A Guide to Customers User Support Quiz 7

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Which of these support management concerns directly affects the support staff’s job?

The support mission statement, support performance measures, staffing the support group.

Which of these aspects of help desk operation would not normally be covered in a user support mission statement?

Help desk fees for services

A measure of the number of support incidents that can be processed in a given time period, often used in staffing the help desk group, is ____

an Erlang unit

User support managers often use which of these strategies to determine how many staff members to hire to handle the volume of support incidents received?

Use an Erlang calculation to estimate staffing needs

Which of these proficiencies (KSA) would a user support manager usually not specify in a position description for a suer support position?

Marketing ability

A help desk manager would probably emphasize which of these skills in a job search for an advanced technical support staff member?

Technical knkowledge and skills

Which of thse knkowledge, skills and abilities would a help desk manager probably not seek in an applicant for a help desk position?

Programming skills

A paper-and pencil or verbal exercise that measures a job applicant’s technical understanding and problem-solving ability is a (n)___

knowledge and skills test

Which of the following kinds of questions gives an applicant for a help desk position a specific problem to solve that is representative of situtations that help desk agents actually encounter?

Scenario question

Which of these is an important topic in a help desk staff training program?

new staff orientation, performance appraisal criteria, ongoing training

Objective measures of the user support or help desk operation are called_____

Performance statistics

The primary purpose of help desk performance statistics is to ____

justify the value and expense of support services

Which of these is not a common method used to conduct a user satisfaction survey?

Face-to Face

Which of these ways of organizing a support center has both an expense budget and an income budget?

Profit center

Which of the following levels of support services likely costs the most to provide to users?

Premium level services

Which of these levels of user support is likely to be the most responsive to a user’s needs?

Premium support

A vendor-specific certification is ____

none of these

Which of these can be examined for industry certification?

any of these, help desk and support agents, user support groups, IT professionals

The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ exam is an example of a ___

wendor-neutral exam

Which of the following is not a primary benefit of computer industry certification?

Ability to identify a worker whose performance has fallen below industry standards

CBT and WBT for those preparing for certification exams are___ courses

online tutorial

Which of thse testing methods is often used in industry certification exams?

Computer adaptive test

A computer adaptive test may be able to determine a test taker’s proficiency level by asking as few as ___ questions.


Which of these categories of workers is expected to increase at about the same rate as employment in the U.S economy over the next decade?

Computer Support Specialist

"Act with integrity and honesty in dealing with the public , end users, coworkers, management, and competitors", would likely be covered in which of the following?

A professional code of ethical behavior

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