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The major focus of a clinical practitioner when dealing with a new client is to gather what type of information


When graduate schools choose students based on test score, college grades and relevant experience they are engaging in


a functional analysis involves

learning about a persons behaviors

another term for developing norms for an assessment tool is


a new test for anxiety shows consistent levels of anxiety across time for people but very few people have taken the test and accurate norms don’t exist. the test has

high reliability but inadequate standardization

a panel of psychologist and psychiatrist evaluates the test results and clinical interviews of a client in a sanity hearing. They all arrive at the same diagnosis. The panel has high

interrater reliability

an assessment tool asks individuals to record all the times they feel sad in order to try to measure tendencies toward depression. however, individuals report wide variation from day to day in terms of the number of sad episodes they record. this assessment tool has

low test- retest reliability and high face validity

a test is constructed to identify people who will develop schizophrenia. of the 100 people the test identifies 93 show signs of developing schizophrenia within five years. The test may be said to have high

predictive validity

if a new assessing anorectic tendencies produces scores comparable to those of other tests for assessing anorectic tendencies, then the new test has high

concurrent validity

Dr. martin just asked a potential client to talk about herself…..there are a few constraints on the conversation. Dr. Martin has just

conducted an unstructured interview.

the clinical interviewer most interested in stimuli that trigger abnormal responses would have what orientation?


if a clinician is particularly interested in a clients family background and community influences, MOST likely that clinicians orientation is


an interviewer who asks a client where are you now? why are you here? and who are you? is probably conducting a

mental status exam

one limitation of the clinical interview as an assessment tool is that

the client may give an overly positive picture

your friend says i will trust my first impressions of people even when the first impression is negative. based on research dealing with clinical interviews your best answer would be

be careful the research shows that first impressions, especially negative ones may be inaccurate.

the assumption behind the use of projective tests as assessment tools is that:

the responses come from the clients unconscious

when roschach testers ask questions like did the person respond to the whole picture or to specific details, and to the the coors of the white houses? they are interested in the ____ of the response


the only test among the following this is not a projective test is the

minnesota multiphastic personality inventory

If a clinician focused on where you placed your drawing on the page, the size of the drawing and the parts you omitted, you MOST likely took which of the following tests


which of the following statements about the use of projective techniques by todays clinicians is TRUE

the centrality of projective tests has declined since their introduction

Clients check off either "applies" or "does not apply" to a series of 200 items dealing with what they do and what they think in a variety of situations. The kind of test they are taking MOST likely is a

personality inventory

youssef is the kind of person who breaks laws and rules with no feeling of guilt and is emotionally shallow. he would probably score high on the MMPI-1 scale called

psychopathic deviate

of the following, who is MOST at risk for misinterpreting a cultural response as pathology

a dominant-culture assessor

Compared to projective tests, personality inventories

have higher validity

compared to projective tests, personality inventories generally have

greater reliability and greater validity

an inventory that asks about ones level of anxiety, depression or anger is an


A response inventory that asks individuals to provide detailed information about their typical thoughts and assumptions is an

cognitive inventory

which of the following is a valid critique of the use of response inventories?

response inventories are improvised as the need arises and are not well tested

a client is hooked up to an apparatus that measures galvanic skin response and blood pressure after which the client verbally answers a series of questions. the type of clinical test being used is


imagine that you are asked to give a scientific opinion on the use of polygraphic evidence. your BEST response would be

"although they are used widely, they are not particularly reliable"

the assessment interment MOST likely to be used to detect subtle brain abnormalities is the

neuropsychological test

How does an MRI make a picture of the brain?

it relies on the magnetic properties of the atoms in the cells scanned

a friend of yours is required to tai a polygraph test as a part of a job application. this requirement is

legal; in fact, in some employment categories, polygraph use may be on the increase.

when a person has organic brain impairment, that person would most likely have difficulty

the bender visual motor gestalt test

Binet and simon are known for their work in creating an

intelligence test

which category or clinical tests tends to have the BEST standardization, reliability and validity?

intelligence tests

the MOST legitimate criticism of intelligence tests concerns their

cultural fairness

a clinician who is using naturalistic observation would be MOST likely to do which of the following?

observe parent-child interactions in the family home

the knowledge that a person a clinician is about to interview has already been diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder could lead to

observer bias

How difficult is it for a typical person to buy an intelligence test or view Rorschach cards?

not difficult at all; one can buy intelligence test and view cards online

imagine that you know you are being observed and you change your behavior in order to make a good impression. This is known as


a client reports having infrequent but extremely disturbing tactile hallucinations. The MOST useful of the following ways to gather information about this person would be to involve


An adult frequently displays symptoms of depression at home, but seldom does so at work. in this case clinical observation of this person at home would lack

cross situational validity

deciding that a clients psychological problems represent a particular disorder is called


a cluster of symptoms that go together and define a mental disorder is called a


the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders …DSM 5 was developed by

american psychiatric association

DSM 5 is the classification system for abnormal behaviors that is

most widely used in the united states

the DSM5 is the first edition of the DM that requires clinicians to provide

both categorical information and dimensional information

a friend says to you, i wonder how likely i am to qualify for DSM diagnosis

likely. almost half of people would ever qualify for a DSM diagnosis

the existence of disorders such a moro,gusto, amok, and winding remind us that

classifications applied in one culture may not be appropriate in another

a clinician can include three kinds of information in making a diagnosis……according to the DSM 5 a clinician is required to include

a diagnostic category and a severity rating but not additional information

dr ross and dr carman agree that suzette is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder


which of the following is not a procedure that DSM 5 develops relied on to improve reliability

reducing substantially the number of different diagnostic categories

DSM5 tried to ensure the validity of the new edition by using all of the following procedures except

consulting with clinical advisors

a present day clinician uses terms like demetia and mental retardation for diagnostic categories. that clinician is using terms

not used in the DSM 5 but the previous DSM

studies show that if you want the MOST accurate assessment of a psychological disorder, what is better, judgements or clinicians or models and actural tables

judgements of computer models and actuarial tables. they are about 10 percent more accurate.

studies of diagnostic conclusions made by clinicians show that

they pay too much attention to some of the information and too little to other information

an institutionalized individual behaving abnormally says the doctor claims I’m schizophrenic. how else would you expect me to act the individuals comments reflect

self fulfilling prophecy

surveys show that over 1/3 (33 percent) of americans

all answers are correct

lets just do away with diagnosis says a clinician/ all we do is making things worse. that clinicians view point is

shared by some of those working in the area of abnormality

a clinical psychologist you know says… how do i decide on the best treatment? simple, I make sure to read the most recent research studies in therapy. and follow their advice. this clinical psychologist believes in using

evidence based treatment

therapies that have received clear research support are called

evidence based

in order to study general effectiveness in treatment smith and glass and their colleagues performed a

meta analysis of many studies

patients receiving therapy for a psychological problem on average experience improvement greater than do___ of people with similar problems who do not receive treatment

75 percent

if you consulted a pro anorexia site on the internet you would learn about

how to be a better anorexic

the movement that has tried to find the common strategies that good therapists use is called


a person who primarily prescribes medication but does not conduct psychotherapy is called a


a psychiatrist says… i am a strong believer in a combined approach to therapy, in fact i participate in combined approaches… based on statement the most likely speciality of the psychiatrist is


which of the following is the best conclusion you could draw about the effectiveness of the various assessment techniques?

when all is said and done no technique stands out as superior

which of the following factors leads to increased respect for assessment and diagnosis?

increased assessment research

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