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You want to make sure that you always have the latest patches installed on your workstation for an order entry application created by DataComLink corporation.

What should you do?

Configure the application to automatically download and install updates as they are released. Check the DataComLink Website regularly for patches and updates to the software. Explanation The best ways to make sure that an application is up to date include the following: – Manually check the manufacturer’s Website regularly for software updates. – Configure the application to automatically download and install updates as they are released. Windows Update only works for Microsoft products and some critical driver files. It will not update third-party software. Most software companies do not contact you directly when updates are released.

Which of the following terms describes a Windows operating system patch that corrects a specific problem and is released on a short-term, periodic basis?

Hotfix Explanation A hotfix is an operating system patch that corrects a specific known problem. Service packs include a collection of hotfixes and other system updates. Service packs are not released as often, but contain all hotfixes released to that time.

Which of the following components can be updated by the Windows Update service?

Operating system and critical driver files. Explanation Windows Update can be used to automatically download updates for the operating system and critical driver files. It does not update all driver files or other applications. You must manually update drivers and application files.

Users have been experiencing periodic system lockups that generate the same error message. After checking Microsoft’s Web site, you find that a hotfix is available to address the issue. What should you do next?

Deploy the hotfix on a test computer. Explanation Before deploying a hotfix, you should test it to make sure that you can successfully apply the fix, that the fix corrects that problem, and that it does not cause any undesired problems. After testing, you should deploy the hotfix on all computers. Though the hotfix will be included in the next service pack, you should not wait until the service pack is released if you have problems that can be resolved by the hotfix.

Which of the following actions taken on a Windows workstation will directly improve system security?

Install the latest updates. Explanation Installing the latest updates will directly improve system security. Configuring restore points or password reset disks protect the system from failures and help you recover, but does not increase security.

You want to configure your Windows 10 workstation such that it can get Windows updates directly from other Windows 10 systems on the network that have already downloaded them from Microsoft.

Click the option you would use in the Settings app to do this.

Choose how updates are delivered. Explanation If you select the Choose How Updates are Delivered option in the Settings app, you can configure your system to get Windows update directly from Microsoft or from other workstations on the local network that have already download the updates your system needs. You can also configure your system to deliver updates to other Windows 10 systems.

Recently, a Windows 10 update was automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows 10 system. However, after installing the update, your contact manager database application no longer works correctly. You want to uninstall the latest updates to see if the application starts working again.

Click the option you would use in the Settings app to do this.

View your update history. Explanation If you select the View Your Update History option in the Settings app, you can view a list of Windows updates that have been installed on your system. You also are presented with the option to uninstall an update.

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