A&P2 Chapter 20

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1) Small secondary lymphoid organs, which cluster along lymphatic vessels, are termed ________.

B) lymph nodes

2) Which of the following would NOT be classified as a lymphoid organ?

B) pancreas

3) Which of the following statements regarding the thymus is FALSE?

A) It has follicles similar to those in the spleen.

4) Lymph transport involves all of the following EXCEPT ________.

D) smooth muscle contraction in the lymph capillary walls

5) The thymus is most active during ________.

A) childhood

6) Which of the following is NOT a part of the lymphatic system?

D) erythrocytes

7) Antibodies that act against a particular foreign substance are released by ________.

B) plasma cells

8) Lymph leaves a lymph node via ________.

B) efferent lymphatic vessels

9) Which cells are the main "warriors" of the immune system?

C) lymphocytes

10) When the lymphatic structures of a limb are <b>blocked</b> due to tumors, the result is ________.

D) severe localized edema (swelling) distal to the blockage of that limb

11) Select the correct statement about lymph transport.

D) Lymph transport depends on the movement of adjacent tissues, such as skeletal muscles.

12) Select the correct statement about lymphocytes.

D) B cells produce plasma cells, which secrete antibodies into the blood.

13) Select the correct statement about lymphoid tissue.

D) Lymphoid tissue is predominantly reticular connective tissue.

14) Lymphoid tissue that appears as a swelling of the mucosa in the <b>oral cavity</b> is called a(n) ________.

C) tonsil

15) Which of the following does NOT contain a mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue?

D) thymus

16) Peyer’s patches are found in the distal portion of the ________.

C) small intestine

17) Lymphatic capillaries are present in ________.

A) digestive organs

18) What is a bubo?

C) an infected lymph node

19) The thymus is the only lymphoid organ that does NOT ________.

A) directly fight antigens

20) Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues include all of the following EXCEPT ________.

B) islets of Langerhans

21) Which of the following is NOT a method that maintains lymph flow?

C) capillary smooth muscle contraction

22) The tonsils <b>located at the base of the tongue</b> are the ________.

D) lingual tonsils

23) Which of the following is NOT a normal component of lymph?

B) red blood cells

24) Which lymphoid organ atrophies as we age?

A) thymus

25) Which of the following is considered a <b>primary</b> lymphoid organ?

B) thymus

26) Which of the following is NOT a function of the<b> lymphatic system</b>?

B) transporting respiratory gases

27) Which of the following is NOT a function of <b>lymph nodes</b>?

D) produce lymph fluid and cerebrospinal fluid

28) The blood testis barrier is to newly formed sperm cells as the blood thymus barrier is to ________.

C) T lymphocyte precursors

29) Which of the following statements is FALSE?

A) The thymus consists mainly of lymphoid tissue.

30) Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the <b>spleen</b>?

C) Red pulp is where immune functions take place.

31) Flow of lymph through a lymph node is <b>slowed</b> due to ________.

B) fewer efferent vessels draining it compared to many afferent vessels feeding it

32) Tonsils have blind-ended structures called ________ that trap bacteria and particulate matter.

A) tonsillar crypts

33) From the right leg, lymph moves in which order?

C) right lumbar trunk, thoracic duct, left subclavian vein

34) Lymphocytes can develop and mature in the ________.

D) red bone marrow

35) Lymphatic ________ are formed from the union of the largest collecting lymphatic vessels.

A) trunks

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