Abnormal Psychology

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Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is

deviant, distressed, and dysfunctional

Ongoing patterns of behavior that are different from those of most other people in your culture are best characterized as


Alexis is socially withdrawn and has few close friends. This behavior is most likely to be diagnosed as a symptoms of psychological disorder if it is

preventing her from functioning effectively

Although Adderall is a _____________ drug, it is commonly used in the treatment of ___________

stimulant; ADHD

According to the medical model, psychological disorders are

sickness that need to be diagnosed and cured

The medical model of psychologically disordered behavior is most likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of

social circumstances and psychological factors

It would be most difficult to use the _____________ to explain why anorexia nervosa occurs mostly in western cultures

medical model

Some psychological disorders occur primarily in one in one culture. However, ____________ occurs worldwide.


Both are inseparability of mind and body and the interaction of nature and nurture are most clearly emphasized by

the biophysical approach

The medical model would be least helpful for explaining the

dramatic increase in reported cases of dissociative identity disorder during the past 40 years or so years

The DSM-IV-TR does NOT

explain the causes of the various psychological disorders

DSM-IV-TR is most likely to be criticized for

classifying an excessively broad range of human behaviors as psychologically disordered

DSM-IV-TR focuses on clinicians’ reports of observable behavior in order to

facilitate the reliability of diagnoses

One facet of the positive psychology movement has been the introduction of a classification system designed to aid in the process of

assessing human strengths

After George learned that Mrs.Min suffered from schizophrenia, he mistakenly concluded that her tendencies to laugh easily and smily frequently, were symptoms of her disorder. This best illustrates the

biasing power of diagnostic labels

A deluded Scotsman, Daniel M’Naghten, tried to assassinate a government official in 1843. He was sent to a mental hospital rather than to prison because he was judged to

be insane

Maladaptive behaviors that reduce worry and fear are most indicative of

an anxiety disorder

Rich, a college student, complains that he feels apprehensive and fearful most of the time but doesn’t know why. Without warning, his heart begins to pound, his hands get icy, and he breaks out in a cold sweat. Rich most likely suffers from

generalized anxiety disorder

While he was studying, Matthew was suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of intense apprehension. For several minutes he felt so agitated that he could not catch his breath. Matthew was most likely suffering from

a panic attack

In comparison to generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder is characterized by periods of distress that are

more intense and less prolonged

Incapacitating efforts to avoid specific anxiety-producing situations is most indicative of certain


Kaylee is so afraid of spiders and insects that she avoids most outdoor activities and even refuses to go to the basement of her own house alone. Kaylee appears to suffer from

a phobia

An incapacitating and highly distressing fear about being embarrassed in the presence of others is most characteristic of

social phobias

Anxiety about being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult is indicative of


Cecil is preoccupied with thoughts of jumping out the window of his tenth-floor apartment. To reduce his anxiety, he frequently counts his heartbeats aloud. Cecil would most likely be diagnosed as experiencing

obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessions are

offensive and unwanted thoughts that persistently preoccupy a person

The billionaire aviator Howard Hughes insisted that his assistants carry out elaborate hand-washing rituals and wear white gloves when handling any document he would later touch. His behavior best illustrated the symptoms of

obsessive-compulsive disorder

The incidence of OCD is greatest among

teen and young adults

The social withdrawal and haunting nightmares of battle-scarred war veterans best illustrates symptoms of


Some psychologists believe that due partly to a broader definition of trauma, mental health professionals have been over diagnosing


Most political dissident who survive dozens of episodes of torture do not later exhibit PTSD. This best illustrates survivor


Positive psychological changes that result from struggling with extremely challenging life crises demonstrate

post-traumatic growth

Rats that received unpredictable electric shocks in a laboratory experiment subsequently became apprehensive when returned to the same laboratory setting. This best illustrates that anxiety disorders may result from

classical conditioning

Compulsive hand washing often increases in frequency because it relieves feelings of anxiety . This best illustrates the impact of ___________ on compulsive behaviors


Obsessive thoughts typically __________ anxiety and compulsive behaviors typically ________ anxiety

increase; decrease

A psychological disorder in which the symptoms take a bodily form without apparent physical cause is a

somatoform disorder

Misinterpreting normal physical sensations as symptoms of a dreaded disease is indicative of


William, an airplane pilot, is unable to remember anything of a bombing raid in which his plane was severely damaged and two crew members, were killed. Because he himself suffered no physical injuries, psychologists suspect that William probably suffers from

a dissociative disorder

A sense of being separated from your body and watching yourself with a sense of detachment is a symptom os


The experience of multiple personalities is most likely to be characterized by

a massive dissociation of self from ordinary consciousness

College students were asked to pretend that they were accused murderers. Under hypnosis, they typically expressed a second personality when prompted to do so by the examining psychiatrist. This most strongly suggests that dissociative identity disorder may involve


Skeptics have suggested that the role-playing of fantasy-prone patients in response to the leading questions of therapists has often contributed

dissociative identity disorder

A major depressive disorder is most likely to be characterized by

feelings of personal worthlessness

Sluggishness and inactivity are most likely to be associated with

major depressive disorder

A disorder in which an individual is overexcited, hyperactive, and wildly optimistic is known as


In which disorder do people alternate between stages of lethargic hopelessness and wild over excitement

bipolar disorder

Since the early 1990s, adolescents with strong mood swings have been increasingly likely to be diagnosed as suffering from

bipolar disorder

George Frideric Handel composed his Messiah during three weeks of intense, creative energy. Many believe Handel suffered a mild for of

bipolar disorder

Research regarding depression indicated that

with each new generation, depression is increasingly in its prevalence

Suicide rates in the United States are ___________ among white s than blacks and _________ among men than woman


The risk of suicide is greatest when people

beging to rebound from their depression

Of those who talk of suicide, __________ actually attempt suicide. Of those who attempt suicide, __________ succeed in completing the act.

only a few; only a few

Professor Macintosh emphasizes that depression often involves the interactive influences of self-focused rumination, rejection from others, and low serotonin levels. The professor’s emphasis best illustrates

a bio psychosocial approach

According to the social cognitive perspective, women are more vulnerable to depression than men because they are more likely to

experience learned helplessness

The social-cognitive perspective has emphasized that depression is perpetuated by

self-blaming attributions

Internal, stable, and global explanations of one’s own failures are indicative of


Inane suffers from chronic depression. According to the social-cognitive perspective, how is she most likely to respond when told that she performed very poorly on a test she took the previous day?

"I’m academically incompetent and always will be"

A therapist suggests that Margaret is depressed because she attributes her failures to her own incompetence instead of blaming her parents and teachers for the unreasonable demands they place on her. The therapists interpretation most clearly reflects a ___________ perspective


Schizophrenia is most likely to be characterized by

disorganized and fragmented thinking

Psychological disorders in which people lose contact with reality and experience irrational ideas and distorted perceptions are known as __________ disorders


Mr. Hunt believes that he is the president of the United States and that he will soon become the "King of the Universe" Mr. Hunt is most clearly suffering from


Wilma is extremely agitated because she hears voices that tell her to sexually seduce the male nurses in her hospital ward. Wilma is most clearly suffering from


Although Mrs. Petrides usually sits passively in a motionless stupor, she sometimes repetitiously shakes her head or waves her arms. She most likely suffers from


One of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia is

an expressionless face

Evidence suggests that prenatal viral infections contribute to


People born in __________ during the month of _____________ are at increased

North America; February

Psychological disorders characterized by inflexible, enduring, and socially maladaptive behavior patterns are called _______________ disorders


The distinctive features used to identify the three clusters of personality disorders are

anxiety, eccentricity and impulsivity

Those with narcissistic personality disorder are likely to be preoccupied with

their own self-importance

The term psychopath has been used to refer to an individual with

antisocial persoanlity disorder

Antisocial personality disorder is most likely to be characterized by

a persistent, irrational fear of people

Which of the following disorders is more common among men than women?

antisocial personality disorder

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