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Making good lifestyle choices will prevent all diseases.


Amanda (age 39) lives a very hectic life that allows for little sleep. She doesn’t eat a healthy diet or exercise. She is worried because her mother developed heart disease at the age of 40. What are the uncontrollable risk factors in Amanda’s situation?

heredity, age, and gender

A risk factor can be defined as anything that increases the likelihood of injury or disease.


Heredity is considered a controllable risk factor.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why communicable diseases, such as pneumonia, kill fewer people today than they did in the past?

slower population growth

Which of the following is a controllable risk factor of infectious diseases?

drug abuse

Close to 1 million premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year around the world.


An advocate speaks out in favor of something they believe in.


Personal behavior is the only factor that determines if a person becomes ill.


Mindy is speaking at a community event to help people understand the importance of healthy eating. Which statement BEST describes Mindy’s behavior?

Mindy is acting as a health advocate.

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