Abnormal Psychology Ch. 7

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An important difference between mood disorders and normal mood fluctuation is…

The severity and duration of the problem

What is the current incidence of severe unipolar depression in the United States?


In the united states, the prevalence of the unipolar depression in boys is…

The same as it is for girls, but the prevalence for men is lower than it is for women

The experience of constant weeping would be considered a(n) _____ symptoms of depression


A man diagnosed with major depressive disorder exhibited his first diagnosable symptoms when he was about 40 years old. Among those experiencing major depressive disorder, his case is…

Very uncommon, most people with this diagnosis are women in their mid- to late 20s

A person displaying sadness, lack of energy, headaches, and feelings of low self-worth is not showing what symptom?

Behavioral symptoms

A depressed person who is confused, unable to remember things, and unable to solve problems is suffering from ____ symptoms


What is a physical symptom of depression?

Sleeping poorly

What would be the most appropriate diagnosis for a person who experienced a major depressive episode, without having any history of mania, and is either immobile or excessively active>

Catatonic depression

To receive a diagnosis of major depressive episode, catatonic, an individual must display…

Motor immobility or lack of excessive activity

To receive a diagnosis of a major depressive episode, melancholic, an individual must display…

Almost no emotional response to pleasurable events

To receive a diagnosis of dysthymic syndrome, an individual must have experienced symptoms for at least…

2 years

Judith is currently experiencing a period of sadness that interferes with her ability to go to work and to take care of her children. it has lasted for three weeks, and she has experienced similar episodes in the past. What type of major depression would she most likely be diagnosed with?


A woman experiences recurrent thoughts of suicide, great sadness, and sleep disturbance. These symptoms began a week after she gave birth and have lasted more than six months. This woman is experiencing…

Postpartum depression

A woman being treated for postpartum depression after the birth of her first child is most likely to…

Have up to a 50% chance of experiencing postpartum depression with her next child

Jamal is experiencing major depressive episode that appears to have begun three weeks ago. He is miserable and suffers from at least five symptoms of depression. No unusually stressful events have occurred in the past year. Based on these data, the diagnosis would be…

Endogenous Depression

Sohila has been deteriorating for more than a year. She is always tired (she does not sleep), she is losing weight (she eats poorly), she is sad, she feels terrible, and she feels like it will never get any better. When she responds to questions, it is clear that nothing in particular has happened. Based on the data, the diagnosis would most likely be…

Endogenous Depression

Family pedigree and twin studies have been used to look for a genetic predisposition for unipolar depression. These studies have found..

A higher than chance rate of depression among the families of depressed patients

What are the chances that researchers will develop a specific, gene-based explanation for unipolar depression in the near future?

Low– so far, specific genes on half or more of chromosomes have been linked to unipolar depression

There are several factors related to unipolar depression– reduced positive reinforcers, gene abnormalities, and life stress, to name a few. How do these factors relate to depression? The most recent research shows that…

Some factors may cause depression, while other factors may maintain depression

If people with unipolar depression were found to have higher levels of cortisol, such a finding would support the influence of the…

Biochemical orientation

Assume that a new study suggests the corpus callosum may cause unipolar depression by moving messages too slowly from one cerebral hemisphere to another. This study would be…

Very unusual; previous studies have most strongly connected another brain area to depression

The belief that the prefrontal cortex has a very important part to play in the development of depression is probably…

Correct, lower activity in the prefrontal cortex is associated with depression

Recent research indicated that all of the following brain structures or regions are part of the brain circuits involved in unipolar depression except…

The corpus callosum

According to Freudian theory, depression results in part from…

Regression to the oral stage

The clinician who would be most likely to say, "Tell me about any early losses you experienced " is a…

Psychodynamic clinician

Which theoretical model is supported by finding monkeys separated from their mothers at birth show signs of depression?


Studies show that less than 10% of individuals who experience major losses become depressed. This finding provides what level of support for a psychodynamic explanation of depression?

Almost none- about 10% of adults in the United States experience some level of clinical depression each year

Behaviorists explain the downward spiral of depression by theorizing that

Depressed behavior leads to even fewer opportunities for social rewards

Which theoretical orientation would support the finding that there is a significant relationship between positive life events and feelings of life satisfaction and happiness?


A decrease in social rewards, especially a decrease in social support such as that is found in a happy marriage, may precede the onset of depression, providing evidence for which theoretical perspectives?

Behavioral and sociocultural

Cognitive theorists explain depression in terms of a person’s

Negative interpretation of events

The individual associated with developing a cognitive theory of depression based on negative and maladaptive thinking was…


The dean of academic affairs visit a professor’s class as part of a tenure review. At the conclusion of the lecture, the dean exists hurriedly, without saying a word to the professor. The professor, who is prone to depression, concludes, "The dean hated my class so much he was too embarrassed to speak with me". This is an example of a..

Arbitrary inference

Which research finding provides the most direct support for Beck’s cognitive theory of depression

Depressed women make even more errors in logic when interpreting a paragraph than do nondepressed women

If I’m in a depressed mood and all I do is think about my mood without trying to change it, I’m making what kind of response?


What are the two most influential cognitive explanations for unipolar depression?

Theory of negative thinking and the theory of learned helplessness

There person associated with the learned helplessness theory of depression is…


According to Martin Seligman’s theory, who would be most likely to develop learned helplessness?

Someone who had experienced uncontrollable negative events and then a controllable negative event

Many victims of spousal abuse stay with their abusers, even though it is obvious to others that they should, and actually could, leave. A good explanation for their behavior is…

Learned helplessness

Darius thinks that his poor performance in math was due to a bad teacher. He also believes that he is good in language-based subjects, Darius is sure that he will do better in math next year. This is an example of…

External, specific, and unstable attrition

The clinician who would be most likely to ask "Do you believe you will always feel like this in all situations?" is a …

Cognitive Clinician

One who looks at the influence of race, living conditions, marital status, and roles on the development of depression would most likely represent which theoretical orientation?


In the United States, the highest depression rate is found in..

Divorced people

What statement is not generally accurate regarding gender and depression?

Men respond less successfully to therapy for depression

Depression is more common in women because they experience more taxing life situations, such as poverty and menial jobs than men. This is the…

Life stress theory

Artifact theory differs importantly from other sociocultural theories of depression because it suggests…

Women and men are equally likely to develop depression

The DSM-5 has added premenstrual dysphoric disorder as a diagnosis given to certain women who repeatedly experience a clinically significant depressive and related symptoms during the week before menstruation. Why has this been an ongoing controversy?

The diagnosis pathologizes severe cases of premenstrual syndrom

What theoretical orientation would support the finding that Westerners experience more psychological symptoms of depression than do others around the world?


Which of these people is most likely to be diagnosed with depression?

A woman from the United States who has lived all of her life on an American Indian reservation

Which is an accurate description of the symptoms of mania?

They don’t include a sense of the impact of one’s actions on others

People who talk rapidly, dress flambouyantly, and get involved in dangerous activities are showing ____ symptoms of maina.


According to the DSM-5, all of the following are considered symptoms of a manic episode EXCEPT

Suicidal ideation

On an impulse, David decides to throw a huge party. It takes four days of round-the-clock work to get everything ready, and then David welcomes more than 200 guests. When the police stop by because David has blocked a public road to have room for the party, he flies into a rage. Most likely, David is experiencing…

Manic phase of bipolar 1 disorder

The difference between bipolar 1 disorder and bipolar 2 disorder is…

The severity of the manic episodes

A friend of yours wishes to be a highly creative artist. What is the best advice you could give your friend regarding mood disorders?

"Mild mood disorders are related to greater activity than severe disorders"

Assume you have a friend who is a talented artist and has occasional short-term hypomania. What is the best thing, in terms of being a creative, productive artist, that your friend could do?

Do nothing: sometimes, hypomania increases artistic creativity and produtivity

A milder pattern of mood swings that does not reach the severity of bipolar disorder but does inclue brief depressive and manic episodes is called ______ disorder


Biochemical explanations for bipolar disorder focus on all of the following except…

Hormonal functioning

Abnormal "ion activity" has been fond in many people suffering from bipolar disorder. This ion activity is responsible for transmitting messages

Down the length of a neuron

The strongest evidence for the cause of bipolar disorders BEST supports which theoretical perspective?


Which risk percentage pattern BEST supports the influence of genetic factors in explaining bipolar disorder —(1) in the general population , (2) among close relatives of people with bipolar disorder, and (3) among identical twins of people with bipolar disorder?

1% 10% 40%

If we ultimately find that people with unipolar depression have certain biochemical characteristics, certain cognitive characteristics, and certain life stressors then we will have evidence that…

An interaction between factors causes depression

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