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The default query type for Access is the Crosstab query. ____________________


To toggle between navigation mode and editing mode press the F2 keyboard shortcut. ____________________


Hiding a field in Datasheet view removes the field from the current table. ____________________


When a question is asked of a database using a select query, the answer is returned as a data sheet. ____________________


It is more efficient to use the Query Wizard for common, informational queries than to design your own query. ____________________


Changes made to a field in a query datasheet updates the same field in the table on which the query is based. ____________________


It is not possible to create a query from more than one table. ____________________


Fields included in a query may be modified after the query is saved. ____________________


Logical operators must be used in order to combine two or more conditions in a query. ____________________


Results of a query are narrowed by using the Or logical operator. ____________________


The contents of query datasheet are permanent. ____________________


The process of rearranging records in a specified order or sequence is referred to as sorting. ____________________


Access may base queries on one or more tables or queries. ____________________


A sort field is unique if more than one record can have the same value for the sort field. __________________


The most simple technique to use for filtering records is Filter By Form. ____________________


Arithmetic operations are performed on selected records in a database using Statistical functions. ____________________


Expression Builder is found in the Query Setup group on the DESIGN tab. ____________________


Results of a query may be viewed at any time by clicking the ____ button in the Results group on the Ribbon.


The process of adding, modifying and deleting records in a database to keep the records current and accurate is referred to as ____ a database.


Which record modification mode is used to insert or delete characters in a field value based on the location of the insertion point?

editing mode

Which keyboard shortcut selects the first field value in the first record when in Navigation Mode?


The ____ command removes the display of one or more fields in Datasheet view.

Hide Fields

Which view must be used to delete an entire record?


A query based on more than one table is a(n) ____query.


Queries based on more than one table, must have a ____ field.


A field with the Short Text data type sorted in descending order will display the data in which order?

Z to A

Data may be sorted in a table datasheet, a form, and a ____.

query datasheet

When the sort field data for each record in a database is different, the sort field is ____.


The primary key of a table must be unique for each record; however, the ____ sort field does not have to be unique.


In a query, Access sorts fields first based on the sort field that is ____ in the design grid of the Query window when in Design view.


The comparison operator, < >, is used to insert a condition that means ____.

not equal to

In the criterion, <=250, the operator will return values for the specified field that are ____.

less than or equal to 250

To use an existing query as the basis for a new query, it is necessary to ____ the query before designing the new query.


A combination of database fields, constants, and operators that are used to perform a calculation is called a(n) ____.


The + symbol is an example of a(n) ____ operator.


A calculated field is formatted using the ____ for the field.

Property Sheet

Which aggregate function would be used to calculate the lowest field value for the selected records?


Which aggregate function supports the Yes/No field data type?


Which comparison operator matches a pattern that includes wildcards?


The ___________________ command allows hidden fields to be redisplayed.

Unhide Fields

The default name for a new Access query is ____________________.


Typing a value in a highlighted field while in the ____________________ mode replaces the highlighted field value.


A ____________________ is a set of records that answers the question resulting from a query.


The ascending sort order for the Date/Time data type sorts dates from ____________________.

oldest to most recent date

A set of restrictions placed on records in an open datasheet or form that temporarily isolates a subset of the records is called a ____________________.


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