

Application Parts gallery

To export an Access database object to an HTML document, click the ____ button on the EXTERNAL DATA tab on the Ribbon.


Zach has been given an Excel spreadsheet with each school’s asssessment information and needs to integrate that data into the existing Access database. He would like to import each Excel worksheet as a separate table into the database. What is the best option for Zach to use to create a file from the Excel data that can be imported into Access?

export the Excel data for each school as a CSV file

Once Zach has created the appropriate files from the Excel workbooks, Cayla will import the data into the Access database. Which tab will Cayla use from the Access Ribbon to begin the import process?


Cayla wants to create a new table for each of the imported files. Which option should she choose from the dialog box that appears during the import process?

Import the source data into a new table in the current database

Each Excel worksheet that was exported contained column names. Those names will appear in the first row of the Import Text Wizard and may be used as the ____ in the Access table.

field names

After Cayla imports all of the data into the Access database, Zach will use the ____ tool to be sure there are no redundant data in the table and review the results carefully.

Table Analyzer

Zach and Cayla have successfully imported all of the data from the school system’s assessments into the Access database. Multiple queries have been created from the data, and the school system administrators would like to share the data with the school administrators and teachers using their secure Intranet. What is the best method to use to share the information so that it is easy to read using a Web browser?

export the query results to HTML documents

Brij has contacted each local chapter of the non-profit organization and asked for local donor information. Some local chapters use Excel to record the information, some use Access, and some use other database or spreadsheet applications. To streamline the import process, Brij has asked each local chapter to send him the information in a(n) ____ document that is well suited for data exchange among many different programs.


Brij has already created the table structure he wants to use in his database. Therefore, when he imports the data from the local non-profit organizations, he will ____ the data to his existing table.


The local non-profit offices update their donor information every quarter. Brij will find it necessary to update the database by using the same import specifications four times a year. Which process would expedite this task for Brij?

save the import steps in the Access database so they could quickly be run again

Brij has been asked to share a report with the non-profit’s Board of Directors which lists all donors by state. Brij created a query to appropriately sort the data and generated the report using Access. The report will be shared using e-mail. Which option is Brij most likely to choose to share this information?

export the report to a PDF file to minimize file size and decrease download time

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