Abnormal Chapter 16

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The consistencies of one’s characteristics are called:

Personality traits

How do personality disorder differ form the personality characteristics of typical people?

The lead to more maladaptive, distressful, and inflexible behaviors

DSM-5, like its predecessor, DSM-IV-TR, identifies 10 personality disorders utilizing a:

categorical approach

One reason that the personality disorders are difficult to treat is that the afflicted individuals:

are frequently unaware that they have a problem

Which is NOT the name used for a cluster of personality disorders?


The categorical approach to personality disorders assumes that:

problematic personality traits are either present or absent

If you believe that personality disorder are BEST understood as a matter of degree in difference from typical personality rather than as a specific diagnosis, you agree with:

the dimensional approach

An individual has just received a diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder. That individual is MOST likely to have a parent or sibling who has:


The category of "odd" personality disorders includes the traits of:

extreme suspiciousness, social withdrawal, and cognitive and perceptual peculiarities.

"Its clear that very demanding parens caused this person to develop paranoid personality disorder." This statement MOST likely would be made by someone from which theoretical perspective?


A person experiencing paranoid personality disorder frequently says things like "You’ve got to get them before they get you," and "People have been sinners since the Garden of Eden." If these saying reflect maladaptive assumptions the person has about people in general, the theorist who would be LEAST surprised would have which theoretical position?


One similarity of those experiencing paranoid personality disorder and those experiencing schizoid personality disorder is that they tend:

not to have close ties to the other

Wes has always been a loner. He has never much scared for being with other people and does not form relationships easily. He appears to be without emotion. Wes may be exhibiting.

Schizoid personality disorder

The parents of those with schizoid personality disorder are MOST likely to have been:


An individual diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder reports having a great deal of difficulty gifting out how others feel and as a child had difficulty developing adequate language skills. These finding would make the MOST sense to a theorist with which background?


There is a new game called "Moods" where one acts out the mood listed on a card. Being encouraged to play this game is most like the treatment _____ might use for those with schizoid disorders.

cognitive therapists

A belief that the new anchor on CNN is giving one important messages about one’s behavior reflects:

ideas of reference

Schizotypal personality disorders differ from the "odd" personality disorders in that they are related to schizophrenia and:

mood disorders

The disorder that appears to be MOST closely related to the schizotypal personality disorder is:


A client has enlarged brain ventricles and a measurable loss of gray matter. These symptoms are:

biological, and the most likely diagnosis is schizotypal personality disorder.

As part of their therapy, clients learn to evaluate their unusual thoughts, track the accuracy of "magical" predictions, and reconnect with the world and with their limitations. The diagnoses of these clients would MOST likely be in which broad category of personality disorder?


Which category of personality disorder contains the disorders MOST commonly diagnosed?


A friend of yours says, "A 15-year-old high school student accused of shooting several classmates received a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder." Your accurate reply would be:

No, the student is too young for that diagnosis

Ben set up an elaborate scheme to mine gold in the rockies. He had a large town meeting and made a presentation of his stock. The shares were only $5 each, and everyone could afford them. He showed pictures of the mine and explained ow the company expected to gross $100 million each month. As it turns out, he was a terrific con artist who had made several "successful" proposals such as this in town across America in the last couple of years. He is MOST likely suffering from:

antisocial personality disorder

Sarah respects none of society’s boundaries and is insensitive to other people, frequently violating their rights. She does not consider the consequences of her actions. She MOST probably experiences:

Antisocial personality disorder

If you wanted to write a book about a fictional character who is a "typical" example of antilock personality disorder, you might have a character exhibit all of the following except:

periods of very high anxiety

The two childhood disorders that have been related to later antisocial personality disorder are:

conduct disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

The fat that children may learn antisocial behavior by modeling parental conflict and aggressiveness provides support for:

behavioral theory

Giving in to a child’s refusal to comply with a parental request may in adherently reinforce stubborn and defiant behavior, setting the scene for the development of antisocial personality disorder. This is most like a ______ view.


Assume a study of prison inmates diagnosed with antisocial enormity disorder show that they generally experience less anxiety than other people when the like or con others. This outcome would most strongly support which theoretical position?


Which statement BEST represents current knowledge about mass murderers?

We really don’t know what causes mass murders to act or how to treat them.

Which is MOST characteristic of mass murderers?

feelings of persecution and desire for revenge

"There’s nothing out thee for me. I can’t stand other people, and i can’t stand myself, either. I’m just really mad right bow." Such a statement would most likely beamed by someone with which personality disorder?


Lisa felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster. She felt angry and empty. Lisa’s feelings are MOST similar to those of someone with which personality disorder?


Transported to the hospital after a suicide attempt, a man is later admitted to the hospital’s psychiatric wing. His history showed other self-destruct behaviors and recklessness. MOST likely, if the man is diagnosed with a personality disorder, it will be:


A therapist treating a clinet diagnosed with borderline personality disorder came up with the following analysis: the parents probably did not want children in the first place; the child just was not accepted; the child developed low self-esteem, dependency, and an in ability to cope with separation. The therapist’s theoretical orientation is probably:

object relations theory

If an individual has damage to the prefrontal cortex, which symptom would MOST likely be observed?

deficits in planning, self-control, and decision making

Which have sociocultural theorist suggested a s a cause for the emergence of borderline personality disorder?

rapid social change

the inability to accurately interpret one’s internal biological emotional or physiological states is characteristic of both?

borderline personality disorder and eating disorders

What aspect of dialectical behavior therapy related to psychodynamic theory?

the emphasis on the patient-therapist relationship

When dialectical behavior therapy is used with patients with borderline personality disorder, those patients, compared to patient receiving other for of therapy, make

far fewer suicide attempts and are hospitalized less often

A patient receiving dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for borderline personality disorder experiences and emotion that he or she realizes in inappropriate. Immediately after, the partite acts in a very different, appropriate,w ay. This DBT procedure is called

opposite action

The therapist states, "I seldom use drugs when I treat clients with borderline personality disorder." The therapist MOST likely says this because

the risk of suicide increases because suing drugs may lead to overdose

"Beatlemania" gripped the United States in the 1960s when the British rock group The Beatles performed; adorning fans screamed, sometimes fainted, and shouted exaggerated, emotional praise a the group. These behaviors MOST closely resemble the characteristics of:

histrionic personality disorder

When the seat belt light in Didi’s car stay son for a few extra seconds, she bursts into tears. She always craves attention and reacts toe even the smallest evens with an elaborate show of emotion. She probably would receive the diagnosis of:

histrionic personality disorder

"The problem is that they assume they can’t take care of themselves, so they think others have to meet their needs. This pattern of thinking is not very helpful in trying to deal with histrionic personality disorder." A psychologist from which perspective would agree MOST strong with this quote?


"I am the greatest!" a famous boxer declared loudly and often. Had he in acted acted throughout his adult life as though he were the greatest, the most appropriate diagnosis would be:

Narcissistic personality disorder

Ty is fairly handsome button as handsome as he thinks he is. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and is sure the everyone around him feels the same way. He is MOST likely experiencing

narcissistic personality disorder

Behavioral and cognitive theorist propose that people who develop narcissistic personality disorder may have been treated

too positively in early life

Assume you have to give and in class presentation about narcissistic personality disorder. What is an accurate statement about treatment for this disorder?

No form of therapy is clearly better than the others

Like those with paranoid personality disorder, those with avoidant personality disorder usually

are very sensitive to criticism and avoid close relationships

Avoidant personality disorder seems MOST closely related to:

social anxiety

According to psychodynamic theorists, an important factor is the development of avoidant personality disorder is

early experiences of shame

Group therapy is particularly useful int he treatment of avoidant personality disorder, mainly because group therapy

provides practice in social interactions

A person who has an executive need to be taken care of and is clingy is MOST likely to qualify for a diagnosis of

dependent personality disorder

A high school student asks a guidance counselor, parents, and friends for suggestions before deciding on a college to attend and on an academic major. This student’s behavior is

normal for those in highs cool

A child who is severely criticized for acting independently, and who is praised for doing exactly what parents say to do, later develops dependent personality disorder. The therapist who would be LEAST surprised by this outcome would have which theoretical orientation?


"Group therapy is a good option for those with dependent personality disorder; they’ll be able to observe others coping skills and model them." This statement would MOST likely be made by a therapist having which theoretical perspective


Obsessive compulsive personalty diorder is MOST common among

men with jobs

Psychodynamic theorists explain obsessive compulsive personality disorder as a fixation at the

anal stage

With the help of a therapist, a client with obsessive compulsive personality disorder had experienced a dramatic decrease in both dichotomous thinking and worrying. The cline’s behavior is

uncommon; most with obsessive compulsive personality disorder do not seek help, and this person is most likely receiving cognitive therapy

some researchers not that the majority of those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder are female and that many of these women experienced emotion trauma, victimization, violence, and carious form of abuse as children. As a result, these researcher view the disorder as a special form o f

post-traumatic stress disorder

According to the DSM-5, a pattern diagnosed as a personality disorder must deviate substantially from the norms and expectations of the individual’s culture. As a result

little multicultural research has been conducted

Research has found that borderline personality disorder is ore common among

hispanic americans

which is NOT a problem in the use of the DSM-5 to diagnose personalty disorders?

the criteria are so restrictive that several categories rarely, if ever, are used

"let;s try to figure out where clients fall on several key personality traits, rather than using a dichotomous classification system." someone saying this would MOST likely favor which approach to classifying personality disorder?

a dimensional approach

If instruments such as the "Big Five" are used to describe personality, rather than relying on DSM-5, then diagnoses of psychological disorder would become

less categorical and more a matter of degree

although lying, even compulsive lying, is not considered a psychological disorder, it is sometimes a characteristic of people with

narcissistic personality disorder

The five traits to be included in future revisions of the DSM-5 that utilize a dimensions approach in diagnosing personality disorders are

negative affectivity, detachment, antagonism, disinhibition, psychotics.

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