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A contest in which neither side can win or gain advantage is a


Which statement best describes Germany’s submarine campaign during World War I?

German submarines made unrestricted attacks on ships.

Throughout World War I, for which activity were airplanes most often used?

gathering information

During World War I, why was propaganda important for the war efforts?

Propaganda helped rally support for government war efforts.

Why did governments sell war bonds?

to finance the war effort

Which factor made it most difficult for soldiers to cross the area between the trenches?

The land was mined territory and was subject to artillery, shelling, and gunfire.

In which of these countries was the western front located during World War I? Check all that apply.

Italy France Belgium Germany

What was the main use for airplanes in World War I?

Airplanes enabled soldiers to observe troop movements and locations.

Which statement best explains why the western front turned into a stalemate during World War I?

The construction of trenches made it hard for either side to advance.

How did women’s roles in the workforce change during World War I?

Women replaced men as workers in factories.

This poster appeared during World War I.
What is the message of this poster?

Women should get jobs in the war industries.

This is a poster advertising war bonds during World War I.
Who was the target audience for this poster?


When World War I began in August 1914, many people anticipated that the war would end by Christmas of that year. Which event extended the war into 1915 and beyond?

The French stopped the German advance in the west.

What was the most significant use of German submarines during World War I?

preventing the resupply of Allied Forces

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