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What level of protein synthesis is represented by the coiling of the protein chain backbone into an alpha helix?

secondary structure

What does CH4 mean?

there is 1 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms

The four elements that make up about 96% of body matter are ________.

carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen

Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscles in the form of ____.


An atom with a valence of 3 may have a total of ____ electrons


Which property of water is demonstrated when we sweat?

high heat of vaporization

Sucrose is a ____.


Which of the following statements is false?

When the hydrogen ion concentration decreases, the hydroxyl ion concentration also decreases.

The genetic information is coded in DNA by the ___.

sequence of the molecules

Which of the following is not considered a factor in influencing a reaction rate?


What is a chain of more than 50 amino acids called?


Choose the answer that best describes HCO3-.

bicarbonate ion

Which of the following does not describe uses for the ATP molecule?

pigment structure

Which of the following elements is necessary for proper conduction of nervous impulses?


Select the most correct statement regarding nucleic acids.

DNA is a long, double-stranded molecule made up of A, T, G, and C bases.

Which bonds often bind different parts of a molecule into a specific three-dimensional shape?


Amino acids joining together to make a peptide is a good example of a(n) ________ reaction.


You notice that you cannot read your book through a test tube of patient fluid held against the print, making it so blurred as to be unreadable. There is no precipitant in the bottom of the beaker, though it has been sitting for several days in a rack. What type of liquid is this?


Which of the following is an example of a suspension?


Select the correct statement about isotopes

Isotopes of the same element have the same atomic number but differ in their atomic masses.

Stress proteins are a type of protein called


Which protein types are vitally important to cell function in all types of stressful circumstances?

molecular chaperones

Which of the following is not true of proteins?

They appear to be the molecular carriers of coded hereditary information.

Which of the following does NOT describe enzymes?

Enzymes work by raising the energy of activation

The numbers listed represent the number of electrons in the first, second, and third energy levels, respectively. On this basis, which of the following is an unstable or reactive atom?


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