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You have a PC with 8.1 edition installed. What option will give you the added functionality you need without a lot of time and expense?

Install Windows Pro Pack

Most programs rely on a main program file along with a set of ___________.

All choices apply

In Windows the Guest account ________________.

All choices apply

There are six levels of permissions that allow some type of file and folder access. Which permission level does NOT permit the user access to the files in a folder?

List folder contents

What type of network connection would you NOT expect to find on a cellphone?


MBR partitioning is required under which of the following conditions?

32-bit OS

If the web services on the server are down where in the path between the sender and recipient will the communication fail?

OS level on recipient unable to pass traffic

If you are using only NTFS permissions and there is a conflict which permission is used?

The most liberal one is applied.

Which Windows edition provides volume licensing options?

Windows 8.1 Enterprise

The Windows Phone runs on an OS that is a simplified version of the Operating System designed to run on _____________.

All choices apply

Microsoft recommends four deployment strategies for installations on large numbers of computers. Which of the strategies would you use to deploy Windows to 175 computers?

High-touch with standard image

Services that are running are displayed in the lower right section of the desktop. Your choices include one name that Does Not correctly identify this area. Select that name.


System Restore is useful for most repairs but NOT for _______________.

memory errors

Beginning with iOS 7 iPhones and iPads, these devices can transfer files between devices belonging to you or someone else. Bluetooth and W-Fi are both used to support this activity. What is the name of the program?


When in Sleep mode a laptop has which of these capabilities?

All choices apply

Side-by-side apps enable two apps to display at the same time, however more than two can be running. How are the other apps viewed?

Place pointer at upper left of display

You have a process reporting "Not Responding" on the Details tab of task manager. You need to save the data. Which choice would you use?

End task

This feature allows specific network activity to power up the PC.


Which of the choices is NOT listed on the Processes tab of Task Manager in Windows 8?


C:\ is:

A logical drive root directory

When you get a new iOS device if you press and hold the Home button you will launch Siri. Siri is your ________________.

All choices apply

Of the ways to free up hard disk space which is NOT a good practice?

Compress the C: drive

Select the strongest form of user validation.

Smart card and strong password

Which boot file applies Group Policy settings?


It is a good practice to delete your browsing history frequently. When doing so what happens to cookies related to web sites in your Favorites?

They are retained.

Before recycling a PC you should do this to ensure your data is gone and a fresh copy of Windows is installed.

Reset the PC.

You are troubleshooting a machine that at startup displays the error message "Invalid Boot Disk". A step to find out more in this situation would be to check _____________.


In Windows Firewall Allowed apps which of the choices is NOT possible?

Allow Port

For a normal startup Windows Boot Loader loads which of the following into memory?

All of these get loaded

To disable the Sharing Wizard you access Folder Options and do which of the following?

Uncheck Use Sharing Wizard

You suspect a live tile on your Start screen is using too much of your system resources. Which Device Manager tab would you use to investigate?

App history

Which email protocol uses port 143 for unsecured communication?


Which of the following is a program that replicates by attaching itself to other programs?


This text menu appears when F8 is pressed during Windows 7 startup.

Advanced Boot Options

You have an application that has failed to start because a supporting service isn’t running. How would you start it?

Services console

Which of the UAC settings is the LEAST restrictive?

Never notify

In which Control Panel applet would you validate your Windows activation?


Which wireless standards does NOT operate at the 5.0GHz frequency?


You have a new 4 GB GPT disk installed in your UFEI 32 bit Windows system. Which of the choices can you NOT perform?


UFEI includes a security system that prevents malware from loading pre-boot. What is it called?

Secure Boot

Which of the following statements is NOT true about the system restore process?

Restore points rebuilds a totally corrupted registry.

Whatever the Windows startup problem is your objective is to make as few changes to the system as possible in order to solve the problem without wasting a lot of time to return the system to normal. You therefore have to decide which tool will be the least ___________ to use, yet still will fix the problem.


This device manages traffic leaving one network and bound for another.


To open the Task Scheduler from the Run box which command would you use?


Sometimes the solution to a problem is either outside your scope of authority, or just plain over your head. In such a case you need help. Doing this is best described by which term shown?

None of these choices apply

You suspect bad memory as the problem with this PC. What command would you use from the command prompt to diagnose the problem?


In the broad sense of terms software can be classified as either "open source" meaning free, if you observer the terms of use, or proprietary (closed source) requiring some type of compensation to the author(s). Which mobile OS is open source?


1 GB of RAM is required for a 32-bit Windows installation. How is this changed for 64-bit installs?

2 GB

You have just opened a command prompt window with administrative privileges. Discounting the title bar, what is an indication that you have been successful?

Your prompt is in the C:\Windows\system32 folder.

How do you navigate the Windows file structure in Windows 8?

File Explorer

RDP applications listen on this port.


Which of the choices are available for use with Windows Storage Spaces and used as a storage pool?

All choices apply

Windows _____________ uses a flash drive or secure digital (SD) memory card to boost hard drive performance. The faster flash memory is used as a buffer to speed up hard drive access time.


This hypervisor is available as a free download from Microsoft for PCs running Windows 7 or 8.

Virtual PC

Which of the choices given best describes a group of networked computers that share a centralized directory database of user account information and security?


You are troubleshooting a service in the Services console. What is the best startup type to eliminate a service as a problem?


Which of the following constitutes a domain name?


Software used to manage virtual machines is known as this:


When Internet security is set to Medium-high ActiveX controls that are not signed by Microsoft are _________.


System Protection creates restore points at regular intervals and:

Just before you install software or hardware

How many groups can a single user be a member of?

As many as necessary to do their job

When adding an email account to a Windows Phone which choices are available?

All of these will work.

Your network adapter operates at this layer of the TCP/IP model.


Which of these choices is NOT critical to keep a PC protected from malware and hackers?

Backup schedule

When working with a customer which is the most desirable outcome?

Fix the problem and take ownership of the problem.

You are working the help desk and have to put a customer on hold. Which is best choice?

Tell them their expected wait time.

Disk optimization can be scheduled to take place on a regular schedule. How often should an SSD be defragmented?


This licensing option allows multiple VMs to use the same operating system and activation key.


Your phone’s applications appear to be running slowly. What is the quickest way to free up resources for the OS?

Reboot device

How often does Windows File History scan for file and folder changes by default?


One term is used to identify a collection of activities designed to gain access to personal and corporate information. The activities include Phishing, scams and hoaxes aimed at getting individuals to compromise sensitive data. What is the term for this activity?

Social Engineering

When servicing a customer’s computer which choice should be the highest motivating factor?

Meet the customer’s expectations.

Machines that get their IP addresses assigned differently each time they log on get their addresses from this server.


Your Windows 7 PC will not boot. You have the installation media and boot to it. What is your choice on the System Recovery Options screen?

Startup Repair

In Windows System Configuration the Services tab is a complete and accurate list of every startup program and service.

This is untrue.

A system froze and you can’t restart it. Task Manager will not open. Which of the following should be your first troubleshooting measure?

Try a reboot of the system.

There is a six step strategy to complete customer service. Which of the choices has the highest priority?

Examine the system and make your best guess.

Signing into Windows 8 with your email address is known as this:


A router using this technique is able to allow hosts using private internet addresses to connect to the public internet.


Using the Settings Charm to access Change PC settings then Update and recovery and choosing Recovery does NOT provide which of the options shown?

Reset to original factory settings.

You want to make some quick notes. What command would you use to open the text editor from the Run box?


You have a user who is having problems saving their work. What must you be careful NOT to overlook?

User issues

There are many Cloud computing configurations available. You will see varying levels of responsibility for hardware and software. At its core, however, you will see five key elements. Sometimes described as uptime or on demand this term shown refers to the percentage of time during a given year that services were available without disruption.

Service at any time

Which of the following keys is the most important one and contains hardware, software, and security data? The data in this key is taken from four hives: the SAM hive, the Security hive, the Software hive, and the System hive. In addition, the HARDWARE subkey of HKLM is built when the registry is first loaded, based on data collected about the current hardware configuration.


Which command will launch System Restore at the command prompt?


Which protocol can be used to encrypt transmissions like FTP?


Which of the Mobile Operating Systems prohibits third party software from being used?


A program that will function in a Management Console as a snap-in is easily recognized by its file extension. Which choice is correct?

None of these choices apply

A unicast IPv6 message is used to send a messages to which of the following?

All choices apply

In plain terms a Process is defined as which choice?

All choices apply

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